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Luxury Villas with Mountain Views
$ 845.000
STATUS : For Sale
Luxury Residence Complex near Kyrenia
$ 197.000
STATUS : For Sale
Sea-Front Properties in Cyprus
$ 191.000
STATUS : For Sale
Prime Location Property in North Cyprus
$ 282.000
STATUS : For Sale
Beach-Front Apartments in Kyrenia
$ 188.000
STATUS : For Sale
Hotel Concept Apartments in Cyprus
$ 214.000
STATUS : For Sale
Luxury Apartments in Iskele
$ 223.000
STATUS : For Sale
Seafront Villas in North Cyprus
$ 520.000
STATUS : For Sale
Luxury Villa in North Cyprus
$ 1.040.000
STATUS : For Sale
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Northern Cyprus Properties

Northern Cyprus Properties: Your Dream Home Awaits

For those who dream of a residence nestled in the Mediterranean's embrace, Northern Cyprus real estate beckons with open arms. We're here to guide you through the array of properties for sale in Northern Cyprus, where luxury meets tranquillity, and investment meets blissful living. Whether you're looking to buy properties in Northern Cyprus as a serene retreat or as a sound investment, we understand the distinct allure that this stunning locale provides.

Imagine owning a piece of paradise where the cerulean sea kisses sandy shores, and history whispers through ancient ruins. Northern Cyprus property investment opportunities abound, offering a chance to be part of an idyllic community where life slows down to savour every sun-drenched moment. From the picturesque coastline of Esentepe to the vibrant streets of Kyrenia, your dream home awaits.

With enticing properties starting from just £395,000 and flexible down payment options at 35%, it has never been easier to experience the lifestyle you deserve. Our exclusive Esentepe project brings together the best of Northern Cyprus – from aerial rooftop terraces to the comforting seclusion of coalesced bungalows. Each home is a statement of elegance and an invocation of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Key Takeaways

  • Northern Cyprus offers an ideal Mediterranean setting for both living and investing.
  • Affordable luxury with properties in Northern Cyprus beginning at £395,000.
  • Attractive investment options with low initial down payments of only 35%.
  • Our Esentepe project offers versatile living with duplex villas and potential 4-bedroom bungalows.
  • Ample amenities available, including designated parking and proximity to leisure and essentials.
  • Invest in more than a property – embrace a lifestyle of relaxation and natural beauty in Northern Cyprus.

Discover the Allure of Northern Cyprus Real Estate

The Northern Cyprus property market charms a diverse cohort of buyers with its irresistible mix of scenic beauty, tempting valuation, and ample opportunities. At the centre of this Mediterranean paradise, Famagusta emerges as a prime location with an inviting range of pricing options. Here, one can acquire contemporary living spaces tailored to a variety of preferences and financial plans.

Villas in Northern Cyprus beckon those desiring the tranquillity of a seaside lifestyle, while Northern Cyprus apartments provide modern comforts amidst ancient splendour. Our portfolio at Sky Star Estate Investment encompasses options that stretch beyond residential units, presenting an assortment of properties including lands and commercial spaces like casinos, bars, and restaurants. This diversification attests to the vitality and resilience of local real estate as an asset class.

  • Affordable entry price points starting from £5K for test properties in Famagusta.
  • A wide array of residential layouts from compact studio flats to more expansive 2+1 and 3+1 apartments.
  • Commercial real estate ventures offering unique investment chances outside the residential scope.

Property Type

Starting Price


Investment Potential

Studio Apartments



High rental demand

Family Apartments


2+1 / 3+1

Capital growth & living comfort



Options available

Privacy, luxury, and long-term investment

Commercial Spaces

On enquiry


Diversification & business opportunities

Every purchase within the Northern Cyprus property market signifies a commitment to a lifestyle poised between contemporary aspirations and serene natural beauty. Fostering both capital increase and recreational opportunities, investing in Northern Cyprus real estate is not only viable but also a step towards a fulfilling life in a region that continues to burgeon with prospects.

An Overview of Northern Cyprus Properties

When considering luxury living and property investment in the Mediterranean, few locales compare to the remarkable offering of Northern Cyprus. Our focus on delivering an unparalleled comfortable living experience is embodied in our flagship initiative, the Esentepe Project. With the ambition of fusing splendour with serenity, this initiative promises to be a cornerstone for those looking to buy properties in Northern Cyprus.

The Esentepe Project: Luxury and Serenity Combined

Northern Cyprus real estate is synonymous with distinction and repose – a duality that is perfectly encapsulated in the vibrant Esentepe Project. Commencing with Northern Cyprus property prices that assert dominance and affordability, the project boasts lavish duplex villas and expansive bungalows. Each residence is conscientiously crafted to augment space and welcome the Mediterranean sun, setting a benchmark for luxury living in Northern Cyprus.

Key Features and Amenities of the Exclusive Project

Our properties for sale in Northern Cyprus are a testament to the premium lifestyle that we champion. Among the standout accents are the avant-garde rooftop terraces affixed with bespoke glass railings and airy ground floor bedrooms that open to the emerald landscape. Each property enriches daily life with upscale amenities, including brand-backed sanitary fittings by Grohe, magnifying the luxury quotient of Northern Cyprus villas.

Infrastructural Excellence for a Comfortable Living Experience

With an unwavering commitment to Northern Cyprus property investment, the Esentepe Project underlines the seamless integration of infrastructure and innovation. Anticipating the needs of perspicacious homeowners, each residence ensures a robust living experience through modern amenities. The assurance of comfort is visible in not just the sophisticated design, but also the comprehensive infrastructure that supports a life of convenience and cosiness.

Picture yourself waking each morning to an environment that has been curated for optimal serenity – a luxury home where every detail has been refined for your comfort. This is the Northern Cyprus real estate dream we deliver. As the hearts and minds behind these fine establishments, we invite you to consider our Esentepe Project as a seamless blend of tranquillity and opulence – a symbol of your investment in Northern Cyprus.




Ground Floor Bedrooms

Conveniently located for easy accessibility

Enhances functionality and comfort

Dedicated Parking

Private parking space for each villa and bungalow

Provides security and ease for vehicle owners

Rooftop Terraces

Expansive terraces with glass railings for panoramic views

Offers a personal retreat for relaxation and entertainment

Seismic Insulation

Constructed with materials ensuring safety during tremors

Ensures peace of mind for homeowners

2-Ton Water Tanks

Installed for each property ensuring water supply stability

Guarantees continuous and ample water access

Northern Cyprus Property Market Insights

Focusing on the Northern Cyprus property market, we observe a vibrant and expanding landscape, appealing to a spectrum of investors and potential homeowners. The current scene is characterised by a fusion of luxury and affordability, with Northern Cyprus property prices starting as low as £424,900 for ultra-modern apartments, stretching to a range of sumptuous villas tailored to meet the expectations of those with refined tastes.

It is clear that the allure of the Mediterranean combined with an uptick in Northern Cyprus real estate trends is setting the stage for a promising horizon. Here, international and local buyers alike will find an array of properties that not only align with their financial considerations but also offer an unrivalled lifestyle.

Type of Property

Starting Price

Potential for Capital Growth

Rental Yield Expectations

Modern Apartments




Lavish Villas




As we delve deeper into the Northern Cyprus real estate trends, it's evident that these are driven by robust infrastructural development and a burgeoning interest from international investors. The region's perpetual sunshine, azure coasts, and rich cultural tapestry, augmented by an ever-improving infrastructure, is what makes Northern Cyprus a hotspot in the Mediterranean real estate sphere.

  • Modern infrastructure meeting contemporary lifestyle demands
  • Diverse property portfolio catering to varied budgets and preferences
  • International interest, increasing market momentum and investment

Investing in Northern Cyprus not only opens doors to magnificent living spaces but also to opportunities for capital growth and competitive rental yields, making it a wise choice for both personal and investment purposes.

Investment Opportunities: Villas and Apartments in Northern Cyprus

At the heart of the Eastern Mediterranean, Northern Cyprus beckons with its compelling blend of natural beauty and investment potential. For those seeking to buy properties in Northern Cyprus, the opportunities are rife with promise, whether it's the stunning Northern Cyprus apartments or the serene private villas. Our mission is to guide you through the available selections that highlight the best of Northern Cyprus properties, each offering quintessential Mediterranean views and a lifestyle that encompasses both relaxation and luxury.

Luxurious Apartments with Mediterranean Views

Imagine waking up to a panaromic view of the azure Mediterranean Sea from your private balcony. Our collection of Northern Cyprus apartments personifies this dream. A mere down payment sees you on the pathway to owning a piece of this haven. From compact yet lavish studio apartments to more spacious living quarters, there's a sizeable tapestry of options at various price points, beginning from £424,900. These apartments don't just sell a home; they offer a Mediterranean lifestyle complete with modern amenities such as security systems, chic cafes, and state-of-the-art fitness centres.

Exclusive Villas for Ultimate Privacy and Indulgence

The exclusive villas in Northern Cyprus property investment portfolios provide not just homes, but sanctuaries. Positioned in some of Northern Cyprus's most picturesque settings, these private villas range from luscious 3-bedroom, garden-equipped residences to opulent 4-bedroom seafront estates. Investment in Northern Cyprus becomes less of an expenditure and more of an experience, an indulgence for those of discerning taste. Flexible payment terms, which include interest-free payments until the handover, render these private escapes both attainable and wise financial ventures.

Accessibility and Proximity to Key Locations

We understand that a property's value is greatly influenced by its location. That's why our Northern Cyprus real estate offerings enjoy the benefit of accessibility. Key urban centres like Girne, famed for its rich cultural tapestry, are a short drive away. And with Ercan Airport conveniently located within 46 kilometers, travel for both residents and international visitors is streamlined, affirming Northern Cyprus as an investment hub. Proximity to historic landmarks, mesmerising beaches, and the vibrant city of Famagusta only adds to the locale's appeal, making Northern Cyprus an optimal choice for investors and homebuyers alike.

Why Choose Northern Cyprus Property Agents for Your Investment

Embarking on the path to property ownership in a flourishing real estate market can be both exhilarating and complex. In Northern Cyprus, our property agents serve as a lighthouse, steering you through the dynamic currents of the Northern Cyprus property market with exceptional expertise and a commitment to your investment goals. As we take on the role of your trusted advisors, our mission transcends beyond the transaction, ensuring you acquire not just a property, but a rewarding investment and a haven that resonates with your aspirations.

Expert Guidance through the Buying Process

At the forefront of our service ethos is the bespoke guidance we provide throughout the buying process. This guidance is shaped by a nuanced understanding of the Northern Cyprus property market, ensuring you can buy properties in Northern Cyprus with confidence. Our team prides itself on furnishing investors with up-to-date insights that illuminate the investment potential inherent in each property, fostering well-informed decision-making.

Extensive Portfolio of Properties for Sale in Northern Cyprus

Our extensive portfolio accentuates the diversity of the Northern Cyprus real estate landscape. Presenting a curated collection that encapsulates everything from modern apartments to expansive, private villas, our assortment of properties for sale in Northern Cyprus caters to an array of preferences and investment strategies. With such a broad selection, our clients savour the privilege of choice, ensuring a match that is perfectly aligned with their intended lifestyle and financial considerations.

Seamless Experience from Initial Enquiry to Property Handover

Central to our mission is providing a seamless property purchasing experience. Our dedication to this ethos is evident from the initial enquiry to the moment you step through the threshold of your new property. Meticulous attention is dedicated to each phase, from navigating legal complexities to aiding with residency permits; our assistance is unwavering. It is with pride that we can say: choosing us, your Northern Cyprus property agents, gifts you peace of mind, as we transform your investment journey into a gratifying voyage towards ownership.

Property Type



Price Range

Modern Studios

City Centre

Sleek Design, Close to Amenities

£120,000 - £200,000

Luxury Villas


Private Pools, Sea Views

£400,000 - £2,000,000

Family Apartments

Residential Areas

Spacious, Community Facilities

£220,000 - £350,000

Retirement Bungalows

Quiet Villages

Gardens, Accessibility Features

£180,000 - £300,000


In summarising our exploration of Northern Cyprus properties, it's evident that this Mediterranean paradise offers more than just scenic beauty and tranquil living; it's a hub of property investment ripe with possibilities. Nestled in the serenity of idyllic landscapes and rich cultural tapestry, buying a property here is not merely a transaction—it's a step into a life adorned with luxury and natural magnificence. The availability of diverse residential choices, from opulent apartments to secluded villas, makes Northern Cyprus an ideal locale for securing a dream home.

We've observed that the Northern Cyprus real estate market is on an upward trajectory, promising potential for capital growth and gratifying returns. The allure of this region, enhanced by its strategic location and modern amenities, positions it as a wise investment for those pursuing both a vacation spot and a long-term residence. The expert guidance provided by seasoned property agents further sweetens the deal, ensuring a smooth and informed purchasing process.

Our collective insights into the opportunities available reinforce our belief that investing in Northern Cyprus is more than just securing bricks and mortar; it's about embracing a lifestyle in a region synonymous with splendor and prosperity. As such, we affirm that Northern Cyprus stands out as a premier destination for those seeking to invest in a Mediterranean dream home, infused with charm and opportunity for a fulfilling future.


What types of properties are available for sale in Northern Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus real estate offers a diverse range of properties, including luxurious apartments with Mediterranean views, exclusive villas for ultimate privacy, and investment opportunities such as land, bar, and restaurant spaces. Options cater to various preferences and budgets, from cozy studios to expansive 4-bedroom homes.

How does one go about buying properties in Northern Cyprus?

To buy properties in Northern Cyprus, it's best to work with reputable Northern Cyprus property agents who provide expert guidance through the entire buying process. They can assist with property selection, legal paperwork, and any required permits for a seamless transaction.

Is Northern Cyprus a good place for property investment?

Yes, the Northern Cyprus property market is considered an excellent investment due to its potential for capital growth, attractive property prices, and growing international interest. Its unique blend of beauty, value, and opportunity makes it a sought-after destination for both homeowners and investors.

What are the starting prices for properties in Northern Cyprus?

Prices for properties in Northern Cyprus vary depending on the type and location. For instance, modern apartments can start at £424,900, while exclusive projects like luxury duplex villas in Esentepe can begin from £395,000. Famagusta offers even more affordable options, with test properties starting at just £5K.

What kind of amenities can I expect from Northern Cyprus properties?

Northern Cyprus properties often feature amenities such as designated parking, reinforced concrete construction, double-glazed windows, communal or private pools, landscaped gardens, 24/7 security, and provisions for internet connectivity. Luxury properties also provide premium fittings and exclusive infrastructural features.

How are the Northern Cyprus property prices and investment potential?

Northern Cyprus property prices are competitive within the Mediterranean market, presenting investment opportunities with promising potential for capital appreciation and rental yields. The ever-evolving infrastructure and continuous market momentum add to the allure for investors.

Can foreigners buy property in Northern Cyprus?

Yes, foreigners can buy property in Northern Cyprus. Property agents in the region are experienced in guiding international investors through the process, including handling the relevant regulations and required documentation for overseas buyers.

What makes Northern Cyprus appealing compared to other Mediterranean locations?

Northern Cyprus stands out for its stunning landscapes, rich history, affordable yet luxurious property options, and relatively low cost of living. Its strategic position near cultural sites, beautiful beaches, and essential amenities like airports enhances its appeal for living and investing.

Are there any flexible payment plans available for property purchases in Northern Cyprus?

Yes, many developers and property agents in Northern Cyprus offer flexible payment plans that can include low initial down payments and interest-free installments up until handover. Terms vary by project, so it's important to discuss with an agent.

What is the Esentepe Project, and what does it offer?

The Esentepe Project is an exclusive real estate initiative in Northern Cyprus that epitomises luxury and tranquility. It offers opulent duplex villas and adaptable bungalows, each designed with premium fittings, spacious layouts, and rooftop terraces. Residents can enjoy a host of features including private pools and landscaped gardens.


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