New Apartments For Sale In Baixa, Lisbon

New Apartments For Sale In Baixa, Lisbon

Baixa-Chiado, 1200-443 Lisboa, Portekiz

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€ 840.000

  • Unique New Apartments in Baixa
  • Unique New Apartments in Baixa
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New Apartments For Sale In Baixa, Lisbon

These new apartments for sale in Baixa, Lisbon, are part of the rich history and architectural splendour of this wonderful district of the city. They are located on the Rua Augusta, one of the most distinguished pedestrian boulevards in downtown Lisbon.


Baixa is one of the most central and important neighbourhoods in Lisbon, where most of the commerce and entertainment venues can be found. Public transport here is also excellent and the airport is only short drive away.

The development

The building consists of eight two-bedroom apartments and two three-bedroom mezzanine duplexes on the upper floor.

With its numerous windows facilitating well-lit interiors, the building’s façade offers views over the striking Lisbon skyline.

Expert care has also been taken to maintain the building’s heritage whilst carefully restoring every detail, from the window frames to the railings down to its elegant entrance.

New apartments for sale in Baixa

The apartments

Fully remodelled, these spacious apartments offer superb natural light against a backdrop of neutral tones of whites and subdued greys.

Colour is also introduced via elegant wood flooring while interior design includes tasteful mouldings and modern finishes.

Meticulously crafted traditional azulejos mosaics also exist side by side with modern kitchens islands, well thought-out bathrooms and premium amenities.

Minimalist and respectful of their heritage, these timeless apartments are stylish but not ostentatious.

On the top floor of the development, two mezzanine duplexes also offer views of the city’s charming rooftops and sunsets.

New apartments for sale in Baixa


  • Two-bedroom (115 sqm); second floor: €840,000
  • Two bedroom (110 sqm); third floor: €820,000
  • Two-bedroom (116 sqm); third floor: €870,000
  • Two-bedrooms (108 sqm); fourth floor:  €840,000
  • Two-bedroom (114 sqm); fourth floor: €895,000
  • Three bedroom (150 sqm); fifth and sixth floor: € 1,300,000
  • Three-bedroom (158 sqm); fifth and sixth floor: € 1,350,000

Golden Visas in Portugal

As well as being a great opportunity for investment in property, the apartments also offer a potential buyer an opportunity to apply for a Golden Visa in Portugal.

Although the government has signalled imminent change, currently, acquisitions of property worth €500,000 or more may include Schengen Visa application rights. More details on applications for Golden Visas in Portugal are available here.

Why us?

Members of the KHI team speak English, Portuguese or Turkish. We have offices in Lisbon, Edinburgh, Bodrum, Istanbul, and Fethiye in south-west Turkey.

If you would like to arrange a viewing or see more properties for sale in the Lisbon area or if you would like one of our representatives to contact you in English, Portuguese or Turkish you can contact us here.

We have completed many transactions in four different countries successfully. Feedback from our clients can also be seen on our Facebook page here.

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