5 Bedroom luxury villa for sale in Kalkan

Your Next Home In Turkey …

Your Next Home In Turkey …

5 Bedroom Luxury Kalkan Villa

5 Bedroom luxury villa for sale in Kalkan

So you’ve done your sums, you’ve spent hours on the internet doing your research, and you’ve decided your next home is going to be in Turkey…

First of all, our congratulations on a great choice! One thing we can promise is that your overseas adventure will certainly be as diverse as the nation’s rich and varied history.

You can expect to feel very much at home one minute and then whisked away the next on an exotic adventure as mysterious and exciting as the old East.

But, as it’s also such a big country, one of the biggest challenges can be deciding the best place to live in Turkey – and, like so many other things, the answer can depend very much on your personal tastes and interests.

New arrivals

Of course, by far the majority of new arrivals already have some in-country experience, either as a result of previous holidays or visiting family and friends who have made the jump already.

It’s natural for them to choose what they know and to pick a home in an area which already feels familiar.

Take Ovacik for example; it’s only a little way up the hill from Turkey’s most photographed beach at Oludeniz and already has a settled expat community. Not only that but many of the local amenities are open all year round and the working harbour town of Fethiye is also just a short bus ride away.

Ovacik also enjoys the benefit of a slightly elevated position, bringing cooler breezes in the summer months while the Mendos and Babadag mountains offer some protection from the winter storms sweeping in off the Mediterranean.

City life

But, despite its relatively peaceful location and its proximity to the Turquoise Coast, Ovacik won’t be everyone’s idea of the best place to live in Turkey. For example, you may prefer the bustle and buzz of being at the beating heart of the nation in Istanbul.

If you’re used to London, Istanbul’s crowded streets are going to feel very much like home. It’s also a cosmopolitan city too, steeped in both Asian and European history. Also, although it may no longer be the nation’s administrative capital, if a trend starts you can be more or less certain, this is where it all begins.

Just like London though, you can also expect life to be a little more expensive than elsewhere in Turkey. For a start, property costs more and so will a night at one of the city’s restaurants. However, even here, the cost of living in Turkey still remains eminently affordable – particularly when compared to most European nations.

Renting isn’t going to swallow up quite so much of your monthly budget, for example, while utility bills will be a fraction of what UK residents would expect to pay.

The rural idyll

But, for some, the rural idyll is their dream and, if that’s you, then rest assured there are plenty of authentic Turkish villages nevertheless used to the sound of overseas accents.

Take Uzumlu, for example, nestled in the mountains a half-hour drive from Fethiye or even Kayakoy, best-known for its ghost town but parts of which have changed little, despite the growing influx of tourists from nearby resorts like Hisaronu.

Both villages have their own small but established expat communities – but while peace and tranquillity are almost guaranteed – along with some amazing property prices – expect life to present a few more challenges in the winter.

You need to be aware from the outset that public transport links aren’t quite so frequent, some shops bars and restaurants will be closed and, sometimes, the weather seems to take a malevolent delight in knocking out power, internet and water supplies – sometimes all three at once.

So, in summary – despite what estate agents may tell you – the best place to live in Turkey is not just about location, but also about you as an individual.

If you’re about to make a big change in your life, you need to be sure it’s the right one for you so take your time, check out all your options – and don’t forget to enjoy the experience!

If you’d like any more advice on buying or selling a home abroad, please feel free to drop us a line or give us a call; we’re here to help if we can.

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