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Luxury One-Bedroom Apartment in Dubai
$ 759.000
STATUS : For Sale
Two-Bedroom Luxury Apartment
$ 869.000
STATUS : For Sale
Luxury Apartment in Dubai
$ 1.949.000
STATUS : For Sale
Elegant Luxury Residences in Dubai
$ 875.000
STATUS : For Sale
Luxury Sea-Front Apartments
$ 767.000
STATUS : For Sale
Prime Location Sea-View Apartments
$ 762.000
STATUS : For Sale
Luxury Sea-Front Apartments in Dubai
$ 910.000
STATUS : For Sale
Ultra Luxury Residences in Dubai
$ 8.373.000
STATUS : For Sale
Stylish Sea-Front Apartment in Dubai
$ 852.000
STATUS : For Sale
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Dubai Properties

Explore Premier Dubai Properties - Top Listings

We at Asyan Properties and PJ International Real Estate take pride in curating an elite selection of luxury properties in Dubai, showcasing a variety of top listings in Dubai's property market. Our bespoke portfolio features an array of residential properties in Dubai, as well as commercial properties that exude sophistication and world-class amenities. By collaborating with esteemed developers like Emaar, Nakheel, and Danube Properties, we ensure that our clients have exclusive access to the finest real estate in prime locations across the city.

Whether our clientele are in the market for avant-garde off-plan developments or ready-to-move-into luxury properties in Dubai, our expansive collection caters to a wide spectrum of preferences and needs. Experience exclusivity with developments like Alana at The Valley by Emaar, Palmiera at The Oasis, and Seapoint at Emaar Beachfront – each designed to offer a lifestyle of opulence and convenience.

Dubai Properties

Key Takeaways

  • Extensive selection of residential and commercial Dubai Properties
  • Partnerships with flagship developers ensuring premium real estate offerings
  • Diverse investment opportunities, including luxury and off-plan properties
  • Properties in prime locations that set the standard for luxury living
  • Dedicated to offering top listings in Dubai's competitive property market

An Overview of Dubai's Property Market Dynamics

The property market in Dubai stands as a testament to robust growth and perennial innovation. Our portfolio showcases an extensive collection of residential and commercial assets, each reflecting the city's commitment to offering exceptional real estate in Dubai. Recognised for a diverse assembly of properties, Dubai's market is a bastion for investment opportunities with Emaar Beachfront's waterfront serenity and The Valley's familial harmony spearheading the charge.

Architectural ingenuity is at the forefront, with luxury developments such as the Palmiera Oasis by Emaar epitomising the exemplar standards that characterise our lively real estate terrain. Here, investors discover a world where luxury synergises with practicality, articulated through remarkable payment plans and high-end designs.

We present our discerning clientele with unmatched opportunities, enveloped in communities that speak volumes of lifestyle magnificence and financial foresight:

  • Waterfront Elegance: Unveiling properties that overlook the tranquil waters, offering an idyllic blend of aesthetics and tranquillity.
  • Family-Centric Enclaves: Creating spaces where every generation finds comfort, amenities, and a sense of belonging.
  • Architectural Marvels: Introducing homes that stand as landmarks of luxury and craftsmanship, destined to captivate and inspire.

Our engagement with the property market in Dubai extends beyond mere transactions, enveloping our clients in an experience that cherishes their aspirations and turns investment into legacy-building ventures. As stewards of your capital, we take pride in our role, guiding every step towards owning a piece of this metropolitan wonder.

Dubai Properties: A Synonym for Luxury and Innovation

As leading facilitators of Dubai's luxury property market, we at Asyan Properties take pride in showcasing a gamut of premier off-plan projects that exemplify the peak of opulence and state-of-the-art living. The decision to embark on buying a property in Dubai or selling properties in Dubai promises an investment punctuated by grandeur and cutting-edge design, credited to the visionary works by leading Dubai real estate developers such as Emaar, Nakheel, and Danube Properties.

Diverse Off-Plan Property Options in Dubai

Our selection features modern and forward-thinking off-plan projects in Dubai, situated in famed localities like Business Bay and Dubai Creek Harbour. These off-plan developments are especially curated for those who seek to merge the excitement of a metropolitan lifestyle with the serenity of sprawling residential spaces.

Luxury real estate in Dubai

The allure of these projects lies in their potential for significant value appreciation and a lifestyle that encapsulates the essence of Dubai's glamorous living. We guide our clientele through the intricate process of securing their future haven amidst the most sought-after new properties, be it luxurious apartments, commodious villas, or contemporary townhouses.

Exceptional Residential and Commercial Developments

Our portfolio prides itself on featuring a diverse array of exceptional residential and commercial properties in Dubai. The lavish Creek Gate at Dubai Creek Harbour and the illustrious Clearpoint at Rashid Yachts & Marina stand as testaments to the blend of innovation and luxury that Dubai's real estate market offers.

Be it the elegant sophistication of villas on Jumeira Bay Island or the modern splendour of apartments in Dubai Hills Estate, we deliver options that cater to a spectrum of preferences, ensuring that our buyers have access to the crème de la crème of Dubai's real estate.

Partnering with Renowned Real Estate Developers

Our enduring partnerships with giants in the property sphere—Emaar, Nakheel, Danube Properties and luminaries like Damac, Sobha, and Ellington—empower us to present an unmatched selection of premium real estate avenues. These affiliations unlock doors to exclusive developments such as the fashion-forward Cavalli Casa Tower, the nautical-inspired Seagate at Mina Rashid, and the verdant Golf Place at Dubai Hills Estate.

Through these collaborations, we are not just selling properties in Dubai; we are offering a gateway to an esteemed lifestyle, underpinned by architectural prowess, luxury, and the promise of a thriving community life.

Investment Opportunities in Dubai's Flourishing Real Estate

Within the bustling corridors of the Dubai Properties market, we've witnessed a striking expansion of investment opportunities in Dubai, particularly within the high-end segment. Discerning investors have consistently turned their gaze towards the myriad of prospects available, buoyed by the emirate's robust infrastructural growth and its stance as a global business hub.

Investment opportunities in Dubai's real estate market

Our analysis pinpoints particular growth in groundbreaking developments like Emaar South and the eclectic urban landscape of Downtown Dubai. Glittering skyscrapers, luxury residences, and lifestyle amenities converge to present an investment ecosystem that is as diversified as it is attractive.

The real estate market in Dubai not only offers strategic locale but also indulges investors with opulent living spaces. Prestigious developers such as SWISS PROPERTY and Elysian have unveiled projects like Kempinski Residences, encapsulating the essence of luxury and refinement.

  • World-class Amenities
  • Strategic Locations
  • High Return on Investment
  • Exceptional Quality and Design
Development Location Type of Properties Investment Potential
Emaar South Near Al Maktoum International Airport Villas, Apartments, Townhouses High Capital Appreciation
Downtown Dubai Heart of Dubai Luxury Apartments and Penthouses Strong Rental Yields
Kempinski Residences Prime Waterfront Location Ultra-Luxury Hotel Apartments Exclusive Living with Hotel Amenities

We, alongside other key players in the sector, remain committed to showcasing premier properties that promise to deliver not just homes but also gateways to a charmed lifestyle. For those who seek to engage with the Dubai real estate market, we stand prepared to guide you through a seamless investment journey teeming with prospects for appreciable returns and luxury living.

Navigating the Purchase of Premier Properties in Dubai

Embarking on the journey of buying a property in Dubai is an exciting venture, and we at Asyan Properties and PJ International Real Estate are steadfast in aiding prospective buyers to navigate this dynamic marketplace. Our proficiency in the Dubai property sector enables us to streamline the purchasing process, whether you're considering an off-plan property in Dubai or eyeing ready properties in Dubai. They are designed to ensure you make informed decisions that align perfectly with your investment goals.

Comprehensive Buying Guides for Off-Plan and Ready Properties

Our comprehensive buying guides are meticulously crafted to simplify the complexities that come with selecting and purchasing your desired property. The option to invest in off-plan projects like Emaar Club Drive at Dubai Hills Estate provides forward-thinking investors with growth potential, while our curated selection of ready properties in Dubai appeals to those seeking immediate occupancy or rental yields.

Real Estate Portfolio & Property Management Services

Our dedication to our clients does not end with a purchase. We extend real estate portfolio management in Dubai, ensuring that every asset under our care benefits from strategic oversight and goal-oriented management. The property management services in Dubai that we offer guarantee that all aspects from tenant procurement to maintenance are competently handled, assuring peace of mind and consistent returns.

Customized Real Estate Solutions for Global Investors

We, at Asyan Properties and PJ International Real Estate, are committed to providing real estate solutions in Dubai tailored to meet the unique needs of global real estate investors. Our portfolio showcases an array of property types, including the luxurious studios of Five Luxe in Jumeirah Beach Residence and the exquisite penthouses of Beach Vista at Emaar Beachfront, ensuring we can accommodate the diverse preferences of our international clientele.

Type of Service Description Benefits
Buying Guidance Expert advice on selecting between off-plan and ready properties Informed decision-making, potential long-term value
Property Management Full-service management including maintenance and tenants Simplified ownership, optimised asset performance
Portfolio Management Strategic oversight of real estate investments Expert handling, maximised returns, and asset growth
Global Real Estate Solutions Customised property options catering to international buyers Diverse options, tailored experiences, ideal property matches

In summary, our role in your property acquisition journey in Dubai is comprehensive and considerate. We endeavour not just to facilitate the purchase, but also to manage, maintain, and ensure the growth of your real estate investments in one of the most vibrant property markets in the world.


In the realm of Dubai Properties, the fusion of opulence and innovation isn't merely an aspiration but an everyday reality. Our property market in Dubai thrives on the delivery of not just spaces to inhabit, but masterpieces of living that are the epitome of luxury properties in Dubai. We take pride in our collaborative efforts with distinguished developers, which stand as a testament to the breadth and quality of options available to both discerning international and local investors.

Our mission transcends the traditional role of a property agency. We delve into the core of each client’s unique aspirations, ensuring that their investments are both satisfying and financially promising. From offering the finest selection of high-end apartments to the provision of sprawling villas, we are committed to guiding buyers towards the curation of a luxury property portfolio that not only signifies status but also yields significant returns.

The vibrancy and resilience of the property market in Dubai is unmatched, and our dedication to serving our clientele with exceptional properties is unwavering. It is with this focus on excellence and a comprehensive suite of services that we ensure our esteemed clients find the property that not only meets, but exceeds, their expectations. In the landscape of Dubai’s dazzling real estate offerings, we stand as pillars of professionalism and insight, keen on nurturing investments that flourish amidst the sands and skies of this dynamic city.


What kind of luxury properties are available in Dubai?

Dubai offers an extensive range of luxury properties, from high-end apartments in locations such as Downtown Dubai and Dubai Creek Harbour, to opulent villas on Jumeira Bay Island and at Palmiera Oasis by Emaar. Our portfolio also includes lavish townhouses and penthouses with world-class amenities.

Can you explain the dynamics of the property market in Dubai?

The property market in Dubai is characterized by robust growth, innovation, and a multitude of investment opportunities. It is defined by its diverse offerings, from residential to commercial properties, and the continuous introduction of groundbreaking projects that cater to a variety of investor preferences.

What are the benefits of investing in off-plan properties in Dubai?

Investing in off-plan properties in Dubai can offer potential value appreciation and opportunities for personalization. Buyers can sometimes secure lower purchase prices compared to ready properties, and benefit from flexible payment plans. Additionally, off-plan projects are often situated in upcoming areas that have high growth potential.

Which renowned real estate developers does your agency work with?

We collaborate with a host of prestigious developers, including Emaar, Nakheel, Danube Properties, Damac, Sobha, Ellington, and Arada, among others. This enables us to provide exclusive access to some of the most sought-after developments in the city.

How can I navigate buying a property in Dubai?

Our comprehensive buying guides offer step-by-step assistance throughout the purchase process. We provide bespoke advice for both off-plan projects and ready properties, ensuring a seamless transaction. Additionally, our expertise extends to after-sale services, including property management and portfolio optimization.

Are there investment opportunities for commercial properties in Dubai?

Yes, Dubai's commercial real estate sector offers a wide array of opportunities, including state-of-the-art offices, retail spaces, and industrial properties. With the city's strategic location as a business hub, commercial properties can yield high rental returns and capital appreciation.

What is the scope of your real estate solutions for global investors?

We provide tailored solutions for global investors, accommodating a variety of requirements and preferences. This ranges from luxury studios to sophisticated penthouses. We pride ourselves on matching international clients with properties that not only align with their investment goals but also their lifestyle aspirations.

What kind of property management services do you offer in Dubai?

Our property management services encompass a comprehensive range of tasks, including tenant management, rent collection, maintenance, and regular property inspections. We ensure that investments are well-maintained, reducing hassle for owners and enhancing the long-term value of their assets.

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