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Spacious Villa in Koca Calis
$ 553.000
STATUS : For Sale
ADDRESS : Kocaçalış, Fethiye, Muğla/TURKEY
Brand New Uzumlu Villa
$ 387.000
STATUS : For Sale
ADDRESS : Üzümlü, Fethiye, Muğla/TURKEY
Citizenship Villa in Ovacik, Fethiye
$ 780.000
STATUS : For Sale
ADDRESS : Ovacık, Fethiye, Muğla/TURKEY
Spacious Semi-Detached Ciftlik Villa
$ 337.000
STATUS : For Sale
ADDRESS : Çiftlik, Fethiye, Muğla/TURKEY
Luxury Residences in Sariyer
$ 2.560.000
STATUS : For Sale
ADDRESS : Sarıyer, Istanbul/TURKEY
Bosphorus View Nisantasi Flats
$ 3.655.000
STATUS : For Sale
ADDRESS : Nişantaşı, Istanbul/TURKEY
Seaside Villas in Bodrum
$ 1.475.000
STATUS : For Sale
ADDRESS : Gündoğan, Bodrum, Muğla/TURKEY
Luxurious Apartments in Izmir
$ 425.000
STATUS : For Sale
High Quality Stone Bungalow in Nif
$ 324.000
STATUS : For Sale
ADDRESS : Fethiye, Muğla/TURKEY
Modern New Apartments in Levent
$ 1.187.000
STATUS : For Sale
ADDRESS : Beşiktaş, Istanbul/TURKEY
Secluded Detached Villa in Akkaya
$ 644.000
STATUS : For Sale
ADDRESS : Akkaya Valley, Dalaman, Muğla/TURKEY
Luxury Home in Istanbul
$ 2.545.000
STATUS : For Sale
ADDRESS : Büyükçekmece, Istanbul/TURKEY
Stunning Private Villa in Istanbul
$ 1.566.000
STATUS : For Sale
ADDRESS : Silivri, Istanbul/TURKEY
Prime Location City Apartments 
$ 1.060.000
STATUS : For Sale
ADDRESS : Taksim, Istanbul/TURKEY
Luxury Apartments in Taksim
$ 892.000
STATUS : For Sale
ADDRESS : Taksim, Istanbul/TURKEY
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Luxury Villas - Homes For Sale in Turkey

Luxury Villas - Homes For Sale in Turkey | Elite Property

At Elite Property, we proudly present an exclusive selection of luxury villas and homes for sale across Turkey, setting the standard in Turkish real estate. We unite discerning buyers with exceptional properties in the most coveted locations—from the pulsating heart of Istanbul to the serene Aegean coasts of Bodrum and the refined Mediterranean ambience of Kalkan. With twenty years of expertise, we deliver not just residences but destinations of prestigious living and substantial investment merit. Our dedicated team, with extensive local insights and a commitment to integrity, provides unparalleled service to ensure a seamless acquisition of your high-end home in Turkey.

Luxury Villas - Homes For Sale in Turkey
Create an image of an exclusive Turkish villa nestled among lush greenery, with a stunning infinity pool that overlooks the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The villa's architecture should seamlessly blend traditional Turkish elements with modern design, showcasing its luxurious amenities such as a spacious outdoor terrace, grand entrance hall, and expansive floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the interior with natural light. The surrounding landscape should feature vibrant flowers, towering palm trees, and a peaceful atmosphere that exudes tranquility and relaxation.

Key Takeaways

  • An outstanding portfolio of luxury villas and homes awaits you in Turkey's premier destinations.
  • Elite Property is synonymous with two decades of excellence in the Turkish real estate sector.
  • We offer tailor-made services to facilitate the purchase of your exclusive property in Turkey.
  • Our properties represent the pinnacle of luxury, offering both sumptuous living and sound investments.
  • Trust our experienced team to guide you to the finest luxury villas and homes for sale in Turkey.

A Showcase of Elite Turkish Real Estate

At Elite Property, our pride lies in offering an exclusive array of Luxury Villas and Homes For Sale that beautifully encapsulate the essence of Turkey. Our curated selections are more than mere homes; they are gateways to a world where luxury meets cultural richness and diverse landscapes. Allow us to guide you through the alluring appeal of Turkish Real Estate, where each property is carefully hand-picked to guarantee the highest standards of premium living.

The Appeal of Turkey's Prime Locations

Delving into Turkey's prime locations, you'll discover a diverse palette from the energetic avenues of Istanbul to serene Aegean shores, each locale presenting its own slice of paradise. Our Premium Villas are perfectly placed to offer you the finest comfort and breathtaking beauty. The vibrant life of Istanbul promises dynamic and cosmopolitan living, while the Aegean region greets you with tranquility and the Mediterranean with stunning scenic backdrops.

Decades of Expertise in Luxury Living

With decades of expertise at the helm, our journey in the Turkish real estate market has refined our ability to discern and craft the pinnacle of Luxury Homes. Our in-depth understanding of the market nuances and dedication to excellence ensures that each home we present is not just a living space but an embodiment of exclusivity and investment value. Our properties in Bodrum, Kalkan, and other prestigious locales are selected with the utmost attention to detail, satisfying the desires of those with the most discerning tastes.

Location Property Type Key Features Investment Appeal
Istanbul Modern Luxury Villa Central location, Bosphorus view High capital growth potential
Bodrum Beachfront Villa Private dock, Infinity pool Strong rental yields
Kalkan Hillside Estate Panoramic sea views, Outdoor terrace Exclusive holiday retreat

Luxury Villas - Homes For Sale in Turkey

At the center of Turkey's most enchanting destinations, we present an ensemble of luxury properties that transcend mere living spaces and enter the realm of full-blown experiential habitats. Crafted for those with a penchant for luxury living, these homes are not just dwellings, but works of art meant to embody the pinnacle of comfort and style.

Our diverse gallery of high-end homes showcases an ambition to cater to every unique taste and lifestyle preference. Spanning from sleek, avant-garde structures nestled within Turkey's breathtaking scenery to grand palatial residences that span acres, we ensure every property radiates an air of exclusivity and sophistication.

Equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, each estate within our collection speaks to the soul of exclusive properties. We take pride in having found perfect matches for these homes, suggesting a track record of success that aligns premier real estate with the discernment and aspirations of our esteemed clientele.

Feature Description Benefit
Bespoke Design Custom-crafted villas by renowned architects Personalization and unparalleled aesthetic
Luxury Amenities Infinity pools, private cinemas, and spas A resort-like experience in the comfort of your home
Prime Locations Properties situated in Turkey's most sought-after areas Access to the finest in culture, nature, and privacy
Investment Value High potential for appreciation and rental returns Financial growth and a secure asset in your portfolio

With us, purchasing a luxury villa in Turkey becomes an experience imbued with tranquility, sophistication, and above all, exclusivity. We invite you to discover how luxury properties in Turkey can elevate your lifestyle to an unparalleled zenith.

Luxury Living in Turkish Villas
A beautiful infinity pool overlooking the scenic landscapes of Turkey, surrounded by lush vegetation and elegant luxury villas with modern architecture and spacious living areas. The sun sets behind the mountains, casting a warm glow over the entire scene as residents enjoy the ultimate in luxury living in Turkish villas.

The Architectural Marvels of Turkish Luxury Villas

Delving into the affluent terrains of Turkish Architecture, we witness a symphony of Luxury Real Estate that epitomizes the zenith of Exclusive Design and Modern Decor. For over two decades, the evolution of architecture within the luxury sector has rendered Turkey a canvas for some of the world’s most breathtaking habitats.

Innovative Turkish Architecture
Show a stunning Turkish luxury villa with unique architectural features that set it apart from other homes. Use bold lines and vibrant colors to highlight the striking design elements, such as the sweeping curves of the building's exterior or the intricate patterns in the ornate tile work. Capture the sense of elegance and sophistication that are hallmarks of Turkish design, while also conveying a feeling of warmth and welcome that makes this villa a true home. Let the beauty of the architecture speak for itself, drawing viewers into a world of effortless luxury and refined living that is beyond compare.

Innovative Designs Meeting Natural Beauty

In our venture to present homes that pitch beyond the commonplace, we have embraced properties that not only redefine living spaces but also complement the picturesque landscapes unique to Turkey. The serene environment harmonizes with striking, contemporary forms, creating an oasis for the indulgent lifestyle connoisseur.

Inside Turkey's Most Exclusive Properties

From the undulating hills of Kalkan to the crystalline shores of Yalikavak, each property stands as a testament to the commitment to Architectural Styles that are both sensitive to their roots and daring in their execution. Our portfolio is a tapestry of design – an amalgamation of tradition and innovation where every detail breathes opulence and class.

Location Architectural Style Key Features
Kalkan Modernist Glass fronts, Infinity pools
Yalikavak Contemporary Private docks, Smart home systems
Istanbul Ottoman-inspired Lush gardens, Bosphorus views

Invest in Turkey’s Prestigious Property Market

At Elite Property, we pride ourselves on showcasing a spectrum of advantageous investment opportunities within the realms of Turkish real estate. Anticipating the needs of our esteemed clientele, our attention to detail and market acumen chart a clear course toward substantial real estate ventures. When it comes to engaging with the Turkish property market, two key aspects that investors should consider are the potential for high rental yields and the intricacies of the purchase process.

Understanding the Investment Potential

The Turkish Real Estate Investment landscape is ripe with potential, offering luxury homes that stand as beacons of savvy financial decisions and promising capital gains. Elite Property is well-versed in the dynamics of the market, presenting investments that are characterized not only by their grandeur but also by their ability to generate competitive returns. Starting from Euro 300,000, investors can delve into an opulent array of properties, where the pinnacle of luxury meets high rental yields, notably in coveted locations like Bosphorus-front mansions or Yalikavak’s impressive villas—an investment symphony tuned to the expectations of those with discerning tastes.

Navigating Purchase Procedures and Legalities

Well-informed decisions are cornerstones of successful investments; thereby, we render comprehensive guidance through each facet of the purchase costs and legal process. Transparency and due diligence are the pillars on which we build trust with our investors. From understanding local taxes to navigating the legal specifications of property acquisitions in Turkey, we stand beside our clients, ensuring every transaction is seamless and every legal stride marked with clarity and confidence.

You can rely on our expertise to demystify the legal intricacies and highlight necessary information about transaction costs, property rights, and legal obligations. Whether it is understanding the nuances of the Turkish Land Registry system or acquainting oneself with the mortgage procedures, our team remains a steadfast companion throughout your investment journey. It's through our meticulous approach that we earn our reputation for facilitating investments that epitomize not just luxury, but also a sense of security and prosperity.


In the realm of Turkish Real Estate, our pursuit to present Luxury Villas and Homes For Sale in Turkey has been a testament to our unwavering dedication. At Elite Property, we are proud to have offered an array of High-End Homes that stand as a beacon of Luxury Living and sound investment. Each property in our carefully curated collection is not just a residence but an embodiment of exclusivity and opulence, mirroring Turkey's rich culture and aesthetic refinement.

Our portfolio, studded with Premium VillasLuxury Homes, and Exclusive Properties, showcases our commitment to excellence and our passion for serving clients with exquisite tastes. These homes punctuate the most desirable locales in Turkey, offering a lifestyle that is both sumptuous and serene. We have made it our mission to cater to your pursuit of a life well lived, enveloped in luxury, and the promise of enriching your investment portfolio.

As we close this presentation, we extend an invitation to explore with us the exceptional opportunities that await within the Turkish property market. Your journey with Elite Property begins here, at the crossroads of culture, elegance, and profitable investment ventures. We are eager to guide you towards finding your perfect piece of paradise amidst the splendor of Turkey's finest Luxury Properties.


What distinguishes the luxury villas and homes Elite Property offers for sale in Turkey?

Our luxury villas and homes for sale in Turkey stand out due to their exclusive locations, architectural excellence, and investment potential. Each property in our portfolio is chosen with the utmost attention to embody sophistication, comfort, and a high return on investment. From the dynamic city of Istanbul to the serene Aegean coast, our offerings represent the pinnacle of luxury living.

Why should I consider buying a luxury home in Turkey?

Buying a luxury home in Turkey not only provides you with a lavish residence in some of the most desirable locations across the country but also grants an excellent investment opportunity. Turkey's real estate market is known for its high rental yields and promising returns, with properties that exemplify a blend of modern decor and architectural styles that meet international standards.

Can you tell us more about the prime locations where Elite Property has luxury homes for sale?

Our properties are strategically located in Turkey's prime destinations such as Istanbul, Bodrum, and Kalkan. These locations offer a mix of cosmopolitan living, breathtaking sea views, and cultural richness. Whether you are drawn to the vibrant urban lifestyle or the tranquility of a seaside retreat, our portfolio showcases a versatile range of luxury homes to cater to your personal preferences.

What kind of architectural styles can be found in your collection of luxury villas in Turkey?

Our collection features a diverse array of architectural styles, ranging from ultramodern designs that integrate seamlessly with the landscape to traditional estates that exude timeless grandeur. Innovatively designed homes with expansive glass windows offering panoramic views and privacy-focused retreats are just some examples of the architectural marvels available in our portfolio.

How does Elite Property assist in the investment process?

We offer comprehensive support to our clients throughout the investment process, which includes insights into the market potential, guidance on purchase costs, navigating the legal process, tax implications, and ensuring all aspects of your investment are as seamless and profitable as possible. Our team's dedication to personalized service ensures you're confident in every step of the acquisition.

What are the expected rental yields and return on investment for luxury properties in Turkey?

The rental yields for luxury properties in Turkey can be quite attractive, with some areas offering up to 8% per annum. The return on investment also significantly varies based on location, property type, and market conditions, presenting a compelling case for those looking to enter the Turkish real estate market. We provide tailored advice to help our clients maximize their investment potential.

Are these luxury homes equipped for full-time residence or just as holiday homes?

Our luxury homes are designed to accommodate both full-time residents and those seeking a holiday retreat. With state-of-the-art amenities, comfort, and exclusivity, they serve as the perfect sanctuary for year-round living or an escape to luxury for those vacation periods.

What steps does Elite Property take to ensure a smooth buying process?

We focus on ensuring a smooth buying process from start to finish. This includes providing detailed property information, coordinating viewings, assisting with negotiations, guiding you through legal procedures, and offering after-purchase support. Our team is dedicated to making the process of buying luxury real estate in Turkey as straightforward and satisfying as possible for our clients.

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