A Stunning Villa For Sale In Gocek, Turkey

A Stunning Villa For Sale In Gocek, Turkey

Göcek Mahallesi,, Sahil Yolu Caddesi, 48310 Göcek/Fethiye/Fethiye/Muğla, Türkiye

For Sale

GBP 347.000

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750 Sq M

Year Built



We are pleased to present this stunning luxury property for sale in Gocek, Turkey. This detached custom designed and built property was built in 2011. It is situated on the upper Gocek on the edges of the pine forest. It is very secluded and suitable for living in all year around or a perfect holiday home.  Gocek Marinas and tow centre is about 20 minutes walking distance from the property.

The current owner of this property is marketing at 450,000 US Dollars. At today’s exchange rates this is equivalent to 347,000 GBP. Please ask for up to date price on day of enquiry as this will be subject to change in accordance with the daily USD to GBP live exchange rates.

It is a duplex style insulated property and located in a 750 square meter plot with 200 square meter interior living space. There is not any swimming pool however, it has fantastic well maintained garden with various kind of fruit trees and grass. There is a well water and pump which makes almost free water cost for the villa. Property has been secured with garden walls and steel fences as well as a CCTV System and Alarm. A large car garage has an automatic gate and access to the front garden.

Location Information:

Gocek is a small town with 6 luxury yacht marinas. It is 15 minutes driving distance from the Dalaman International Airort and 20 minutes from Fethiye. The permanent population in Gocek around 4,500 and this number exceeds 7,000 during the summer months.

Since Göcek is a departure and arrival point for Blue Cruises, there is heavy yacht traffic in the town harbor. With its secluded bay, the harbor is quiet and safe, especially for long-distance travelers arriving from international waters. Göcek coves and the 12 islands, which are described as a hidden paradise, with clean Mediterranean water, green pine forests, and beaches, have rendered Göcek an indispensable destination for seafarers. High-quality boarding facilities, daily boat tours, entertainment facilities on the seaside, and numerous nearby beaches and coves provide various alternatives for local and international tourists traveling by road to spend their vacations. There are many restaurants, cafés, and bars on the promenade.

Göcek became known to groups of artists and poets and to some fisherman from Bodrum as a result of their cruising along the Turkish Turquoise Coast, a journey later called the “Blue Voyage”.

The gulf of Göcek and Fethiye provides many opportunities to visit cultural sites as Caunos, Telmessos, Fethiye Museum, Tlos, Pınara, Letoon, Xanthos and Patara.

Of the beaches, one belongs to D-Resort Gocek can be used paying a daily price or taking out a seasonal membership. Inlice Beach is out of Göcek and can be reached with a 10-minute drive; it is run by the municipality of Göcek. The main island beach is reachable by water taxi from the harbor. Other beaches are easily accessible by car or taxi. Amongst these is Sarıgerme, a long sandy beach. Beyond Sarıgerme is the protected beach of Iztuzu in the Dalyan Delta. In the opposite direction, the famous beach at Ölüdeniz is only 40 minutes drive away.

The Twelve Islands can be reached by private charter boats, simple fishing boats, and larger yachts. There are about 20 sailing and motor yacht charter and brokerage sailing companies, which makes Göcek a high-class sailing place. There are several technical yacht services, chandlers and maintenance services. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Please contact us to arrange a viewing appointment or further information about this property.

Ground Floor;

There is a impressive main entrance and a hallway before the lounge area. All floors are made with high quality marbles. An open plan living room with a contemporary kitchen with the all fitted appliances.  Although this villa already has a very effective central heating system with a Heat Pump there is also a brick built fire place and air condition unit when the weather is not too cold but little cool. Current owners have extended this property with a nice conservatory with the wide double glazed windows and doors. This area may also be used as a  large double bedroom on the ground floor. This floor also has a cloak room.

First Floor;

There are 2 double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and 2 double guest rooms on this floor. A family bathroom with a fitted bath is for sharing on this floor. Master bedrooms have their own balconies and guest rooms have French balconies.

This villa is nicely decorated and requires no alterations except the individuals personal choices. It is fully furnished and ready to move in.

As stated above it does not have any swimming pool however, if there is a demand our company can provide a quote for a swimming pool and surrounding terraces.

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