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The Coronavirus is Having a Global Impact on How We Live Our Daily Lives


Why We’d Urge Our Clients To Keep Calm And Carry On…

close enough to wave to neighbours but far enough apart not catch their germs

close enough to wave to neighbours but far enough apart not catch their germs


If you were thinking about buying or selling a home overseas this spring, few would probably question you if you decided to put those plans on hold right now.

The coronavirus is having a global impact on how we live our daily lives and, with so many precautions against the disease affecting just about every aspect of modern society, it’s easy to assume no one is going to be looking at property either.

However, we’d beg to differ and here are five reasons why.

Just looking?

One of the best-known internet pass times is browsing property – even when we’re not interested in buying. Natural curiosity makes the temptation to visit portals like Rightmove  and Zoopla irresistible. The arrival of the coronavirus isn’t going to stop that. In fact, traffic on the property portals could even increase.

Online tools

If you’re buying, did you know internet tools mean you can do pretty much all the research you need to do on a property online? For example, you can use Google’s Street View to look at how an area has changed over recent years, while Google Maps can even show you average traffic flows – to say nothing about amenities nearby. Those tools remain available today so won’t prevent buyers from doing their homework.

No Time Like Now

If you put your home on the market now, at least it’s visible to buyers. We’d accept the sale may take a little longer at the moment but you will have got the ball rolling. Really, it’s about managing your own expectations. If you begin the process right now and expect to be in a new home by June then that’s probably not that realistic at the moment. However, if you extend the deadline and accept it could be longer, then you have little to lose.

Beat The Rush

There’s always a spring rush to market every year – although this year’s is likely to be a little late. When it does happen though – and we’re confident it will – it may well be there will be a glut of homes all hitting the market at around the same time. If yours is among them, it’s more likely to be among dozens of similar properties all vying for the same buyer. Advertise now, and you might steal a march on your competitors.

You’re In Safe Hands

At Keyholders, we’ve been selling homes in four different countries for almost 12 years now. We’ve had plenty of time to learn how it all works so we’re confident in stating that, if your use our services, you’re in expert hands. If you’d like a little reassurance, why not have a look at some of our reviews on Facebook?

If you’d like any more advice on buying or selling a home abroad, please feel free to drop us a line or give us a call, we’re be happy to help if we can.

In the meantime, if you know anyone who might find this blog informative or helpful, please feel free to share.

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