Golden Visa Investment Opportunity In Lisbon

Golden Visa Investment Opportunity In Lisbon

Av. da Liberdade, 1250-096 Lisboa, Portekiz


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Golden Visa Investment Opportunity In Lisbon

This Golden Visa investment opportunity in Lisbon offers buyers the chance to purchase a €350k stake in an hotel equity fund.

There are 80 units currently available within the development in the Avenida da Liberdade district.

Golden Visas

Each units qualifies a purchaser for the right to apply for a Golden Visa under the current system. The currently allows applications by those acquiring property worth €350k or more. However, they must commit to invest in refurbisment worth at least €150k.

On this occassion, as the project would be managed by a developer, buyers would not need to be directly involved in the redevelopment. Nevertheless, they would still qualify for Golden Visa applications under the current system.

However, the government has indicated imminent change in the Golden Visa programme in Lisbon. We would therefore urge interested investor to act swiftly.

The investment pays a minimum coupon of 3% per annum. A purchaser would also qualify for a share of the hotel profits each year. They would also share any additional value should the hotel ever be sold.

Unique 350,000 Euro Golden Visa Project Hotel Equity Fund

Unique 350,000 Euro Golden Visa Project Hotel Equity Fund


Any investor interertsed in the project would be required to pay a refundable reservation fee of €20,000, which is returnable if the project does not proceed. However, the fee is forfeit if only the investor decides to opt out.

For those would would like to take part, requirements inlcude a bank account based in Portugal. if you would like firther information then please contact us via the links below.

Why us? 

Members of the KHI team speak English, Portuguese or Turkish. We have offices in Lisbon, Edinburgh, Bodrum, Istanbul and Fethiye in south-west Turkey.

If you wish to see more properties for sale in the Lisbon area or if you would like one of our representatives to contact you in English, Portuguese or Turkish please contact us here.

We have completed many transactions in four different countries successfully. Feedback from our clients can also be seen on our Facebook page here.

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