Luxury Apartments For Sale In Istanbul

Luxury Apartments For Sale In Istanbul

Üsküdar/İstanbul, Türkiye

For Sale, Luxurious Turkey, Luxury Properties

1.100.000 TL

  • 1_0001_Kalyon_Uskudar_Vaz_Aci_044_montaj_Gece_Baski_A
  • 1_0010_Kalyon_Uskudar_Vaz_Aci_016_Aksam_Günesi_Baski_A
  • 1_0008_Kalyon_Uskudar_Vaz_Aci_036_Aksam_Günesi_Baski_A
  • 1_0007_Kalyon_Uskudar_Vaz_Aci_040_Gece_Baski_A
  • 1_0006_Kalyon_Uskudar_Vaz_Aci_042_Aksam_Günesi_Baski_A
  • 1_0005_Kalyon_Uskudar_Vaz_Aci_019_Aksam_Günesi_Baski_A
  • 1_0003_Kalyon_Uskudar_Vaz_Aci_039_Baski_A
  • 1_0002_Kalyon_Uskudar_Vaz_Aci_041_Gece_Baski_A
  • 1_0019_Kalyon_Uskudar_ornek_daire_3+1_genc_odasi_Aci_00_Baski_B
  • 1_0021_Kalyon_Uskudar_ornek_daire_3+1_cocuk_odasi_Aci_00_Baski_B
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  • 1_0030_Kalyon_Uskudar_kat_koridoru_Aci_00_Baski_B
  • 1_0029_Kalyon_Uskudar_kat_koridoru_Aci_02_Baski_B
  • 1_0028_Kalyon_Uskudar_ornek_daire_1+1_salon+mutfak_Aci_00_Baski_E
  • 1_0027_Kalyon_Uskudar_ornek_daire_1+1_salon+mutfak_Aci_01_Baski_E
  • 1_0026_Kalyon_Uskudar_ornek_daire_3+1_Aci_04_Baski_E
  • 1_0025_Kalyon_Uskudar_ornek_daire_3+1_Aci_05_Baski_C
  • 1_0024_Kalyon_Uskudar_ornek_daire_3+1_Aci_06_Baski_F
  • 1_0023_Kalyon_Uskudar_ornek_daire_3+1_Aci_08_Baski_D
  • 1_0013_Kalyon_Uskudar_Vaz_Aci_06_montaj_Baski_B
  • 1_0014_Kalyon_Uskudar_Vaz_Aci_06_Aksam_Günesi_Baski_A
  • 1_0015_Kalyon_Uskudar_Vaz_Aci_01_Aksam_Günesi_Baski_A
  • 1_0016_Kalyon_Uskudar_sosyal_tesis_Aci_00_Baski_B
  • 1_0017_Kalyon_Uskudar_ornek_daire_b_blok_5+2_teras_Aci_00_Baski_B
  • 1_0018_Kalyon_Uskudar_ornek_daire_3+1_genel_banyo_Aci_00_Baski_E
  • 1_0020_Kalyon_Uskudar_ornek_daire_3+1_ebeveyn_banyo_Aci_00_Baski_A
  • 1_0022_Kalyon_Uskudar_ornek_daire_3+1_Aci_010_Baski_E
  • 1_0012_Kalyon_Uskudar_Vaz_Aci_07_Baski_A
  • 1_0011_Kalyon_Uskudar_Vaz_Aci_011_Aksam_Günesi_Baski_A
  • 1_0000_Kalyon_Uskudar_Vaz_Aci_049_montaj_Gece_Baski_A

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82 SQM

Year Built

June 2020

Plot Size

background Layer 1 13800 SQM


Combining old and new, modern and traditional and interpreting cultures and inter-generational transition perfectly, these luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul are innovative, environmentally friendly and iconic with shaded facade designs which are characteristic of Bosporus waterfront mansions, blending easily with surrounding architecture.

Project Overview

This project is brand new and located in Uskudar, offering apartments ranging from 1+1 and 2 + 1 to 5 + 2 penthouses in sizes ranging from 82 m2 to 802 m2, together with 1,900 m2 four-storey social club, fitness center, sauna, Turkish bath, indoor swimming pool and 30,000 m2 shopping center. The project blends the coolness of the Bosporus with the fragrances emitted from the groves in the very heart of the city, offering a privileged life for those who want to experience this Istanbul neighborhood culture.

Location Information

Uskudar is located on the Asian side of İstanbul, by the Bosphorus, across from Besiktas. The area is famous for its beautiful Maiden’s Tower, Çamlıca Hill, Fethi Pasha Groove, its fountains and historic places such as 16th century Mosques. This project is located 950m away from the Uskudar Ferry jetty and famous Maiden’s Tower, 800m from Marmaray Station and just three kilometres from Kadikoy.

More About This Project

• Total area: 13,841 m2
• Flat numbers: 196 (4 Blocks)
• Flat concepts: 1+1 (82 m2), 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1, 5+2 (802 m2)
• Social facility area: 1,900 m2

Prices starts from 1.100.000 TL

Also prospective buyers can use payment plans, incorporating a 50% down payment followed by monthly installments.

Luxury Apartments For Sale In Istanbul

How can I visit the property?

If you would like to view these luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul please contact us with your travel plans and we can help to arrange an airport transfer or even accommodation in the area if required.

Why us? 

Members of the KHI team speak English, Turkish or Portuguese and we have offices in Istabul, Lisbon, Edinburgh, Bodrum and Fethiye in south-west Turkey.

If you wish to see more properties for sale in Istanbul or Kalkan, Kas, Antalya, Fethiye or Bodrum please visit the link here. If you would like one of our representatives to contact you in English or Turkish, please contact us:

Should you wish to discuss these luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul with our British or Turkish teams, please leave your details or call us from:

We have completed many transactions in four different countries successfully and feedback from our clients can be seen on our Facebook Page:

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