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Dalyan Properties

Buying Properties in Dalyan: Your Trusted Real Estate Guide

We are at your service at King Emlak, Dalyan's top property experts. We've helped many clients buy both home and work Dalyan properties. This includes fancy Dalyan villas, sleek apartments, and great plots of land. Our website is friendly and full of Dalyan property listings. It's perfect for exploring Dalyan's popular locations and opportunities.

Dalyan Properties

King Emlak has been a key figure in Dalyan real estate since 2004. We are proud to give personal service and expert advice. Our team speaks many languages and knows the market. They will help you find your perfect Dalyan home, be it a beautiful villa, traditional house, or city flat. We offer a wide search service to meet your exact needs and dreams.

Thinking of buying Dalyan properties? It's a great time, with prices versatile to match all needs. You can find deals from ₺2,600,000 to top listings at ₺80,000,000. The usual price for Dalyan villas is around ₺15,250,000. There are also lands for building your dream house. Dalyan's market suits all tastes and budgets.

At King Emlak, we make buying in Dalyan easy and smooth. We take you to see the properties, share local market tips, and help with renovations. Once you've chosen your dream place, we link you with trusted local lawyers. Or, we can be with you every step, acting through power of attorney. This speeds up the buying process, covering all legal bits.

Key Takeaways

  • Keyholders International is Dalyan's leading property expert, offering a diverse portfolio of Dalyan properties for personal use or investment.
  • Prices for Dalyan villas range from ₺14,300,000 to ₺17,500,000, with an average price of ₺15,250,000.
  • The Dalyan property market caters to various budgets and preferences, with prices ranging from ₺2,600,000 to ₺80,000,000.
  • Keyholders International provides personalised service, expert guidance, and comprehensive assistance throughout the property buying process.
  • Dalyan property investment offers attractive opportunities, with options for Dalyan vacation rentals and Dalyan luxury homes.

Discover the Charm of Dalyan Real Estate

In Turkey's beautiful Aegean, Dalyan shines as a top spot for those wanting a dreamy home or an investment. The town's natural beauty and calm vibe attract people from around the world. It has become a hotspot in the Turkish real estate scene.

A Hidden Gem in Turkey's Property Market

Dalyan is a well-kept secret in Turkey, known for its blend of stunning nature and old-world charm. More and more, people are falling in love with this special place. This has caused a rise in the popularity of Dalyan real estate, making it a smart choice for those looking to invest.

Its location near Dalaman and Sarigerme makes it more desirable. Dalyan benefits from Dalaman's better facilities and Sarigerme's tourism. Yet, it keeps its own true character alive.

Unparalleled Natural Beauty and Serene Atmosphere

Dalyan stands out for its breathtaking nature, like the Taurus Mountains and Dalyan River. This creates a calm, beautiful place that appeals to those who want to step away from city life.

The town takes pride in looking after its environment. It blends tradition with modern living, offering the best of both worlds. Streets are lined with cobblestone, shops are full of character, and locals are always welcoming.

Area Key Features Property Types
Dalyan Village Popular tourist destination, traditional feel Villas, apartments, detached houses
Ortaca Strategic location, agriculture-based economy Villas, detached houses
Akkaya Village Secluded properties, pine trees, mountains Villas, detached houses
Koycegiz Natural beauty, honey, thyme, Liquid Amber trees Villas, apartments

Looking for a home in Dalyan? You can find luxury villas, modern apartments, and traditional Turkish houses here. The market caters to all budgets and tastes, from low-cost flats to exclusive villas.

Buying in Dalyan is not just about owning a beautiful place. It's also a wise financial move. With its growing popularity, property prices are set to rise. This offers a great chance for profit and good rental income.

Why Invest in Dalyan Properties

Choosing Dalyan for property investment offers great benefits. This lovely Turkish town is becoming more popular. It has a great location just a 35-minute drive from Dalaman International Airport.

This airport has many flights, making Dalyan easy to reach for visitors from around the world.

Development in Dalyan is carefully managed, keeping buildings to two or three floors. This helps keep the town beautiful. It mixes modern comforts with old-world charm. Dalyan is in demand because there aren't many properties available.

Strong Potential for Capital Appreciation

Buying property in Dalyan could see its value rise, especially in 5 to 10 years. More people want to buy in Dalyan than there are homes available. Dalyan is also near the D400 road, making it very accessible. This increases its appeal to potential buyers.

Attractive Rental Yields for Holiday Homes

Dalyan is a top choice for a summer break, pulling in many visitors. Its beauty, Iztuzu Beach, and Turkish feel are big draws. Owners of holiday homes can rent out luxury villas or nice apartments. They'll find a big market for quality places to stay.

Property Type Average Price Potential Rental Yield
Two-bedroom apartment £55,000+ 5-7%
Three-bedroom villa with private pool £145,000+ 7-10%

Favourable Turkish Real Estate Regulations for Foreign Buyers

Turkey makes buying real estate easy for foreigners, especially in Dalyan. The government wants to help foreign investors. The cost of living is low, with cheap taxes and bills. This makes Dalyan very appealing for international buyers.

Investing in Dalyan means you could see your property's value grow. It offers good rental income and easy buying rules for foreigners. Dalyan is a great opportunity for smart investors looking for paradise.

Types of Properties Available in Dalyan

Dalyan has many types of properties to suit different tastes and budgets. From luxurious retreats and modern homes to authentic Turkish houses, it offers a range of choices. Each kind reflects the charm of this lovely town.

Luxurious Villas with Private Pools

Dalyan's villas are perfect for those loving luxury. They're complete with private pools and stunning views. You can buy one from ₺2,600,000 to ₺41,700,000. This is the dream place for comfort and style.

Modern Apartments in Gated Communities

If you prefer modern living with safety, Dalyan has great options. These apartments offer contemporary design and a practical approach. A two-bedroom apartment starts at £55,000. It's ideal for a simple, secure life.

Traditional Turkish Houses with Authentic Charm

Traditional houses in Dalyan capture the heart of Turkish culture. They bring warmth and showcase the area's history. Living in one lets you truly experience Dalyan's unique vibe.

Land Plots for Custom-Built Homes

Have a house design in mind? Dalyan provides land plots for your dream home. They range from 430m² to 19,500m². You can build your perfect home, reflecting your style and needs.

Property Type Price Range Key Features
Luxurious Villas ₺2,600,000 - ₺41,700,000 Private pools, spacious gardens, stunning views
Modern Apartments From £55,000 Convenient, secure, contemporary design
Traditional Turkish Houses Varies Authentic charm, cultural heritage, warm ambiance
Land Plots Varies Custom-built homes, ample space, freedom to design

Choosing any of the Dalyan properties is a smart move. Dalyan's strict building rules help keep its beauty. With many tourists and a seasonal population spike, owning a home here is both joyful and potentially profitable.

Choosing the Perfect Location in Dalyan

When you're looking for the right place in Dalyan, where it is matters a lot. Queen Estates knows this well. We help you find a home that fits your needs and is in a great spot in this pretty Turkish town. Let us help you choose the best place for your investment.

The riverside in Dalyan is a top spot. It's loved for its beautiful views and calm atmosphere. Imagine starting your day with the river's soft sound outside your window. You'd be in the midst of greenery and beauty. Homes here often have big terraces or balconies. They are perfect for enjoying the peaceful vibe and amazing views.

If you prefer a quieter place with more room, the outskirts might be ideal for you. These areas are a peaceful escape from the centre's activity. Yet, you're not far from the town's fun. Villas in the outskirts have more land. This lets you create a private paradise with gardens and pools.

Queen Estates knows everyone looks for something different in a home. Our team is here to listen to what you want. We make sure to find the perfect spot that fits your life and dreams.

When picking a place for your investment, think about a few things:

  • How close it is to the town and local places
  • The distance to beaches and sights
  • How easy it is to get to the airport
  • What the area and people around are like
  • If you can rent it out or it might grow in value
Location Distance to Town Centre Nearby Attractions
Riverside 5-10 minute walk River tours, fishing spots
Outskirts 10-15 minute drive Iztuzu Beach, hiking trails
Dalyan Centre In the heart of town Restaurants, shops, bars

We know a lot about Dalyan's home market. So, we can offer great advice just for you. Dreaming of a riverside escape, a big villa on the edge, or a flat near everything? We're ready to find your perfect spot in Dalyan.

Choose Queen Estates to help you find the best location for your Dalyan investment. We're all about using our knowledge and personal touch to guide you. We want you to end up with a home that not only meets but also exceeds your location and quality wishes.

Understanding the Property Buying Process in Turkey

Buying a property in Turkey, especially in Dalyan, is thrilling. But, the process needs thought and a good real estate agent. Queen Estates has 20 years of experience with over 5,000 properties in Turkey. We make buying in Dalyan smooth and successful for our clients.

Appointing a Reliable Real Estate Agent

The first step in Dalyan property buying is choosing a good agent. Queen Estates knows Dalyan well with many property options. We listen to what you need, finding the ideal property. Our custom service makes us a top partner in Dalyan's real estate.

Conducting Due Diligence and Property Inspections

Before buying, you must check everything. Queen Estates confirms the property's legal status and sees if all papers are right. We also check the property's state and look for problems. This ensures a smart and problem-free buy.

Property Buying Costs in Turkey Percentage of Property Value
Buyer's Fee 3%
Purchase Tax (Stamp Duty) 4% of assessed value (approx. 60% of purchase price)
Gas and Electricity Connection Fees $200 (for new properties)
Total Purchase Cost 8.5% of property's purchase price
Eventual Costs (due to assessed value) 6% of contract price

Finalising Contracts and Title Deed Transfer

After picking your property, Queen Estates will help finish the paperwork and transfer the title deed. You need to put down a 10% deposit and a 1% commission. The rest, 90% of the price, and a 4% tax must be paid for the deed.

Foreigners can buy up to 30 hectares in Turkey if it's within a city or town. Earthquake insurance is good to have. New properties usually come with an earthquake warranty from the builder.

Knowing how to buy in Turkey with a company like Queen Estates makes buying in Dalyan straightforward. We focus on your satisfaction for a great buying process in this beautiful town.

Financing Your Dalyan Property Purchase

Looking to invest in a Dalyan property? It's key to know your financing options. Also, learn about sending money to Turkey. Foreign buyers can explore different mortgage choices to buy their dream home or villa in Dalyan.

Financing Dalyan Property Investment

Queen Estates understands the need for the right financing for your Dalyan property. We connect you with reliable mortgage brokers. They focus on helping overseas buyers get mortgages for Dalyan properties.

Mortgage Options for Foreign Buyers

Turkish banks let foreign buyers finance up to 70% of a property’s value. You can spread the payment over a maximum of 20 years. This makes buying a Dalyan home or villa more affordable without a large upfront payment.

Some Turkish developers also offer good finance deals, up to five years. You'll usually pay a 30-35% deposit. Then, you can pay the rest in small monthly payments with good deals like no interest.

To get a Turkish mortgage, you will need to offer several documents:

  • Application form
  • Notarised passport copies
  • Bank statements
  • Income proof (if you work) or financial records (if you're self-employed)
  • Turkish tax number
  • Credit rating certificate
  • Property title deeds copy

Transferring Funds to Turkey

When moving money to Turkey for your Dalyan property, work with reliable banks. Follow all legal steps to make the transaction smooth and protect your investment.

Some expats sell their homes in their home countries to buy property in Dalyan outright. They do this to benefit from the lower property prices there.

Recent data shows that off-plan properties in Turkey are popular for their low prices. Many buyers see them as a strong investment even with worries.

Financing Option Key Features
Turkish Mortgage
  • Up to 70% of property value
  • Repayment period up to 20 years
Developer Finance
  • 30-35% deposit
  • Monthly installments over 5 years
  • Often 0% interest
Cash Purchase
  • Lower property prices compared to developed countries
  • Favoured by expats selling homes in their country of origin

Queen Estates is here to help you navigate the financing journey. We give you the knowledge and support needed for your Dalyan property investment. With our local market knowledge and connections, we help turn your Dalyan property dreams into reality.

Legal Considerations for Foreign Property Owners

If you're investing in Dalyan properties from abroad, you should know the legal rules in Turkey. Our team at Queen Estates is very knowledgeable about this. We can help make your investment in Dalyan real estate easy and follow all the rules.

Property Taxation in Turkey

Buying Dalyan homes or villas means you'll have to pay some taxes. These include property tax, stamp duty, and sometimes value-added tax. They all depend on the property's type and value.

  • Property Tax (Emlak Vergisi) is an annual payment based on your property's worth.
  • Stamp Duty (Damga Vergisi) is a tax you pay only once, during the buying process.
  • Value Added Tax (KDV) applies to new properties, with different rates for each type.

Queen Estates can explain exactly what taxes your Dalyan property investment will face. This way, you'll know the costs upfront.

Inheritance Laws and Estate Planning

Deciding what happens with your Dalyan real estate after you, especially as a foreigner, is essential. Contrary to what many think, a UK will doesn't cover Turkey. We recommend making a Turkish will to protect your assets.

It's also a good idea to give someone power of attorney. They can look after your investment if something unexpected happens. This way, your interests in Dalyan property are safeguarded.

Queen Estates partners with top legal experts for foreign property owners in Turkey. They specialise in inheritance laws and estate planning. They can help you with setting up a Turkish will and power of attorney.
Legal Consideration Importance for Foreign Property Owners
Property Taxation Understanding and complying with various taxes associated with owning Dalyan properties
Inheritance Laws Setting up a Turkish will to ensure assets are protected and distributed according to the owner's wishes
Power of Attorney Granting power of attorney to a trusted representative to handle affairs in case of unforeseen circumstances

Working with Queen Estates and our legal partners makes owning Dalyan homes and villas easier. You can invest securely and follow all the rules in this beautiful Turkish town.

Dalyan Properties: A Solid Investment Opportunity

Investing in Dalyan properties is a smart choice. This area is becoming more popular with tourists and buyers. So, your investment could grow in value and bring in good rent. During the peak season, the number of people in Dalyan almost doubles. This shows how much people want to rent there.

Foreign buyers find Turkish property rules welcoming. Two-bedroom apartments start from £55,000. Three-bedroom villas with pools cost about £145,000. These prices are good, and the properties might increase in value. This makes Dalyan a great place to invest in luxury property or by the beach.

Dalyan is close to big tourist spots like Fethiye, Marmaris, and Bodrum. Its strict rules on building mean fewer big developments. This makes Dalyan property rare and valuable. With the prices of Dalyan's properties going up, investors could earn a lot.

Retaining a property in Dalyan for 5 to 10 years can lead to significant capital appreciation, making it an attractive long-term investment strategy.

The cost of living in Dalyan is not expensive. Bills for council tax, water, and gas are low. This makes it a good place for people from other countries and retirees. Buying a property in Dalyan is quick and easy too.

Property Type Price Range Size Range
Apartments £90,000 - £250,000 40m² - 120m²
Villas £145,000 - £1,500,000 100m² - 500m²
Luxury Homes £500,000 - £3,800,000 200m² - 1,302m²

Queen Estates can help you find the best property for investment. Our team knows a lot about Dalyan's property market. We can help you pick the right one, whether it's an apartment, a villa, or a luxury home.

Dalyan's mix of nature, history, and modern life makes it a top choice. By investing here, you get not just a property but a piece of a wonderful town. It's a great chance for a good investment in Turkey's real estate.

Lifestyle Benefits of Owning a Property in Dalyan

Owning a place in Dalyan, Turkey, brings many joys. You can dive into Turkish culture and feel the warm welcome of the locals. Dalyan's easy pace lets you relax in beautiful surroundings.

Dalyan Properties

Immersing in Turkish Culture and Hospitality

Having a home in Dalyan lets you live the Turkish life fully. Enjoy the local food and make friends with the welcoming people. You won't just live there; you'll belong to a close community.

Exploring here means seeing Kaunos' old ruins and unique rock tombs. You can also try mud baths and hot springs. A home in Dalyan makes discovering new traditions and places easy.

Enjoying a Laid-Back Mediterranean Way of Life

Life in Dalyan is all about peace and happiness. You can leave the fast city life behind and slow down. Mother Nature's best work is your everyday view.

Start your days with the sounds of birds and enjoy quiet breakfasts. The weather lets you be active outside all year. This is where you can truly enjoy life's simple pleasures.

Lifestyle Benefit Description
Cultural Immersion Experience the rich Turkish culture, cuisine, and hospitality
Laid-Back Mediterranean Lifestyle Embrace a slower pace of life surrounded by natural beauty
Outdoor Activities Enjoy swimming, boating, hiking, and cycling year-round
Sense of Community Become part of a tight-knit community and forge lasting friendships

Having a home in Dalyan is investing in happiness. You can pick a grand villa or a cosy place in town. This is where nature, culture, and community come together for a wonderful life.

Working with a Trusted Real Estate Partner

Buying a property in Dalyan is a big step. Having a reliable real estate partner is key. Since 2004, King Emlak has served the Dalyan property market. We're known for offering a diverse range, from villas to apartments and land, suited to different budgets and tastes.

Expertise in Dalyan's Property Market

More and more people are choosing Dalyan, making it important to understand the local market well. King Emlak truly knows Dalyan real estate. Our team provides the latest insights and advice for your property hunt.

For international clients, our team speaks many languages. This ensures easy communication without misunderstandings. We aim to be your go-to for anything property-related in Dalyan, making the whole process easier for you.

Property Details Specifications
Price £135,000
Total m² 1,010m²
Available m² 50m²
Number of Rooms 2+1
Number of Bathrooms 1
Building Age Between 16-20 years
Number of Floors 1
Type of Heating Air Conditioning
Furniture Condition Furnished
Advert Views 614 times

Personalised Service and After-Sales Support

At King Emlak, we personalise our service for each client. We work hard to understand what you need in a property. Our team supports you at every step, including visits, negotiations, and legal matters.

Our support doesn't end with the sale. We're here for you even after, helping with management and legal issues. Sezgin and the team are dedicated to making your move into Dalyan smooth.

"King Emlak's clear communication and understanding of our needs made the property buying process a breeze. Their reliability and support, even after the purchase, were truly commendable." - Satisfied Client

Choose King Emlak for a great experience in Dalyan's property market. We're committed to your satisfaction and success.


In conclusion, buying properties in Dalyan is an exciting opportunity. It's great for people looking for a holiday home, a permanent residence, or an investment. With its beautiful nature, calm vibes, and friendly real estate rules, Dalyan is a top pick.

Looking to invest in Dalyan homes or villas? Choose King Emlak for a reliable guide. They've been helping people find Dalyan properties since 2012. Their team makes finding the perfect spot easy, taking about 18 months and 7 visits to browse options in towns such as Alanya and Fethiye.

After picking your Dalyan dream home, you're not on your own. King Emlak offers post-sale help like maintenance and getting utilities sorted. 100% of their clients recommend them for buying and selling in Dalyan. You're in good hands for your property journey in this Turkish paradise.

Ready to own a slice of heaven in Dalyan? Get to know this town known for its revitalising mud baths and stunning Iztuzu Beach. Talk to King Emlak to find your perfect Dalyan home or villa. Your Turkish real estate adventure starts here.


What makes Dalyan an attractive location for buying properties?

Dalyan shines in Turkey's property market with beautiful nature and a calm vibe. It's great for those wanting peace or to invest wisely. The town is loved for its untouched beauty and stunning views, making it a top choice for real estate.

What are the advantages of investing in Dalyan properties?

Dalyan properties are a smart choice, with lots of benefits. They're a good investment as they grow in value. Plus, holiday homes here can earn money from rentals. It's also easy for foreigners to buy thanks to Turkish laws.

What types of properties are available in Dalyan?

In Dalyan, you'll find various property types for different needs and budgets. There are lavish villas with pools, handy apartments in safe areas, and charming Turkish houses. You can even buy land to build your own dream home.

What should I consider when choosing a property location in Dalyan?

Picking the right location in Dalyan means looking at how close you are to town, beaches, and nature spots. Places by the river have great views and are relaxing. Outskirts offer more privacy. Queen Estates can help find the best spot for you.

How does the property buying process work in Turkey?

Buying in Turkey means working through a few steps. Start by finding a good agent like Queen Estates to help. Check the property well and make sure the papers are all in order. Sign the contracts and finish the buying process with their help.

Are there mortgage options available for foreign buyers in Turkey?

Yes, you can get a mortgage to buy property in Turkey as a foreigner. Queen Estates knows trusted brokers who can help you. They'll also help with sending money to Turkey.

What legal considerations should I be aware of as a foreign property owner in Turkey?

Owning property in Turkey means knowing about the taxes and laws. Queen Estates is here to explain all the details, like property tax. They'll also advise on important stuff like setting up a will and power of attorney.

How can Queen Estates help me in the property buying process?

Queen Estates is your expert guide in Dalyan's property scene. They understand what you need and offer tailored help. Plus, they stick around after the sale, aiding with management, renovations, and legal issues.

What are the lifestyle benefits of owning a property in Dalyan?

Dalyan living brings you close to Turkish culture and friendly locals. Its relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle is all about calm and beauty. A home here lets you live fully in this lovely Turkish town.

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