Luxury Apartment For Sale In Bodrum

Luxury Apartment For Sale In Bodrum

Gumusluk Mh. Koyunbaba Mevkii No:15 Gumusluk / Bodrum, Gümüşlük, 48400, Türkiye

For Sale, Luxurious Turkey, Luxury Properties

EURO 675.000

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225 SQM


Luxury Apartment For Sale In Bodrum

This exclusive luxury apartment for sale in Bodrum is located within a complex in Koyunbaba. Gumusluk is even closer although the nearest beach is just 400m from the property. The development also boasts its own jetty.

The complex includes 24-hour security, a restaurant, a cafe and bar, communal swimming pool, a fully-equipped gym, a sauna and a shuttle service. There are also walks around the nearby pine woods, tennis and basketball courts and lifts to all floors. The complex is ideal for families as well as those with mobility issues.

The Italian-style apartment itself includes four bedrooms – three with en-suite bathrooms. There is also a modern kitchen and two living rooms within a total of 225 sqm of living space. A large terrace offers views of Kalymnos and Leros Islands while the property is equipped with smart home technology and an underfloor heating system.

Other features

  • Lineadecor kitchen cabinets.
  • Integral Franke oven and hob.
  • Inox Franke refrigerator.
  • Large dining table and seating area on the terrace.
  • Daiken VRF central heating and cooling system.

Luxury Apartment For Sale in Bodrum


How can I visit the property?

If you would like to see this property, please contact us with your travel plans and we can help to arrange a viewing appointment. An airport transfer or even accommodation in the area can also be arranged if required.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Legislation introduced in Turkey in September 2018 reduced the threshold for those who qualify for citizenship through property investment from $1m to just $250,000. As a result, this luxury apartment for sale in Bodrum allows the buyer to apply, both for themselves and for their family. Should you wish to know more about the new procedures, please visit this link for further information.

Why Us?

Members of the KHI team speak English, Turkish or Portuguese. We have offices in Bodrum, Istanbul and Fethiye as well as Lisbon and Edinburgh.

If you wish to see more Turkish properties for sale similar to this luxury apartment for sale in Bodrum please visit the link here.

Should you wish to discuss this luxury apartment for sale in Bodrum with our British or Turkish teams, please leave your details by clicking on this link.

We have completed many transactions in four different countries successfully. Feedback from our clients can also be seen on our Facebook page here.

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