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Let’s Move To … Kalkan

Let’s Move To … Kalkan

Narrow cobbled streets with whitewashed walls, a tabby cat snoozing atop a stone gatepost beneath vivid bougainvillea.

Shady blue-and-white painted cafes, tables laid with bright linen beneath grapevines, menus promising authentic Mediterranean cuisine, cold draught beers and local wines.

Tiny curio shops through stone and solid wood lintels offering an escape from the hot sun, painted timber balconies above with folding tables and chairs awaiting conversations, laughter, intimate evening moments.

Pleasure craft tracing white wakes across a turquoise sea beneath the dome of an azure sky, the waves they make sighing against rocks beneath timber boardwalks lining the harbour side.

It probably all sounds idyllic; perhaps from a book. But this is Kalkan and, in our opinion, it’s perhaps among the best places to live in Turkey.

Summer resort

Although it is a summer resort, it’s not yet been spoiled by a drive to cater for huge numbers of visitors. Perhaps protected by the surrounding green mountain slopes down to the sea shore, a walk from top to bottom can be a physical challenge, particularly in the July and August heat.

But Kalkan is not a place to hurry anyway. There are places on Earth where the hustle and bustle would seem almost criminal – and Kalkan is definitely one of them.

So, if you’re looking for property for sale in Turkey away from the madding crowd, you might want to take a closer look at some of the villas on our portfolio.

Although quaint stone-built homes in the old town do occasionally make it onto the open market, newer developments have been built in locations such as Kalamar, Kiziltas and Kizla.

House prices

Prices are perhaps a little higher than nearby Fethiye – as you would expect from property for sale in Turkey – they still compare well to other European destinations.

For example, our Kalkan properties currently include a three-bedroom apartment for a little under £100k, a four-bedroom villa with a pool for a little under £200k and a stunning five-bedroom home for a cool £1m.

But to focus on budget alone is to do Kalkan a disservice. Combine the town’s picturesque serenity with some exclusive beach clubs, a fantastic selection of sea-view eateries and a compact but intriguing seafront and harbour and it’s easy to understand why Kalkan makes the list of best places to live in Turkey – not just for us but for others who have already made the move.

If you’d like to be among the next new residents or if you would like any more advice on buying or selling a home abroad, please feel free to drop us a line or give us a call; we’re here to help if we can.

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