Stunning Turkish Property

A Few Words On Booming Bodrum

A Few Words On Booming Bodrum

stunning property in Turkey

stunning property in Turkey

If you like your Turkish holidays then Bodrum’s not going to be new to you.

It was a destination long before some of the other harbour towns along the Turquoise Coast woke up to tourism

Indeed, there’s every chance there are ageing and chipped fridge magnets in homes across Europe modelled on Bodrum’s old medieval castle.

But, more recently, Bodrum’s been undergoing a quiet metamorphosis, only emerging in its brilliant new colours within the past few years.

Now the city attracts wealthy celebs, knights of the realm, well-heeled holidaymakers, Russian oligarchs and even royalty from all around the globe, all of them keen to be part of the see-and-be-seen in-crowd.

Fast developer

Indeed, so intense is the demand for real estate in the town, some developers have been jumping the gun, concrete foundations for hotels and luxury villas erected in double quick time before being given the correct permission.

More recently, the over-zealous have paid the price with the authorities demanding some of the unapproved buildings are torn down again.

But, as the 2019 season enters the final furlong, there’s little sign that the appetite for Bodrum is waning, with a procession of Turkish national and international performers appearing at venues around the town, while the list of world-renowned faces arriving by luxury yacht seems to grow ever longer.

As estate agents, we’ve seen a significant surge in both property prices and interest in Bodrum over recent years and it seems unlikely there will be any let up soon.

Another exclusive, state-of-the-art development will hit the international market soon with Epique Island set to be adopted by a prestige global brand (more of that in a later blog, hopefully).

Growing demand

And, while more and more high-quality (and properly approved) homes go up, so they help to reinforce the town’s new-found reputation and thus the demand for even more.

In fact, earlier this year, even international global news feed Bloomberg was touting Bodrum as a realistic alternative to Bali or St Tropez.

So, if you have a nest egg to invest or if there’s capital you want to put to work in property overseas, Bodrum could be a good bet.

There are never any rock-solid guarantees of course; the property market is a fickle thing and can be influenced by outside events just as easily as stocks and shares.

But, if we were to discover the requisite amount of cash stuffed down the back of the sofa ourselves, we’d probably be considering a villa or apartment on the sheltered side of the peninsula not too far from the Yalıkavak Marina.

That way, although Bodrum itself and its rich heritage and history are just a short drive away, you can also enjoy some of the best beach clubs, perhaps rubbing shoulders with footballers, models and rock stars along the way.

But, if Bodrum’s definitely not for you, don’t forget our property portfolio in Turkey includes villas and apartments in quieter spots right along the Turquoise Coast as well as in Istanbul itself.

You can find more details on our Turkey Property page but, if you’d prefer a more personal touch, feel free to drop us a line or give us a call and we’ll do our best to help.

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