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Beautiful farm house in Kalkan

It’s Time To Sell

It’s Time To Sell If you believe the COVID-19 pandemic means the property market is probably enjoying a bit of a hiatus, you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s certainly true that there was a period of little activity as both buyers and sellers hunkered down to see what would happen next. Completed sales did take…

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Istanbul Skyline

Considering Property In Istanbul? Give Us A Try …

Considering Property In Istanbul? Give Us A Try … There are two words which perhaps sum up Istanbul the best: Huge and diverse. In fact, the city is so much of both it’s impossible to capture everything in a single blog. You would definitely need several – and each examining different themes. History and culture, cuisine…

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5 Bedroom luxury villa for sale in Kalkan

Your Next Home In Turkey …

Your Next Home In Turkey … So you’ve done your sums, you’ve spent hours on the internet doing your research, and you’ve decided your next home is going to be in Turkey… First of all, our congratulations on a great choice! One thing we can promise is that your overseas adventure will certainly be as…

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The stunning views awaiting you.

Let’s Move To … Kalkan

Let’s Move To … Kalkan Narrow cobbled streets with whitewashed walls, a tabby cat snoozing atop a stone gatepost beneath vivid bougainvillea. Shady blue-and-white painted cafes, tables laid with bright linen beneath grapevines, menus promising authentic Mediterranean cuisine, cold draught beers and local wines. Tiny curio shops through stone and solid wood lintels offering an…

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The office is ready when the world is.

COVID-19 and Keeping Those Moving Plans Alive

COVID-19 and keeping those moving plans alive If your plans for 2020 included the beginning of an overseas adventure, then no one could blame you for feeling a little frustrated right now. All that excitement about a fresh start somewhere in the sun would be so hard to put on hold – particularly if you had concrete dates…

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good housing contributes to good health

The Coronavirus is Having a Global Impact on How We Live Our Daily Lives

Coronavirus  Why We’d Urge Our Clients To Keep Calm And Carry On…   If you were thinking about buying or selling a home overseas this spring, few would probably question you if you decided to put those plans on hold right now. The coronavirus is having a global impact on how we live our daily…

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Turkish property with a view

Why Property In Turkey Is Still A Good Bet

Why Property In Turkey Is Still A Good Bet If you’re an expat living in Turkey, you’re probably used to jokes from friends and family “back home” about the necessity for flak jackets and bomb shelters. The popular world perception is that it’s on the edge of a war zone so surely most folk must…

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This could be your view, sipping your coffee having bought your property with award winning Keyholders International.

And the award goes to …. Us!

And the award goes to …. Us! It’s with some pride that we can now describe ourselves as an award-winning estate agency. We’ve done the London ceremony, had our gong handed over and we can now take a bow as the best single-office estate agency in Turkey. But, while just three of us were at…

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living the dream

Ten things that happen when you move abroad

Ten things that happen when you move abroad Pulling up roots and moving to a different country is a difficult experience to encapsulate in a few sound bites or sentences. It’s exciting, scary, hugely rewarding, sometimes frustrating, bewildering and exhilarating – often all at the same time. It’s different for everyone, of course; if you’re…

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Driving in Turkey. Kow the rules.

Talking Turkey – the rights and wrongs of the road

Talking Turkey – the rights and wrongs of the road We have a friend who has spent some time in an African country (which we will leave unnamed) who has told us many a story about the flexibility with which the local laws are sometimes applied. Apparently, what you do sometimes seems less important than…

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