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COVID-19 and Keeping Those Moving Plans Alive

COVID-19 and keeping those moving plans alive If your plans for 2020 included the beginning of an overseas adventure, then no one could blame you for feeling a little frustrated right now. All that excitement about a fresh start somewhere in the sun would be so hard to put on hold – particularly if you had concrete dates…

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good housing contributes to good health

The Coronavirus is Having a Global Impact on How We Live Our Daily Lives

Coronavirus  Why We’d Urge Our Clients To Keep Calm And Carry On…   If you were thinking about buying or selling a home overseas this spring, few would probably question you if you decided to put those plans on hold right now. The coronavirus is having a global impact on how we live our daily…

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Lisbon developments

Are Portugal’s Golden Visa Rules About To Change?

Are Portugal’s Golden Visa Rules About To Change? If you’re resident in Portugal – or if you hope to be soon – and you keep an eye on the media, we wouldn’t blame you for asking: “Are Portugal’s Golden Visa rules about to change? At the moment, an investor who spends 500,000 on a home qualifies for an application…

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living the dream

Ten things that happen when you move abroad

Ten things that happen when you move abroad Pulling up roots and moving to a different country is a difficult experience to encapsulate in a few sound bites or sentences. It’s exciting, scary, hugely rewarding, sometimes frustrating, bewildering and exhilarating – often all at the same time. It’s different for everyone, of course; if you’re…

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Can I Work In Turkey?

Can I Work In Turkey?   If you’re moving to Turkey, one thing you may be considering is getting a job. Perhaps you’d be interested in something to help with integration into the community you’ve chosen to settle in or perhaps to earn a little cash to cover the cost of life’s little luxuries. It’s by…

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The currency of the care package

The currency of the care package It’s easy to persuade yourself that, if you moved abroad, there’s little or nothing you’d particularly miss. Family and friends are perhaps an unspoken exception but then, hopefully, they’ll visit; there’s always Facetime or you can hop on a plane and be back in a few hours – a…

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relax by the pool at Eid

What happens in Turkey during Eid?

What happens in Turkey during Eid? This weekend saw the beginning of the Eid festival to celebrate the end of Ramadan (Ramazan in Turkey) – a month which can be pretty punishing for a devout Muslim as the summer heat begins. Fasting during daylight hours can be demanding, particularly if you lead an active life. But other…

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Beautiful Kalkan, South West Turkey.

Moving abroad? Keep in touch …

Moving abroad? Keep in touch … If you’re of a certain age, you’ll probably remember a little about life before the internet or cell phones. We’ve probably all read the memes about drinking from hosepipes or playing out with friends all day but there are other differences which would also baffle the average Millennial. The…

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