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Buying Process Turkey

Buying Process Turkey

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Buying Process in Turkey

Your guide to understand the Buying Process Turkey, we will help you to find your dream home in Turkey. Are you planning to purchasing homes in Turkey? Keyholders International Property Group is established as a LTD company in the UK to provide the highest customer security for what may be your single biggest investment.

More about properties in Turkey

Our base is in Edinburgh, UK however, we are established in the real estate business and specialise in the sale of Turkish property to non – Turkish nationals. We pride ourselves in our transparent practices and always put the needs of the customer first. The advice that we give you will never be driven by profit.


We only sell properties that have all the required legal paperwork in place and we ensure the security of our client’s transactions, completing purchases safely and with the

minimum of stress. Our recommended professionals (builders, Lawyers, etc) are all of the highest calibre with qualifications, experience and reputation that stands up to scrutiny.

Do you wish to see other property owners feedbacks, then please check their comments here.

Financing the Property in Turkey

All of our properties are eligible for mortgage applications. Therefore we can apply for the mortgages if you are able to provide the relevant paperwork that is required by the banks :

Passport photocopies

6 months (recent) bank statements from your home address

6 months credit card statements

Regular income details, i.e. payslips, proof of income etc.

Where possible, a credit report from your own country i.e. Equifax UK credit checking service. If you can provide this information, you may get a mortgage of up to 70%. You are also able to get mortgages from the UK or EU Countries for the Turkish Properties in our portfolio. Please contact us for further advice and we will go through this Buying Process in Turkey with you. 

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