Real Estate for sale in Estoril

Real Estate for sale in Estoril

Real Estate for sale in Estoril – Apartments for sale in Estoril have more affordable prices than similar offers in other European countries. Estoril is very close to Cascais on the shores of the bay of the same name. In addition, Lisbon is also only 15 kilometers from the city.

Real Estate for sale in Estoril

Property prices in Estoril can vary greatly depending on the location of the object. The closer the apartment is to the city center or the ocean, the higher the price. For example, luxury real estate located on the ocean front is available for sale at prices ranging from 5-7 million euros. The region is one of the most popular in terms of tourism development. This fact allows you to make a profit in a short time by investing in real estate. Most foreigners who wish to live in Portugal prefer to settle in the Cascais and Estoril regions.

Buying a property in Estoril is a smart investment and a great choice for personal use. In Estoril, most of the golf courses and resort areas are concentrated throughout the Atlantic coast of Portugal. In turn, it attracts many tourists with different income levels to this area. As for prices, on average an apartment of about 200 m² can be purchased for about 1 million euros.

Real Estate for sale in Estoril


Apartments for sale in Estoril

Apartments for sale in Estoril are the best deals on the real estate market. This opinion is made up of the many advantages that real estate purchases give. First of all, this is of course a beautiful location on the shore of a picturesque bay not far from major cities and the capital. Secondly, most of the properties in the Estoril real estate market are new buildings. They have a modern design, made from the finest materials. In addition, all new apartments meet all requirements in accordance with European standards. And thirdly, buying an apartment gives you the right to participate in the Golden Visa program, and subsequently receive Portuguese citizenship.

Luxury Property for sale in Estoril

Like everywhere else, luxury property in Estoril is also in demand. However, the prices of such offers are significantly higher than the market average. This can be explained by the fact that Estoril is among the areas where rich people live and rest. These are not only Europeans, but also citizens of other countries interested in playing golf or tennis. In addition, Estoril is the place where the most beautiful examples of modern architecture are located. Also, here is the main part of the spa and thermal hotels on the entire Atlantic coast of Portugal. In other words, Estoril is the center of health tourism in Europe. Considering the above, luxury property with a land plot of 3,500-4,000 m² in Estoril is offered for sale for about 5-6 million euros.

Luxury Apartments for Sale in Estoril

Luxury apartments for sale in Estoril are usually located in the city center, near the ocean coast. The large casino in the center of Estoril is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. For this reason, prices for luxury apartments in the region are significantly different from the market average. The average price of a luxury apartment is about 2.5–3 million euros.

Villas for sale in Estoril

Prices for villas for sale in Estoril vary depending on the area of the property, its characteristics and location. The average price of a villa in Estoril ranges from 2 to 5-6 million euros. Here villas usually have large gardens or land. In addition, the purchase of a villa guarantees excellent views and privacy for those living here.

Since renting a villa or an apartment instead of a hotel is quite common, you can quickly get a return on your investment. Tourists visiting the Estoril resort usually prefer areas close to the city center and the coast. Thus, the search for an apartment for sale in Estoril and its subsequent purchase is a good choice for those who would like to profitably invest or move to a permanent place of residence.

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