Luxury Three-Bedroom Belas Apartment

Luxury Three-Bedroom Belas Apartment

Belas, Portugal

For Sale, Luxurious Portugal

€ 800.000

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226 Sq Meters

Year Built


Plot Size

background Layer 1 2471 Acres


Luxury Three-Bedroom Belas Apartment

This luxury three-bedroom Belas apartment is located on a complex. Although surrounded by countryside, it’s also within a 15-minute drive from Lisbon.

The development includes tennis courts, football pitches, a golf academy, stables, cycle and running tracks. There’s also an on-site yoga centre and gym, a swimming pool, a kindergarten, restaurants and cafes and a mini-market. The apartments in this complex also boast A+ energy certificates, which means low utility bills.


The property offers high-quality accommodation throughout, including under-floor heating and a fully-equipped kitchen. Two of the three bedrooms include their own en-suite bathrooms. This apartment offers a total of 226 sqm of living space including a large balcony and spacious living room. There is also a utility room and a separate storage room.

Luxury 3 Bedroom Belas Apartment

Golden Visas in Portugal

As well as being a great opportunity for investment in property, the apartment offers potential buyers an opportunity to apply for a Golden Visa in Portugal.

Although regulations are expected to change later in 2020, acquisitions of property worth €500,000 or more currently offer an option to apply for Schengen Visa rights for both the purchaser and their family. More details on applications for Golden Visas in Portugal are available here.

Should you wish to discuss this with our British or Portuguese teams, please leave your details or call us by clicking on this link.

Why us?

Members of the KHI team speak Portuguese, English, French, Russian or Turkish. We have offices in Lisbon, Edinburgh, Bodrum, Istanbul and Fethiye in south-west Turkey.

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