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Turkish Citizenship Now more Accessible

Turkish Citizenship Now more Accessible

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Turkish Citizenship Now more Accessible.

You could be sitting in your garden in Turkey, enjoying all the advantages of being a Turkish citizen because the Turkish Citizenship Now more Accessible.

For those buying real estate in Turkey, the path to citizenship has now been made easier. People who have 2400,000 dollars to invest in property will now be able to apply for Turkish citizenship more easily via the property investment route. The rules governing citizenship via investment have been changed and now there are three routes of gaining citizenship via investment.

They are depositing 500,000 dollars in a bank account, opening a business that employs at least 50 people or, the one that matters to us the most, investing 400,000 dollars on property. The latter is a huge reduction on the formerly required investment of one million dollars and for those seeking a home overseas, why not kill two birds with one stone.


Turkish Citizenship Now more Accessible

Turkish Citizenship Now more Accessible

One of the biggest fears of foreign property buyers of working age in Turkey is how will they make their living after they have settled in. Currently, obtaining a work visa is sometimes quite difficult depending on your skills and qualifications and the current waiting period for citizenship applications can be off-putting so if you are looking for a property in Turkey and you have this budget then you could save yourself time. With Turkish nationality, you will have the same rights and responsibilities as any other Turkish person, including access to Turkey’s excellent healthcare system and the right to work and earn a living in Turkey.

When buying property in Turkey now, it is a requirement that the sale take place with Turkish lira and this requirement is the same. There is also the condition that the property cannot be sold within a three year period after purchase and the title deed office ensure this will not happen by restricting any sale of the property in question for that three year period but the owner is free to do as they wish after the three years have passed.

Turkish Citizenship Now more Accessible

Turkish Citizenship Now more Accessible

Keyholders International have experience of assisting people to apply for investment related citizenship when it was at the higher investment rate and we are also happy to continue assisting investors to apply under the current conditions. The application process is facilitated and assessed by a commission consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services, Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, Ministry of Treasury and Finance and Ministry of Industry and Technology which is to be established within the Ministry of Interior.

Keyholders International, along with our partner legal team will be happy to guide you and your family through this process up until and after you have become a Turkish citizen via your property investment. We are always there to help our clients, old and new, with any issues they have in their new life in Turkey.

If you would like more information please contact us and we’ll be happy to advise.


How can I get a Turkish Citizenship?

If you buy a property / properties worth at least 250,000 USD or equivalent, then it is very simple to get Turkish Citizenship. This can be a property for the minimum amount or above then our company can assist you during this process. First of all, we need to find a property* / properties* , then you can enter into the 2nd stage of the process. Property / Properties cannot be sold for a minimum of 3 years. Our company provides a comprehensive citizenship application program where the legal advice and consultancy is provided for this. Estate Agency fees are not included in these expenses.

* Property / Properties (house / villa / apartment / commercial premises), land ownership has restrictions.

* Turkish state has made an amendment on the eligibility of the Turkish Citizenshipin June 2020. According to this amendment, seller of the property must be a Turkish Citizen or a registered company in Turkey.

If the current Turkish owner purchased this property from a foreign citizen within the past 3 years, then the property is still not suitable for the citizenship programme.

Would my family qualify for Turkish Citizenship?

The application process is not straight forward in the beginning. The main applicant will have to get the citizenship first, then his / her spouse may apply for the same rights. Children under 18 years old are also subject to the same conditions. Please get in touch with our experts regarding this process.

Would my children qualify for Turkish Citizenship?

As stated above, yes your children would qualify for Turkish Citizenship after the main applicants’ approval. Please contact us if your children are above 18 but he/she needs care and is dependant on you.

How long do I need to wait for Turkish Citizenship?

The main applicant’s application process takes around 5 or 6 months. This may be completed a little earlier or later as it depends on the applicants clearance paperwork from their own country. The rest of the family who are eligible for the Turkish Citizenship will also need to wait for a similar time period.

How much do I need to spend to get Turkish Citizenship?

A minimum of 250,000 USD or equivalent amount in any valid currency. Property valuations would be made in Turkish Liras and check the equilevant amount with the Bank of Turkey. 3% property purchase tax to be paid until 31st of October 2018, this amount shall be increased to 4% on 1st of November 2018. There might be agency fees to be added on and other costs. Please contact us for more details regarding how much you need to spend to get Turkish Citizenship. Application cost, notary fees, legal services etc are also needing to be calculated.

Do I need to give up my own nationality for Turkish Passport?

No, unless your original country restricts you for this. Please check this with your own country first.

Is there any restrictions on any countries to obtain Turkish Citizenship?

Yes, some countries’ citizens are unable to purchase a property in Turkey. Also some others are restricted in some regions. For example, Greek Citizens are unable to purchase properties in the west and south of Turkey. Syrians are also restricted and they are unable to buy a property or properties. Please contact us to discuss this in detail.

Who do I need to contact for Turkish Citizenship?

Keyholders Fethiye & KHI Property Group Ltd UK are providing these services. We operate in Istanbul, Marmara Region, Bodrum, Kusadasi, Fethiye and Antalya Region for the prospective buyers. Our companies offer a comprehensive consultancy service until the completion of the process. Our service charge does not include the official fees and taxes.

Do I need to use a lawyer for Turkish Citizenship Program?

Yes, we strongly recommend this to you as the procedure is complicated if you do not know how to do it. There are many unauthorised individuals or smaller firms that may charge you higher than the usual amount. Please ask the company or the solicitor if they have managed to obtain Turkish Citizenship for a client before.

Can I work in Turkey with this Turkish Citizenship?

Yes, you can work in Turkey with this Turkish Citizenship. This Turkish I.D. will give you the same rights as any Turkish National.

Would my children be able to go to school in Turkey?

Yes they can go to school in Turkey. The level at which they would enter is a completely different subject however, as their Turkish Language Capacity and academic level must be assessed by the Turkish Education Authority first. Children can go to school in Turkey as long as the parents are in Turkey with their residency visa. Hence, Turkish Citizenship is not a requirement for children to attend school.

What is the difference between the residency visa and Turkish Citizenship? 

Residency Visa can be obtained with a rental or owned property. It can be given for 2 years and requires renewing every two years. A Residency Visa would not allow you to work or manage company rights. Applicants must have a valid passport from their own country and they must have entered Turkey legally.

Turkish Citizenship would give you full rights and responsibilities as a Turkish National. It does not require any conditions except updating the Turkish I.D. every 10 years.

Can I / we stay in Turkey until Turkish Citizenship is obtained?

Yes, you can stay in Turkey until the final decision of your Turkish Citizenship application is reached. We obtain a temporary residency permit for you and all the family so you do not need to leave the country.

Can I make my payments in cash or via bank?

All payments related to this subject must be made via bank. This is very crucial and should not be ignored.

Will I be entitled to Health Care when I receive my Turkish Citizenship?

When you receive your citizenship you will receive primary healthcare for free at the Government Doctors surgeries and hospitals. However, if you work, then your employer will pay SGK monthly contributions which is the Turkish equivalent of National Insurance. Or, if you do not work, you can opt to pay monthly SGK contributions yourself to be covered for full Healthcare. If you visit a private Hospital then SGK contributors receive a discount on medical costs.

I have more questions regarding Turkish Citizenship.

If you have more questions related to this Turkish Citizenship Program, please contact us and our professionals will be pleased to reply back to you. Please also leave your full details in this contact form so, we can assist you on a more personal level.


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