Building For Sale In Lisbon

Building For Sale In Lisbon

Largo Dona Estefânia, 1000-157 Lisboa, Portekiz

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€ 1.369.500

  • Building For Sale In Lisbon
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280 Sq M

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Building For Sale In Lisbon

The Best feature about this Building For Sale In Lisbon is its location. It is near Saldanha, a quiet street with good sun exposure, inserted in the ARU – Urban Rehabilitation Area.

The proposal of this project aims at the complete rehabilitation of the building, solving the various structural problems. And lack of maintenance present. As well as improving the entire interior space.

However, the proposal involves the expansion of the building on a full floor and stolen waters, demolishing the existing roof, and remaking the interior structure.

However, the main building frontage does not change to the existing one, and its metric is replicated on the new upper floor.

The result of this change will be 8 new apartments, 2x T1 at the level of floors -1 and 0, and 6x T0 on the upper floors. The estimated annual yield of 5%.

Building For Sale In Lizbon

Golden Visas in Portugal

As well as being a great opportunity for investment in property. The property currently offers a potential buyer an opportunity to apply for a Golden Visa in Portugal.

Although the government has signaled an imminent change. Acquisitions of property worth €500,000 or more still offer an option to apply for Schengen Visa rights for both the purchaser and their family. More details on applications for Golden Visas in Portugal are available here.

Should you wish to discuss this with our British or Portuguese Teams, please leave your details by clicking on this link.

Why us?

Members of the KHI team speak English, Portuguese or Turkish. We have offices in Lisbon, Edinburgh, Bodrum, Istanbul, and Fethiye in south-west Turkey.

If you would like to arrange a viewing or see more properties for sale in the Lisbon area or if you would like one of our representatives to contact you in English, Portuguese or Turkish you can contact us here.

We have completed many transactions in four different countries successfully. Feedback from our clients can also be seen on our Facebook page here.

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