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Secluded Detached Villa in Akkaya
$ 630.000
STATUS : For Sale
ADDRESS : Akkaya Valley, Dalaman, Muğla/TURKEY
Mountain View Villa in Akkaya
$ 350.000
STATUS : For Sale
ADDRESS : Akkaya Valley, Dalaman, Muğla/TURKEY
Forest Holiday Villa in Dalaman
$ 273.000
ADDRESS : Dalaman, Muğla/TURKEY
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Dalaman Properties

Discover Dalaman Properties - Luxury Homes in Turkey

In southwestern Turkey, you'll find the lovely town of Dalaman. It stands as an important hub for international tourists. The town's airport connects visitors to beautiful holiday spots in Mugla. While Dalaman luxury properties in the town center are few, the Akkaya valley is a close by gem.

Here, you'll find a lot of Dalaman villas set in nature. These homes offer a blend of luxury and healthy living. It's a top pick for Turkish tourists looking for something special.

Dalaman Properties

Looking into Dalaman real estate, you'll see a wide range of choices. From roomy Dalaman apartments to stunning Dalaman beachfront homes, there's a home for everyone. Whether you want a place to live, rent, or invest, Dalaman has plenty to offer.

Exploring Dalaman homes for sale shows it's not just about properties. It's a chance for a great life. With its beauty and welcoming vibe, Dalaman is perfect for those who dream of life by the Turkish Riviera.

Key Takeaways

  • Dalaman is a popular tourist destination in southwestern Turkey, known for its international airport and access to various holiday resorts.
  • Luxury villas in Dalaman can be found in the nearby Akkaya valley, which offers a blend of nature, healthy living, and luxury.
  • Dalaman real estate offers a diverse range of properties, including apartments, villas, and beachfront homes.
  • The town caters to various needs, whether you're looking for a permanent residence, holiday rental, or investment property.
  • Dalaman's natural beauty, warm climate, and welcoming community make it an attractive destination for those seeking a Mediterranean lifestyle.

Introduction to Dalaman, Turkey

Dalaman, a town in south-western Turkey, is a top pick for tourists. It pairs convenience with beauty. It's perfect for luxury living or an unforgettable vacation.

Location and Geography

Dalaman is in a key spot for access to the region's best spots. Its airport is a launchpad to many nearby resorts. This makes it great for both homeowners and vacationers.

It also shines with diverse landscapes. The Akkaya valley is a favorite for locals for its beauty and quiet. It's great for those wanting nature and luxury, drawing in buyers.

Climate and Weather

Dalaman's Mediterranean climate means great weather year-round. Summers are long and warm, while winters stay mild. This weather lets people enjoy outdoor living and nature any time.

Season Average Temperature (°C) Rainfall (mm)
Spring (Mar-May) 18-25 30-50
Summer (Jun-Aug) 28-35 5-15
Autumn (Sep-Nov) 20-30 50-100
Winter (Dec-Feb) 10-18 100-150

Summer brings tourists from around the globe. This lively season is great for investment. It opens doors for buying vacation homes or rental spaces.

Dalaman's location, beauty, and climate make it a top pick for living and investing. It's clear Dalaman offers a unique and rich experience for those seeking adventure and relaxation.

Dalaman Real Estate Market Overview

The Dalaman real estate market has been growing steadily. It attracts both local and foreign investors. This area in southwestern Turkey is known for its beautiful landscapes and a wide variety of properties. You can find luxurious villas in the hills or modern apartments close to the town center. The area is becoming more popular with tourists. This has increased the demand for top-quality properties, making it a good time to invest.

Current Market Trends

Many investors are looking at luxury villas in the peaceful Akkaya Valley. It's perfect for those who love nature and the finer things in life. The need for spacious villas with private pools and great views is pushing up prices.

On the other hand, apartments in Dalaman are a great choice for budget-friendly or rental properties. The town center and coastal areas have many modern apartments. They appeal to both locals and those wanting holiday homes.

Investment Opportunities

There are plenty of chances for smart buyers in Dalaman. The area is popular for holiday rentals, offering good income opportunities. Properties can earn well during the summer or all year round.

Investors might also see their property values go up over time. As more people visit Dalaman, the prices could increase. This leads to possibly large profits in the future.

Property Type Average Price (GBP) Rental Yield (Short-Term) Rental Yield (Long-Term)
Luxury Villa (Akkaya Valley) £350,000 - £1,000,000+ 8% - 12% 5% - 7%
Apartment (Town Center) £50,000 - £150,000 6% - 10% 4% - 6%
Apartment (Coastal Areas) £75,000 - £200,000 7% - 11% 4% - 6%

Future Prospects

The future of the Dalaman real estate market looks very promising. Several factors are likely to help it grow and stay strong. The Turkish government is investing in the area’s infrastructure, which includes making Dalaman International Airport bigger. This is expected to attract even more tourists and property buyers.

As more people look for places that offer both nature and modern comforts, Dalaman is becoming a favorite. With its beautiful landscapes, good weather, and property prices that are lower than other Mediterranean spots, Dalaman is set for growth in the years ahead.

Types of Dalaman Properties

Dalaman has many types of properties for different tastes and budgets. You might want a big luxury villa, a small apartment, or a fancy penthouse. Whatever you're searching for, Dalaman has the right place for you.

Dalaman Luxury Properties


Villas in Dalaman are very popular, especially in the beautiful Akkaya valley. They are big, with private gardens and pools. If you want peace, luxury, and privacy in Turkey, a villa could be perfect.


Dalaman's apartments are great for a simple, easy life. They let you enjoy nature and the local scene. Many have cool designs and shared spots like pools and gardens.


Penthouses in Dalaman are the top choice for luxury. They have amazing views, lots of space, and the best features. Plus, their big terraces are great for outside dining. They offer a special life in a top Turkish spot.

Property Type Key Features Ideal For
Villas Spacious living areas, private gardens, swimming pools Families, luxury seekers, those desiring privacy
Apartments Compact living spaces, modern designs, shared facilities Couples, small families, low-maintenance living
Penthouses Breathtaking views, spacious interiors, top-of-the-line amenities Luxury enthusiasts, those seeking prestige and comfort

Choosing a Dalaman property means a top lifestyle and stunning nature. From lavish villas to cozy apartments and fancy penthouses, there's a home for you in Turkey's beautiful Dalaman.

Luxury Villas in Dalaman

Dalaman is a hidden gem in southwestern Turkey. It is full of luxury villas perfect for those who love an opulent lifestyle. These properties, especially those in the Akkaya valley, offer sophistication and serenity. They are ideal for anyone who appreciates natural beauty.

Exploring Dalaman luxury villas is truly captivating. These homes feature large living spaces, beautiful gardens, and private pools. They also provide stunning views of a natural lake. Everything is designed for a top-notch living experience.

Features and Amenities

The villas in Dalaman are designed for ultimate comfort. They have spacious interiors with the latest appliances and elegant furnishings. Every room is filled with detail, creating an atmosphere of luxury.

Outside, Dalaman villas offer a private oasis. The beautifully landscaped gardens are perfect for relaxation. And the private pools provide a spot to cool off and enjoy the sun. There are also outdoor dining areas for meals with loved ones.

Price Range

Dalaman villa prices vary based on location, size, and luxury level. For the best views, premium amenities, and space, expect to pay more. However, the investment in these villas is very rewarding. They provide an exceptional lifestyle and good potential for value increase.

Villa Type Price Range Features
Luxury Villa £500,000 - £1,500,000 Private pool, spacious gardens, lake views
Ultra-Luxury Villa £1,500,000 - £3,000,000 Expansive living areas, premium finishes, private gym, spa
Beachfront Villa £1,000,000 - £2,500,000 Direct beach access, infinity pool, panoramic sea views

If you're looking for a luxurious holiday home or an investment property, Dalaman's luxury villas are a great choice. They combine stunning beauty, top-notch amenities, and great locations. These properties showcase the beauty of the Turkish Riviera and Dalaman as a top destination for buyers.

Dalaman Properties: Prime Locations

Looking to buy in Dalaman? The spot matters a lot. This area in southwest Turkey has it all. You can find places like the quiet Akkaya Valley or the lively towns of Sarigerme and Gocek. In Dalaman, there's something for everyone.

Akkaya Valley

The Akkaya Valley is a real treasure in Dalaman. It's known for its stunning villas that fit right into the area's beauty. Here, you'd own a bit of heaven. These properties come with big living spaces, private gardens, and pools that show off the valley and its natural lake.

If you choose a property in Akkaya Valley, you're picking a life of comfort and peace. These top-notch villas in Dalaman are ideal for a quiet escape. Yet, they're not too far from fun places.


Want a spot near the sea? Sarigerme is perfect. It has a pretty beach and clear waters, so it's great for beach lovers. You can find all types of homes here, from cozy apartments to big villas, that fit different budgets.

Buying a place in Sarigerme gets you not just a fantastic beach. You're also near cool restaurants, shops, and fun activities. It's a laid-back place that's great for beach life and city convenience.


Looking at a fashionable spot? Gocek has a lot to offer. It's famous for its marina that yachters love. The homes here, from fancy villas to cool apartments, give you a view of the marina and mountains nearby.

By owning a place in Gocek, you're part of an exciting yachting world. You can easily reach the best restaurants, fancy shops, and clubs. Gocek is ideal for boat lovers and those who enjoy the good life.

Location Property Types Key Features
Akkaya Valley Luxurious villas Stunning natural scenery, private gardens, swimming pools
Sarigerme Apartments, villas Sandy beach, crystal-clear waters, restaurants, shops
Gocek Elegant villas, stylish apartments World-class marina, high-end restaurants, boutiques, exclusive clubs

No matter what spot you pick, buying a place in Dalaman is a chance to own a bit of paradise. These homes come with beautiful nature, luxury features, and a chance to earn well. That's why they're great for both investors and those looking to live their best life.

Buying Process for Dalaman Properties

Looking at Dalaman Homes for Sale is exciting. But, it's key to know the buying process and legal steps. For foreigners buying Dalaman Real Estate, a trusted agency like Turkey Homes is a big help. They make the Dalaman property buying process easier.

Legal Requirements

Buying property in Dalaman means meeting specific legal needs. This includes:

  • Obtaining a tax number from the Turkish Tax Office
  • Opening a bank account in Turkey
  • Getting a legal translator for important papers
  • Getting a military clearance (if needed)

Our team at Turkey Homes knows all about Dalaman legal requirements. We guide you through each step. This makes things simpler for you.

Financing Options

There are different ways to finance your Dalaman property:

  1. Buying outright with cash
  2. Getting a mortgage from a Turkish bank
  3. Getting a mortgage from your country's bank
  4. Taking advantage of developer payment plans

We help you look into these options. We find the best way to finance your Dalaman Real Estate purchase.

Dalaman property buying process

Step Description Timeline
Property Selection Choose your ideal Dalaman property with the help of Turkey Homes 1-2 weeks
Reservation Agreement Pay a reservation deposit to secure the property 1-2 days
Legal Processes Obtain necessary documents and complete legal requirements 2-4 weeks
Final Contract Sign the final contract and make the remaining payment 1-2 days
Title Deed Transfer Transfer the title deed to your name at the Land Registry Office 1-2 days
Buying a Dalaman property is thrilling. With the right guide, it's easier and rewarding.

At Turkey Homes, we want to help you find your perfect Dalaman Homes for Sale. We'll guide you through the Dalaman property buying process step by step.

Lifestyle in Dalaman

Dalaman offers a mix of local culture, traditions, and outdoor fun, which is great for a luxurious life near nature. The Akkaya Valley and other beautiful spots make living there serene and healthy. It's perfect for enjoying the outdoors.

Local Culture and Traditions

In Dalaman, rich traditions have passed from generation to generation. Folks are friendly and welcoming, so it's easy to fit in. Here are some key traditions:

  • The annual Dalaman Cotton Festival, celebrating the region's agricultural heritage
  • The Dalaman Camel Wrestling Festival, a unique event showcasing the ancient Turkic sport
  • Traditional Turkish cuisine, featuring fresh local ingredients and delicious recipes

Living these traditions helps property owners truly enjoy the local way of life and join in the lively community.

Outdoor Activities and Attractions

The outdoors is a big part of life in Dalaman. There's a lot to do, like hiking, swimming, and golfing thanks to the natural beauty. Key activities include:

  1. Hiking and trekking in the lush forests and mountains surrounding Dalaman
  2. Swimming and sunbathing at the pristine beaches near Dalaman properties
  3. Golfing at the world-class courses located in close proximity to Dalaman
  4. Exploring the ancient ruins and historical sites scattered throughout the region

With a variety of activities, property owners in Dalaman enjoy plenty of fun things to do. The area's natural beauty is always there to be explored and enjoyed.

Choosing to live in Dalaman offers more than a beautiful home. It's about a lifestyle filled with local traditions and lots of outdoor fun. That's why so many people are looking to live in Dalaman for a more relaxed and rewarding life.

Benefits of Investing in Dalaman Properties

Investing in Dalaman real estate offers many pluses for those looking for a smart move. Owners of Dalaman properties can earn a high rental income. With both national and international tourists picking the area for holidays, the need for rental homes is shooting up. This allows owners to make a good profit from their investments.

Dalaman villas and apartments also boast a high future value potential. As more visitors come, the value of these properties is likely to go up. This means investors could see big profits if they sell later on.

Owning property in Dalaman isn't just about numbers. It's about owning a piece of a beautiful, vibrant culture. The lush surroundings and the local culture make for a truly special living experience.

Investing in Dalaman real estate is not just about financial gains; it's also about securing a piece of paradise that you can call your own.

To show Dalaman's promise, let's look at how it compares with other Turkish favorites. Dalaman comes out ahead with its rental income and property value increases. Investors can see better returns here.

Destination Average Rental Yield Capital Appreciation (5-year average)
Dalaman 7% 15%
Antalya 6% 12%
Bodrum 5% 10%
Istanbul 4% 8%

Dalaman stands out in Turkey for offering great returns, both in rent and property value growth. Investors aiming for solid returns should consider Dalaman.

Key points to remember about Dalaman real estate include high rental income and future property value increases. They also offer a chance to own a luxury home in a captivating setting. This investment brings enjoyment and worthwhile returns.

By analyzing these advantages and choosing a reliable real estate agency, investors can make a confident choice. They can secure a great asset in Dalaman that provides financial benefits and personal satisfaction.

Dalaman Holiday Rentals

Dalaman is beautiful, found in southwestern Turkey. It's a perfect spot for those wanting to invest in holiday property. The area's gorgeous nature, fancy homes, and popularity make it ideal for short-term rentals.

Short-term Rental Market

Dalaman's rental market has grown a lot recently. This is thanks to more people, both local and from abroad, finding it interesting. They love the landscapes, beaches, and great places to stay.

If you want to make the most of your rental property in Dalaman, think about what guests want. Luxurious villas with pools, big living spaces, and all modern comforts are a hit. Being near fun spots and the beach also helps.

Rental Yields

Renting out in Dalaman can bring in good earnings. Its rising fame and the need for quality places to stay help investors profit.

How much you earn from a rental in Dalaman depends on many things. But, a well-kept property in a great spot could earn you 5% to 10% back or even more. Offering extra services can also boost what you make.

Location Average Rental Yield
Akkaya Valley 7-10%
Sarigerme 6-8%
Gocek 5-7%

To do well in the Dalaman rental market, choose your property wisely. And make sure to market and manage it right. With Dalaman’s charm, growing tourism, and nice profits, it's a good place to invest in holiday property.


Dalaman Properties are a great chance for those interested in Turkey's real estate market. They offer stunning views, luxurious villas, and are becoming a top spot for tourists. Whether you want a holiday house, a rental, or a place to live, Dalaman has something for everyone. It includes apartments, luxurious properties, and beachfront homes, all designed to meet different tastes and budgets.

If you dream of retreating to Akkaya Valley or living in a modern Sarigerme apartment, Dalaman Real Estate has it all. Investing in Dalaman means potential growth in property value and good rental income. Also, renting out your property when you're not using it is a great option here.

Working with Turkey Homes, a trusted real estate agency, can make buying in Dalaman easier. Their skilled team will help you with the legal steps and finding the right financing. With their local expertise, you can smoothly buy your perfect place in this beautiful part of Turkey.


What types of properties are available in Dalaman?

Dalaman has many property types. These include luxurious villas, apartments, and penthouses. In the Akkaya Valley, villas are very popular. This area is known for its beautiful nature and quiet life.

What are the prime locations for buying properties in Dalaman?

Prime locations in Dalaman are the Akkaya Valley, Sarigerme, and Gocek. The Akkaya Valley stands out with its luxury villas in nature. Sarigerme and Gocek are near beautiful beaches and marinas. They offer a mix of villas and apartments.

What is the price range for luxury villas in Dalaman?

The price of luxury villas in Dalaman varies. It depends on where they are, how big they are, and their features. Villas with the best views and features cost more.

Talk to a trusted real estate agency like Turkey Homes to find a villa within your budget.

What are the benefits of investing in Dalaman properties?

Investing in Dalaman properties has many rewards. This includes good rental income, increasing value, and owning a great holiday spot. The area is getting more popular with tourists. This makes Dalaman a good choice for investment.

Can I generate rental income from my Dalaman property?

Yes, you can make good rental income. This is true for properties in top spots like the Akkaya Valley, Sarigerme, and Gocek. The demand is high for quality rentals because of the area's tourist appeal.

How can I navigate the buying process for Dalaman properties?

Understanding the legal aspects and financing options is key. A reputable real estate agency like Turkey Homes can help. They guide you, finding the right Dalaman property for you.

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