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Considering Property In Istanbul? Give Us A Try …

Considering Property In Istanbul? Give Us A Try …

There are two words which perhaps sum up Istanbul the best: Huge and diverse.

Galata Bridge view

Galata Bridge view

In fact, the city is so much of both it’s impossible to capture everything in a single blog. You would definitely need several – and each examining different themes.

History and culture, cuisine and style, industry and commerce are just some of headings which come to mind – and that’s only after a few moments pondering the city’s many attractions.

But, in this one – and, naturally, because we’re an estate agent – our main focus is on property and, in particular, luxury Istanbul Bosphorus apartments which stand out from the crowd.


Although we also have branches along Turkey’s Mediterranean and Aegean coast, in Lisbon in Portugal and Edinburgh in Scotland, we’re particularly fortunate to have partners which allow us to offer stunning Istanbul mansions as well as luxury Istanbul apartments.

Indeed, we’re privileged to say the ultra-modern Zorlu Centre, the opulent Levent Sapphire Residence, brands like Ritz Carlton, Armani and Savoy are now all on our books.

In fact, currently, we have over 150 luxury Istanbul homes for sale on our portfolio on both sides of the city’s world famous waterway.

But it would be wrong to say service in the city is just about big budget homes. We have affordable properties available in Istanbul too. Indeed, all of our clients can rest assured that we will do all we can to find a buyer for them, regardless of whether they’re selling a one-bedroom flat or a luxury Bosphorus mansion.

Services for buyers

Buyers too can rely on our expertise, not only in finding the right home for them but with applications for citizenship if applicable and even the logistics of relocating to Istanbul from another nation around the globe.

But, nevertheless, luxury Istanbul homes for sale are a speciality and we’re ready and waiting to offer advice.

For example, the new airport to the north of the city centre has tipped the balance even more in favour of homes around Gokturk and Basaksehir while previously unfavoured Arnavutkoy seems set to see something of a renaissance.

Investment in any of the three could be a sound long-term decision but not necessarily if your plans are for a quick return. In Basaksehir, for example, development was already considerably advanced and, with fewer plots available, property prices may not rise as speedily.

But, if you’re more inclined for a solid steady property investment, the shores of the Bosphorus are a safer bet. The Istanbul mansion homes of the city’s more affluent residents have been famous for centuries – and occasionally still find their way onto the market.

But there are smart new developments cropping up too – particularly those linked to the development of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. Sariyer in particular has become an even more desirable Istanbul location thanks to the proximity to the industrial centre in Maslak and relative ease of access to the new airport. We have a number of homes available in the area if you would like to check them out here.

But, whatever your budget or whatever your plans, if you’re buying or selling property in Istanbul, feel free to give us a call. We’d be delighted to help if we can.

Who knows? It could be your first step towards an investment in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

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