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Secluded Detached Villa in Akkaya
$ 630.000
STATUS : For Sale
ADDRESS : Akkaya Valley, Dalaman, Muğla/TURKEY
Mountain View Villa in Akkaya
$ 350.000
STATUS : For Sale
ADDRESS : Akkaya Valley, Dalaman, Muğla/TURKEY
Forest Holiday Villa in Dalaman
$ 273.000
ADDRESS : Dalaman, Muğla/TURKEY
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Luxury Apartments For Sale in Dalaman

Luxury Apartments For Sale in Dalaman | Invest in Turkey

Explore a beautiful collection of luxury apartments for sale in Dalaman, Turkey. These top-notch homes are perfect for investors, with prices starting at £120,000 and reaching up to £954,306. They present a chance to own part of the stunning Dalaman region, with views of the sea and nature that will take your breath away. Also, they're close to marinas and other fun spots.

Luxury Apartments For Sale in Dalaman

Dalaman is on Turkey's amazing Turquoise Coast, making it a golden spot for real estate investing. It's a mix of beautiful scenery, great weather, and improving city features. Placing your money here means getting either an incredible holiday house or a smart investment that goes beyond what you'd expect.

Key Takeaways

  • Luxury apartments for sale in Dalaman range from £120,000 to £954,306
  • Upscale properties feature stunning sea and nature views
  • Convenient proximity to marinas and local attractions
  • Dalaman is a prime location for high-end property investment
  • Growing infrastructure and picturesque landscapes make Dalaman a desirable destination

Discover the Finest Luxury Apartments in Dalaman

Dalaman is where luxury meets opportunity for those who love exclusivity. Here, you'll find everything from sea view garden apartments to seafront houses and newly built villas. This city offers a wide variety of premium options suitable for the most upmarket tastes.

Explore a Range of Upscale Properties

Our collection showcases top-tier luxury apartments in Dalaman. Whether it's a huge garden unit with amazing sea views, a stylish house by the water, or a modern villa, we can meet your desires. Look no further for your ideal upscale home.

Property Type Location Price Range
Sea View Garden Apartments Gocek, Dalaman £215,000 - £350,000
Seafront Apartments Sarigerme, Dalaman £400,000 - £600,000
Newly Built Luxury Villas Akkaya Valley, Dalaman £600,000 - £813,849

Experience the Best of Dalaman Living

Choosing a luxury home in Dalaman opens doors to an incredible life. It includes exploring breathtaking nature and deep culture. Plus, you get to enjoy high-end facilities and services. Dalaman truly offers a premium lifestyle.

"Owning a luxury apartment in Dalaman has been a dream come true. The stunning views, the impeccable quality of the property, and the warm community have made this the perfect place to call home." - Sarah Thompson, satisfied luxury apartment owner

Prices for these luxury properties start at £215,000. They go up to £813,849, covering various budgets and dreams. Let us help you find your dream home in Dalaman. A place that reflects your idea of luxurious living in this beautiful area.

Prime Locations for Luxury Apartments in Dalaman

In Dalaman, those looking for luxury apartments have many great places to pick from. You can choose from beautiful spots by the sea, peaceful countryside areas, or even apartments in the heart of the city. Each location offers a different kind of luxury experience, meeting various needs and tastes.

Beachfront Properties with Stunning Views

Dalaman's beachfront homes are perfect for luxury seekers. In Gocek, stunning apartments come with views of the sea. They're not just beautiful; they also have big terraces, private beaches, and top-notch designs. Living in one of these places gives a taste of the high life, Mediterranean-style.

Serene Countryside Retreats

Peace and nature lovers will find Akkaya's countryside homes ideal. They're surrounded by green forests and peaceful hills. These deluxe apartments are a quiet break from the city, with all you need close by.

City Center Apartments for Convenience

For a city vibe, Dalaman's center boasts luxury apartments. They're near shops, restaurants, and fun spots. These apartments, filled with modern features and sleek designs, make Dalaman's delights always within reach.

No matter your pick, a luxury apartment in Dalaman is a ticket to a top-notch life. With beauty all around and a high standard of living, it's a chance to enjoy the Mediterranean style like never before.

Luxury Apartments For Sale in Dalaman

Find luxury apartments in Dalaman for a taste of the top-notch Turkish lifestyle. They mix comfort, style, and ease perfectly. This makes them great for anyone looking for a top home in this beautiful area.

Check out our semi-detached villas in beautiful Muğla, close to the sea and the airport. These villas include:

  • 5 rooms, all nicely set up
  • 3 big bedrooms for comfort
  • 3 bathrooms with a modern touch
  • A total of 117 m² living space, well-designed

For more privacy, we have detached villas also. These come with 4 bedrooms and offer stunning nature views from peaceful spots. Plus, they have private pools for a lavish living experience.

Now is a great time to invest in Dalaman real estate. The luxury apartments start from £225,000.

Our upscale apartments are great for buyers who love luxury. They're perfect for living in or vacationing. You can create lots of beautiful memories here with family and friends.

Property Type Location Price Range
Semi-detached villas Near sea and airport £225,000 - £250,000
Detached 4-bedroom villas Peaceful locations with nature views £225,000 - £250,000

Don't miss out on owning a place in Dalaman's paradise. Get in touch with us for more on our luxury apartments. It's the first step to owning a stunning home in this magical land.

Amenities and Features of Luxury Apartments in Dalaman

Living in a luxury home in Dalaman means enjoying many lavish features. These spaces are filled with high-end amenities. They are built with detailed care to offer you a luxurious life.

As you enter, prepare to be amazed by the comfort and style. Let’s dive into what makes these homes exceptional.

State-of-the-Art Fitness Centers and Spas

Dalaman's luxury homes sport high-tech gyms and spas. You can keep up your health routine with the best exercise tools. Then, relax in the spa with soothing massages.

Infinity Pools with Panoramic Views

Infinity pools are a key feature in Dalaman's luxury homes. They merge with the skyline, offering endless water views. Enjoy a dip with stunning views of the sea or hills.

Smart Home Technology for Ultimate Comfort

Smart tech is a must in these modern homes. With a click, you control lights, temperature, and entertainment. This tech makes life convenient, fitting your exact needs.

Amenity Description
Communal Swimming Pools Luxurious properties often feature beautifully designed communal swimming pools, perfect for relaxation and socializing with neighbors.
Landscaped Gardens Many high-end homes in Dalaman are surrounded by meticulously landscaped gardens, providing a serene and picturesque setting for outdoor living.
Proximity to Transport and Amenities These opulent living spaces are conveniently located near main road transport links and supermarkets, ensuring easy access to everyday necessities.
Private Pools and Large Plots For those seeking the ultimate in privacy and space, some lavish accommodations in Dalaman offer private pools and expansive plots, allowing for a truly exclusive lifestyle.

Dalaman's luxury apartments are in high demand for a reason. They offer a perfect blend of luxury and natural beauty. It's here you can live the high life surrounded by stunning scenery.

Investing in Luxury Apartments in Dalaman: Benefits and Advantages

Investing in luxury apartments for sale in Dalaman can be very rewarding. This region in Turkey is perfect for those looking to invest in real estate. It is known for its beautiful scenery, active tourism, and expanding facilities. These make it an attractive choice for anyone wanting to grow their investment options or own a lavish holiday home.

One big advantage of buying a luxury apartment in Dalaman is the chance to earn high rental income. Many people visit Dalaman each year, so there is a strong need for rental spaces. Tourists, especially those looking for luxury, are willing to pay more for great amenities and views. A well-located luxury apartment can bring in a good amount of rent during busy times.

Buying in Dalaman also means your property's value can grow over time. As the area develops and gets more global recognition, property prices are likely to go up. So, if you buy a luxury apartment now, its value could increase a lot in the future. Picking a property with good potential and keeping it in great shape could bring a nice profit when you sell it.

Moreover, owning a luxury apartment in Dalaman offers more than a good investment. You also get a beautiful vacation spot. The region is known for its gorgeous beaches, green forests, and vibrant lifestyle. Having a place there means you can visit anytime and make lasting memories with your loved ones.

"Investing in a luxury apartment in Dalaman was the best decision we ever made. Not only do we have a beautiful place to call our own whenever we visit, but we've also seen a fantastic return on our investment through rental income and capital appreciation." - Sarah and Michael, UK investors

There is a range of luxury apartments available in Dalaman, with prices from £120,000 to over £950,000. This includes everything from small beach getaways to large penthouses with stunning views. With the help of a trustworthy real estate agency and some research, finding your ideal property in this lovely area is within reach.

Price Range Property Type Location
£120,000 - £300,000 1-2 bedroom apartments Gocek, Akkaya
£300,000 - £600,000 2-3 bedroom apartments, villas Dalaman city center, beachfront
£600,000 - £950,000+ 4+ bedroom villas, penthouses Exclusive developments, private estates

To wrap up, there are many good reasons to consider buying a luxury apartment in Dalaman. It could be a smart addition to your portfolio, a way to earn extra money, or simply a place to relax and enjoy life. With various options and a positive future for the real estate market, exploring what Dalaman can offer might be a great idea.

Dalaman Real Estate Market: Trends and Insights

The Dalaman real estate market is getting a lot of attention from those interested in top-notch properties. This area is famous for its beauty and its strong growing infrastructure. It's now a hotspot for people wanting to buy luxury apartments and houses.

Upscale Properties in Dalaman

Rising Demand for High-End Properties

The interest in luxury properties in Dalaman has spiked recently. People from all over are attracted to its beautiful landscapes and calm beaches. This has caused a boom in the market for exclusive apartments and top-end homes.

Several things are fueling the interest in upscale properties in Dalaman:

  • Growing love for the region's beauty and peaceful living
  • More people recognizing Dalaman as a great place to invest
  • Better roads and the growth of Dalaman International Airport
  • Easier rules for buying property for foreigners

Favorable Investment Climate

The welcoming investment climate in Dalaman is also a big draw. The Turkish government has done a lot to make it easier for foreigners to buy luxury properties and apartments in the region.

Here are some of the factors that make Dalaman inviting for investors:

  1. Simple steps for foreigners to buy property
  2. Good tax breaks for investing in real estate
  3. Possibility of earning a lot from rent and increase in property value
  4. Stability in Turkey both politically and economically
"Investing in upscale properties in Dalaman has been an incredibly rewarding experience for us. The region's natural beauty, coupled with the growing demand for premium residences, has made it an ideal location for luxury property investment." - Sarah and Michael, satisfied investors from the United Kingdom.

With the high demand for luxury properties and the inviting environment for investment, Dalaman is a great place for those looking to buy top-notch apartments and houses. The market is booming and offers a great chance for investment in the beautiful Mediterranean region.

Lifestyle and Culture in Dalaman

Dalaman is a captivating place that blends luxury living with rich culture. It's known for its lively lifestyle, strong expat community, and rich history. These traits make it a perfect choice for luxury living.

Vibrant Expat Community

Dalaman's expat community is vibrant. It attracts people looking for luxury and a good life. Everyone from different backgrounds feels welcome here. It creates a diverse and warm atmosphere.

This community loves socializing. There are events and gatherings that bring people together. These can be international festivals or local celebrations. It's a great chance to join in and enjoy this lively region.

Rich Cultural Heritage and Attractions

Dalaman is full of history and culture, seen in its many sites. Those living in luxury apartments can explore places like Kaunos. Here, they can see ancient ruins and learn about the region's past.

Its natural beauty is outstanding too. There are beautiful beaches, forests, and mountains. These places are perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and water sports.

Attraction Description
Kaunos Archaeological Site Ancient ruins dating back to the 4th century BC, showcasing the region's rich historical heritage
Sarigerme Beach A pristine stretch of sandy beach, perfect for relaxation and water activities
Dalaman River A scenic river that offers opportunities for rafting, fishing, and picnicking along its banks
Gocek Islands A cluster of picturesque islands, ideal for sailing, yachting, and exploring hidden coves and bays

Dalaman also boasts charming towns and villages. Places like the busy markets of Dalaman town or the cozy streets of Gocek offer much to explore. There’s always something exciting in this area.

Living in a high-end home in Dalaman has been a dream come true. The combination of opulent living spaces, a welcoming expat community, and the region's rich cultural heritage has made my experience here truly unforgettable.

Living in a luxury apartment in Dalaman is amazing. It combines upscale living with a lively community and cultural and natural beauty. This makes it a top spot for those who love luxury.

Buying Process for Luxury Apartments in Dalaman

Buying luxury apartments in Dalaman is easy, especially for those from abroad. You just need to find a trustworthy real estate agency. They will help you look through properties in Dalaman and find the perfect one for you.

First, decide what you want in your new home. Think about where you want it to be, how big, and what it should have. A good real estate agent will then show you options that fit what you're looking for.

After finding a place you like, you should check all the important details. This means looking at the legal papers and making sure everything is okay. Your agent will check this for you to make sure the property is safe to buy.

Turkey makes it easy for foreigners to buy property. They offer good deals and a clear process.

Getting a loan is an important part of buying. You can get a loan from a Turkish bank. These usually have good conditions for people buying from other countries. Or, the developer might offer a good plan to pay over time.

Here's an outline of how buying a luxury apartment in Dalaman usually goes:

  1. Choose the property and reserve it
  2. Sign a contract and pay a deposit
  3. Go through all the legal checks
  4. Complete the payment and get the title
  5. Get the keys to your new home

Your real estate agent will be with you every step of the way. They will make sure everything goes smoothly. They can also help with managing the property, rentals, and designing the interiors if you need.

Luxury Apartment Type Price Range Ownership Type
Sea view garden apartment £215,000 - £350,000 Freehold
Newly built luxury villa £450,000 - £813,849 Freehold
Detached 4-bedroom villa with private pool £225,000 - £250,000 Freehold

Knowing about the buying steps and having a good team to help makes it great to invest in Dalaman. You'll get a beautiful place in one of Turkey's top spots this way.

Financing Options for Luxury Apartments in Dalaman

In Dalaman, foreign buyers have many ways to finance top-tier residences. These options aim to help international investors easily buy exclusive apartments in Dalaman.

Financing options for high-end homes in Dalaman

Mortgage Loans for Foreign Investors

Mortgage loans are a top choice for foreign investors eyeing luxury homes in Dalaman. Turkish banks understand the needs of international buyers. They offer mortgage solutions that are specially designed for them.

These loans for foreign investors come with great benefits:

  • Low interest rates
  • Repay in up to 15 years
  • Borrow up to 75% of the property value
  • Use for both homes and commercial properties
"We were thrilled to discover the mortgage options available for foreign investors in Dalaman. It made our dream of owning a luxury apartment in this beautiful region a reality." - Sarah and Michael Thompson, UK investors

Developer Payment Plans

Developer payment plans are another great option for exclusive Dalaman apartments. Reputable developers often provide plans that let buyers pay over a longer period. This can make the buying process easier.

Payment Plan Initial Deposit Installment Period
Plan A 30% 24 months
Plan B 40% 36 months
Plan C 50% 48 months

With these plans, investors can buy their dream homes in Dalaman while managing costs well. It gives buyers a way to own luxury properties without a large instant payment.

No matter your choice, getting a loan or a payment plan, our team is ready to help. We'll make your transaction smooth and successful.

Testimonials from Satisfied Luxury Apartment Owners in Dalaman

At Dalaman Real Estate, we're thrilled to help clients find their perfect homes here. Luxury apartment owners in Dalaman enjoy opulent living. They experience the best amenities and a life of unmatched comfort. Let's hear from some of these happy owners.

"Buying a luxury apartment here was a top choice," shares Sarah Thompson. "The lavish accommodations are beyond what I dreamed of. Plus, I have amazing views from my balcony. The team at Dalaman Real Estate supported me all the way, making buying easy and stress-free."

Michael Anderson also has good things to say. "After years of searching, I found the perfect vacation home in Dalaman. These luxury apartments are elegantly comfortable and close to everything. We can hit the beautiful beaches, play on top golf courses, and enjoy nightlife easily. I can't wait to make lasting memories here with my family."


What is the price range for luxury apartments in Dalaman?

In Dalaman, luxury apartments range from £120,000 to £954,306. They suit different budgets and investment aims.

What types of upscale properties are available in Dalaman?

Dalaman has a rich variety of luxury properties. This includes seaview garden and sea-front apartments. There are also newly built luxury villas and semi-detached villas close to the sea and airport.

Additionally, you can find detached 4-bedroom villas. They offer beautiful nature views and include private pools.

What are the prime locations for luxury apartments in Dalaman?

Prime spots for luxury apartments in Dalaman are diverse. They include beachfront properties in Gocek with amazing sea views. In Akkaya, you'll find peaceful, natural countryside retreats. There are also city center apartments for those who value convenience.

What amenities and features do luxury apartments in Dalaman offer?

In Dalaman, luxury apartments come with lots of great features. You'll find communal swimming pools and gardens. They're also close to transport links and supermarkets.

These homes often have smart home technology for comfort. Plus, some come with private pools and large plots for a luxurious lifestyle.

What are the benefits of investing in luxury apartments in Dalaman?

Investing in these apartments has many pluses. You can earn high rental income and see their value grow. Plus, you get to own a piece of paradise in a top tourist spot.

What is the current trend in the Dalaman real estate market?

Right now, Dalaman's real estate market is hot for luxury properties. Investors are after the best homes and apartments. They love the area's beauty, investment climate, and growing facilities.

What lifestyle and cultural experiences does Dalaman offer luxury apartment owners?

Dalaman is a place filled with life and culture for apartment owners. It has a big expat community and many historical and natural sights. There are ancient ruins, beautiful beaches, and green forests.

What does the buying process involve for luxury apartments in Dalaman?

When buying luxury apartments in Dalaman, you work with a trusted real estate agency. You do your research and secure financing. For foreign buyers, Turkey's process is easy and offers good investment incentives.

What financing options are available for foreign investors seeking to purchase luxury apartments in Dalaman?

Foreign buyers have several financing options for luxury apartments in Dalaman. This includes mortgage loans made for international investors. Plus, many developers have flexible payment plans. It lets investors pay over time.

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