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Güzelyurt Properties

Güzelyurt Properties: Your Dream Home Awaits

We are thrilled to introduce an exceptional opportunity to buy property in Güzelyurt, a destination that epitomises comfort and class. Our offering, a splendid two-bedroom apartment, merges modernity with convenience, providing an ideal living space in the beautiful Iskele Long Beach area. This apartment is a jewel in the Güzelyurt property listings, boasting sublime amenities such as a shared pool and a well-tended garden.

Situated merely a short walk from the tranquil Long Beach, near an assortment of supermarkets, including Lemar and Remzi Market, and the esteemed Salamis Bay Conti Hotel, this property is a testament to our commitment as a leading Güzelyurt real estate agency to connect you with prime real estate. With a 0% interest rate payment plan over 24 months, you gain the financial ease you deserve, complemented by the security of exchange deeds.

Güzelyurt Properties

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover elegant living with Güzelyurt Properties.
  • Invest in your future home with 0% interest rate financing options.
  • Experience the convenience of prime location near Long Beach.
  • Benefit from competitive prices at £1,843 per square metre.
  • Secure your investment with exchange deeds provided.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a reputable Güzelyurt real estate agency.

Discover Güzelyurt: The Gem of North Cyprus

Enveloped in the lush landscapes of Northwest Cyprus, Güzelyurt emerges as a sanctuary for those in search of tranquillity and a connection to the island's rich tapestry of history and culture. Our portfolio showcases a meticulously curated selection of properties for sale in Güzelyurt, encapsulating the diverse architectural heritage from modern apartments to opulent villas that mirror the serene Mediterranean lifestyle.

Affordable Properties Güzelyurt

Bearing witness to the cultural allure of nearby Famagusta and the historic depth of Nicosia, Güzelyurt is not just a place to reside, it's a realm to experience an unparalleled quality of life. As we cater to affordable properties Güzelyurt, our focus remains laser-sharp on delivering to our international clientele not merely a residence but a realm where investment intersects with indulgence in the most harmonious way.

Güzelyurt is an unspoiled jewel in the Mediterranean crown, where the promise of a leisurely pace of life is fulfilled amidst citrus groves and the whispers of the sea breeze.
  • Array of property choices to suit all preferences
  • Vibrant international community with diverse cultural influences
  • Accessible amenities enhancing the quality of life
  • Attractive investment options with potential for appreciation

It is our pleasure and mission to lead you through the plentiful avenues of property ownership in this illustrious region of Cyprus. The breadth of our spectrum ranges from high-end luxury to modest elegance, securing a special niche for every dream home seeker. Let us navigate you towards a future where you are not just purchasing property, but a slice of paradise to call your own.

Property Type Price Range Key Features Suitability
Modern Apartments Competitive Sea views, communal amenities Singles, Couples
Luxurious Villas Premium Private pools, expansive gardens Families, Investors
Beachfront Residences Exclusive Direct beach access, high rental demand Beach lovers, High-end investors

We extend an open invitation for you to discover Güzelyurt with us. Through our guidance, your journey towards owning a piece of North Cyprus is not only secure but also infused with the excitement of uncovering this Mediterranean gem.

The Güzelyurt Property Market: An Overview

The Güzelyurt property market has become a beacon of growth within the North Cyprus real estate scene. With a surge in demand for both luxe and modest dwellings, the market is witnessing an upward curve that promises excellent prospects for investors and homebuyers alike. Our insights into this thriving sector put us at the forefront of connecting clients with the best real estate in Güzelyurt.

Current Trends in Güzelyurt's Real Estate

Recent trends in the Güzelyurt property sector reveal a healthy appetite for modern living spaces that offer both comfort and style. The area's appeal has been bolstered by its blend of picturesque landscapes and contemporary conveniences. As a premier agency, we're privy to a plethora of properties that cater to varied tastes, from stylish apartments to grand penthouses, all within prime locations that reinforce Güzelyurt’s reputation as an ideal residential district.

Luxe Apartment Living in Güzelyurt

Understanding Güzelyurt Property Prices

Delving into Güzelyurt property prices, it’s pivotal to acknowledge the diversity in valuation, which is influenced by location specifics, property dimensions, and amenity offerings. For practical insight, consider a recent addition to our portfolio: a generously spaced two-bedroom apartment featuring contemporary amenities—a fine example of Güzelyurt's competitive property spectrum.

Property Type Size (m²) Location Price Range Special Features
Modern Apartment 135 Kyrenia District Competitive Close Proximity to Amenities
Luxury Penthouse 200 Central Güzelyurt Premium Roof Terrace with View
Seaside Villa 250 Coastal Fringe Exclusive Private Access to Beach

Our commitment to presenting the full Güzelyurt experience means we diligently keep all property listings up to date, ensuring that the ideal home or investment is within reach for our discerning clientele. Moreover, we provide substantial protection against unforeseen contractor problems, with an insurance cover that can offer peace of mind up to a substantial €200,000.

Your Guide to Properties for Sale in Güzelyurt

As specialists in real estate in Güzelyurt, we are thrilled to showcase a portfolio enriched with the finest Güzelyurt property listings. Our commitment is to navigate you through the array of choices to buy property in Güzelyurt that aligns with your desires and financial plans.

Understanding the varied preferences of our clientele, we offer a comprehensive selection, from sleek studio apartments to palatial villas, all situated in enviable locales across Güzelyurt. Our tailored approach ensures you receive a personalised experience, further enhanced with exclusive VIP services, including:

  • Complimentary airport transfers
  • Guided property tours
  • Detailed consultations

Akin to handpicking precious gems, each listing in our catalogue has been meticulously curated to meet the highest standards, ensuring your investment is not just secure but a step into the realm of luxury and comfort.

Our mission is to afford you a seamless journey from the very first encounter to the moment you step into your new property, with the assurance of unparalleled service throughout.

We understand that acquiring property is a significant milestone, and we are here to make it a reality, one that echoes perfection tailored for you. Embark on your property acquisition venture with us, a beacon of trust in Güzelyurt's real estate canvas.

Why Invest in Real Estate in Güzelyurt?

At a time when securing one's financial future is more important than ever, investing in Güzelyurt real estate presents itself as a savvy strategy. Sparking interest among investors and homebuyers alike, Güzelyurt's real estate market thrives with opportunities that promise not just a home, but a potential for considerable growth in investment value.

Known for its enchanting blend of scenic landscapes and historical charm, this tranquil region of North Cyprus is witnessing a significant uptick in demand. As experts in this burgeoning market, we are thrilled to assist our clients in discovering the undeniable advantages that affordable properties Güzelyurt has to offer.

Long-Term Investment Opportunities

Güzelyurt offers a diverse range of real estate options, from family residences to student apartments, each presenting long-term investment opportunities. The Güzelyurt property market is characterised by its sustained growth, encouraging investors to consider the region for its potential in yielding significant returns over time.

Güzelyurt's Growing Attraction for Homebuyers

The reasons to invest in Güzelyurt real estate extend beyond financial benefits. The area's growing attraction lies in its cultural richness and connectedness with essential services, including universities, shopping centres, and healthcare facilities. This dynamic has created a robust community, increasingly attractive to homebuyers looking for both value and quality of life.

Property Type Average Price Proximity to Amenities Investment Potential
Studio Apartment £50,000 - £70,000 Walking distance to university High rental demand from students
2-Bedroom Apartment £90,000 - £120,000 Near local supermarkets and clinics Popular among small families
Detached Villa £140,000 - £200,000 Close proximity to cultural sites Appreciating asset with tourism appeal

The promise of affordable properties Güzelyurt combined with our expertise in the region is a formula for success. We invite you to explore the myriad possibilities with us, as we believe that investing in Güzelyurt's real estate is not merely a transaction—it is the gate to your financial and lifestyle aspirations taking root in this captivating landscape.


As your journey towards finding the perfect abode in Güzelyurt concludes, our esteemed real estate agency stands as your steadfast ally. In the bustling property market of this alluring corner of North Cyprus, the vision of your dream home transitions from mere imagination to tangible reality. Our role extends beyond that of a mere facilitator; we are your partners, committed to aligning our extensive array of Güzelyurt property listings with your personal aspirations.

Your Dream Home in Güzelyurt Is Within Reach

Through our detailed understanding of the Güzelyurt real estate landscape, we take great pride in presenting property options that not only meet but exceed expectations. Our collection of available properties delivers a spectrum of choices – from luxurious villas to comfortable apartments – each promising to be a sanctuary that reflects the comfort and style you deserve.

Partner with a Trusted Güzelyurt Real Estate Agency

Choosing to partner with the best real estate Güzelyurt has to offer translates into an experience defined by reliability, expertise, and unrivalled client service. The delicate process of purchasing a property is transformed into a seamless endeavour, guided by professionals who care deeply about securing your interests and happiness. It is with great enthusiasm that we invite you to explore Güzelyurt's property market with us, certain that together, we can unveil the ideal residence or investment that awaits you.


What types of properties are available in Güzelyurt?

Güzelyurt offers a variety of properties ranging from luxurious villas to affordable studio apartments, catering to a diverse spectrum of preferences and budgets.

How can I find the best real estate options in Güzelyurt?

The most effective way to discover the finest real estate in Güzelyurt is through a reputable Güzelyurt real estate agency that provides updated property listings and knowledgeable guidance tailored to your needs.

Are there any new developments or trends in the Güzelyurt property market?

Yes, the Güzelyurt property market is experiencing an upward trend with an increasing number of luxurious and affordable properties becoming available, reflecting a strong demand for both residential and investment opportunities.

What is the current price range for properties in Güzelyurt?

Property prices in Güzelyurt vary depending on the size and location, with a diverse selection of options to suit various financial capacities. It is best to contact our real estate agency for the most current and accurate pricing information.

Can I buy property in Güzelyurt as an international client?

Absolutely, our real estate agency specializes in assisting international clients with the process of purchasing properties in Güzelyurt, ensuring a smooth transaction.

What kind of return on investment can I expect from buying property in Güzelyurt?

Güzelyurt's growing real estate market offers promising long-term investment opportunities with the potential for lucrative returns, given the region’s development and increasing popularity amongst buyers.

How can I ensure a secure property purchase in Güzelyurt?

We recommend partnering with a trusted Güzelyurt real estate agency, which provides insurance against contractor misdemeanours up to €200,000 and expertise in the local property market to ensure a secure and transparent transaction.

Are there flexible payment options for purchasing a property in Güzelyurt?

Indeed, many properties in Güzelyurt come with flexible payment plans, such as 0% interest rate payment options spread over a period, to accommodate the financial needs of our clients.

What services does a Güzelyurt real estate agency provide?

Our real estate agency in Güzelyurt offers a comprehensive range of services including property tours, free airport transfers, consultations, access to VIP services, and full assistance throughout the buying process.

Why choose Güzelyurt for a real estate investment or residence?

Güzelyurt is renowned for its verdant landscape, cultural richness, and proximity to essential services. This provides a balance of accessibility and the authentic charm of Cyprus, making it an ideal location for quality living and profitable investment.

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