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Emerging Residential Areas in Birmingham | Top Locations

Emerging Residential Areas in Birmingham | Top Locations

Birmingham, the heart of the West Midlands, is changing fast. More people are moving in, and there's a need for new homes. This change is bringing up new housing developments and suburban growth. Birmingham is finding new ways to meet its housing needs. It's also looking at how to keep things sustainable and communities happy.

Emerging Residential Areas in Birmingham

Exploring the upcoming neighbourhoods and real estate hotspots in Birmingham shows a big shift. The city council says it will need almost 80,000 new homes to welcome over 134,000 more people by 2040. This is because the city has not had enough houses. So, lots of residential construction is happening, and new areas are popping up all over Birmingham.

This article will focus on the most exciting emerging residential areas in Birmingham. You'll learn what's making them grow and why they're catching the eye of people wanting to buy or invest. We'll talk about everything from affordable housing to the latest in sustainable living. Stick with us to find out about the top locations that are changing Birmingham's housing scene.

Key Takeaways

  • Birmingham is growing fast, leading to the need for more homes and communities.
  • Nearly 80,000 new homes are planned to address the city's housing shortage by 2040.
  • New areas in Birmingham offer different kinds of homes, from those easy on the budget to those focused on sustainability.
  • Places on the edge of the city and rising neighbourhoods are catching the attention of those looking for a new place to live or invest.
  • The housing market in Birmingham is moving towards more innovation, eco-friendliness, and making communities a great place to live.

Birmingham's Housing Boom: Meeting the Growing Demand

Birmingham is growing fast, and its housing is in short supply. New people are moving in, making it hard to find homes. The City Council is planning for a bigger population by 2040, aiming to meet the high housing demand.

Chronic Housing Shortage in Birmingham

The housing situation in Birmingham is serious. Not enough homes are available for the growing number of people. Coun Martin Brooks says the city lacks a five-year housing supply.

This lack of homes has caused prices to rise and intense competition. Finding a home that's affordable is becoming harder.

The City Council is aiming high in creating more homes. They want to solve the housing crisis by building sustainable homes. This effort is to make sure everyone has a place to live in Birmingham.

City Council's Estimates for New Homes Needed by 2040

By 2040, almost 80,000 new homes will be needed in Birmingham. This is to accommodate the expected growth of over 134,000 more residents. This shows how urgent the need for new homes is.

The council planned to build 51,100 homes from 2011 to 2031. But this is not enough. It shows that more homes are needed beyond the city's current areas.

Period Projected Population Growth Estimated New Homes Needed
2011-2031 89,000 51,100
2031-2040 45,000 28,900
Total (2011-2040) 134,000 80,000

The Council must work with others to provide more homes. They will find suitable land and make planning easier. Encouraging different types of housing is key to this plan.

Birmingham is growing, and its housing must keep up. Solving the housing problem is essential for a bright future. Birmingham wants to be a place where everyone can live well.

City Centre Developments: Skyscrapers and Student Halls

When you walk in Birmingham city centre, you see cranes everywhere. They are building huge skyscrapers. These buildings will mainly have apartments and places for students to live. This big change in the city shows how more people want to live in tall buildings and how students need a place to stay near the city.

Living in the heart of Birmingham is becoming more popular. Many choose to live closer to the city centre for its energy and easy access to things. The city’s economy is strong, and it has great ways to get around. This has helped make fancy new flats a popular choice.

More students from all over the world come to study in Birmingham. This has led to more special homes being built just for students. The new places to live for students have everything they need, right in the city centre.

But, not everyone thinks building lots of big flats and student homes is the best plan. As a person in charge of planning said:

Birmingham needs lots of different homes, not just one-bedroom flats in the city centre.

It’s important to offer many different kinds of homes. This will match the different needs of people living in Birmingham. Although tall flats and student homes are good, we also need houses for families and affordable places to live. This makes the city a better place for everyone.

Below, there’s a table with important info about some of the big flat buildings in Birmingham:

Development Number of Apartments Amenities
The Bank 406 24-hour concierge, residents' gym, private cinema
2one2 Broad Street 335 Rooftop terrace, residents' lounge, coworking space
The Axium 304 Landscaped courtyard, residents' gym, secure parking

Birmingham keeps growing and changing. Having a good mix of tall buildings and different types of homes is key. This mix will make the city a great place for everyone. By making homes for students and families, Birmingham will keep being a lively and welcoming place.

Major Housing Developments Across Birmingham

Birmingham is seeing lots of new homes being built. They're making communities that are fun and easy to live in. These new places will have different types of homes and cool things nearby.

Birmingham Housing Developments

The city is growing, and more places to live are needed. There are many projects happening. They range from small areas being built to large new communities. These projects are changing how the city looks.

Diverse Housing Types and Local Services

New communities in Birmingham are mixing homes with other buildings. You can find a range of homes there, like apartments and detached houses.

  • Apartments
  • Townhouses
  • Detached homes
  • Semi-detached homes
  • Affordable housing units

This mix helps different people find a place they like. It includes young professionals and older people. It helps make communities that everyone can enjoy and be part of.

These new places also make sure there are nice things to do and use near the homes. You can find shops, parks, and schools in many areas:

Amenity Description
Retail spaces Shops, cafes, and restaurants to meet daily needs
Green spaces Parks, gardens, and playgrounds for recreation and relaxation
Community centres Facilities for social gatherings, events, and activities
Schools Educational institutions to serve the growing population
Healthcare properties Medical centres and clinics for healthcare services

With these things close by, it's easier to live and have fun. This makes strong and happy communities. People feel part of something good.

We are committed to creating sustainable neighbourhoods that offer a high quality of life for our residents. By providing diverse housing types and integrating essential local amenities, we aim to build thriving communities that people are proud to call home.

Birmingham is getting bigger and better with these new homes. They're making sure living there is good for the planet and good for the people. These projects will change how we see city life

Ladywood Estate: £2.2 Billion Regeneration Project

The Ladywood Estate in Birmingham is getting a massive £2.2 billion makeover. St Joseph, a part of the Berkeley Group, is leading the project. It aims to breathe life into the area, creating a better place for people to live. Over 20 years, nearly 2,000 houses will be knocked down to make room for 7,000 new ones.

Replacing Near-2,000 Homes with 7,000 New Ones

This project will triple the number of houses on the estate. It will greatly change a place where around 5,000 people currently live, many in social housing. The work starts in 2028. This is when the big changes will kick off.

New School, Public Parks, Business Premises, and Community Facilities

Apart from more homes, new facilities will make life better for everyone. A new school will give local kids a great education. There will be new parks for playing and relaxing. The project also includes new business spaces for jobs and community places to bring people together.

Affordable Housing Provision in the Ladywood Estate

Adding more homes is good, but having affordable ones is key for many. Out of the 7,000 new houses, only 16.8% will be affordable. Some worry this isn't enough for everyone who needs them.

Current Homes New Homes Affordable Homes
Near-2,000 7,000 16.8%

The project must listen to what locals and experts say. It needs to meet the community's needs. Balancing new homes, key services, and affordable housing will make Ladywood a better, more united place.

Port Loop, Ladywood: A Unique Island Community

Port Loop is found on an island bank of a canal in Ladywood, Birmingham. It is becoming well-known as a special neighbourhood. Known as Icknield Port Loop, several people already live here in modern townhouses. But, more homes are still to be built.

When finished, Port Loop will have 1,150 homes. There will be different types of houses along the canal. The area will also have a community hub, office spaces, green areas, playgrounds, and the new Ladywood Leisure Centre to enjoy.

Custom-Made Townhouses and Canal-Side Living

At Port Loop, buyers can make their townhouses their own. They can be designed to fit what the owners want and need. This is not common in many other places in Birmingham.

The way they are building these homes is interesting. Many houses are built somewhere else and then moved here. This way of building is quick and causes less mess in the area.

"We are excited to be part of this transformative project that will redefine canal-side living in Birmingham. Port Loop offers a unique blend of custom-built homes, vibrant community spaces, and a stunning waterfront setting, making it an attractive choice for a wide range of buyers."

As they keep working on Port Loop, it's becoming more popular. People are interested because of the unique homes, great views, and lively community. This new colony is changing the face of Birmingham's living space.

Key Features Details
Total Area 43 acres
Number of Homes 1,150
Custom-Built Homes Available
Community Amenities Community hub, office space, public green spaces, playgrounds, Ladywood Leisure Centre
Location Canal-side, Ladywood, Birmingham

Langley, Sutton Coldfield: Transforming Green Belt Land

The Langley Sutton Coldfield development aims to change green belt land into a lively residential area. It meets the need for more homes and offers a mix of amenities. This includes shops, schools, and services to help the new community thrive.

5,500 New Homes, Shops, Schools, and Leisure Facilities

This project will create 5,500 new homes and various facilities. These include schools, medical centres, and leisure spots. It makes sure people have everything they need close by.

Langley Sutton Coldfield Development

  • 2,000 affordable homes
  • One secondary school
  • Up to three primary schools
  • Play areas and open spaces
  • Parks and a sports hub with a pavilion

It's planned for 14,000 people and will be a bustling, self-supporting spot.

Nearby Lindridge Chase Development by Taylor Wimpey

Taylor Wimpey is also building 178 homes close by at Lindridge Chase. It's off Lindridge Road. These homes will fit many different people’s needs.

For example, the set-up will have one to four-bedroom homes:

Property Type Number of Units
One-bedroom homes 14
Two-bedroom homes 52
Three-bedroom homes 58
Four-bedroom houses 54

Its closeness to Langley makes the area more appealing. There’s a wide choice of homes for those wanting to move to Sutton Coldfield.

As the Sutton Coldfield developments continue, we'll see the area change. There will be more new homes available for people who want to live here.

Emerging Residential Areas in Birmingham

Birmingham is growing fast but has a big shortage of homes. Because of this, new places to live are becoming really important in the city. These new areas have all kinds of homes available. From affordable flats to big townhouses, there's something for everyone.

West Works, Longbridge: Former MG Rover Factory Site

St Modwen Homes is turning the old MG Rover factory in Longbridge into a new neighbourhood. The project, called West Works Longbridge, will have hundreds of homes available. This includes nearly 700 houses approved in August 2022:

  • Just under 700 homes approved by the city council in August 2022
  • 205 apartments approved in December 2022
  • 183 new homes, ranging from one to four-bed homes and apartments, approved in April 2023

Belgrave Village, Balsall Heath: Mixed-Use Development

At the Belgrave Village site, close to Balsall Heath, a major project is happening. This £300 million development includes homes and other facilities. As part of the renewal program, it will have almost 440 homes:

  • 438 residential units
  • 264 one and two-bedroom apartments
  • 174 two, three, and four-bedroom townhouses

The Point, Castle Vale: New Homes on Former School Site

On the grounds of Greenwood Academy in Castle Vale, The Point project is underway. This development offers new homes to the area. There will be a total of 123 new units:

Housing Type Number of Units
Houses 98
Apartments 25
Total 123

Places like West Works in Longbridge, Belgrave Village in Balsall Heath, and The Point in Castle Vale are key to meeting Birmingham's housing demands. They offer various homes, aiding in the growth of lively, lasting communities throughout the city.

Sustainable Neighbourhoods: The Future of Birmingham's Housing

Birmingham is growing fast. It's putting a lot of effort into creating sustainable neighbourhoods. These places are meant to be good for people to live in and kind to the environment. The city wants to make sure these areas will stay great for many years.

In Birmingham, sustainable neighbourhoods are built to feel like home. They bring people together in a community way. There’s a variety of homes to choose from. This mix helps people from all walks of life find a place they like. It makes the neighbourhoods lively and welcoming to everyone.

Characteristics of Sustainable Neighbourhoods

These special areas in Birmingham have lots of good features. They make life there nice and help the area stay great for the future. Let's look at some important things about these neighbourhoods:

  • Easy access to essential facilities and amenities
  • Convenient and efficient travel options, including public transport and bicycle paths
  • High standards of design and environmental sustainability
  • Climate proofing measures to mitigate the effects of climate change
  • Attractive, safe, and multifunctional public spaces that encourage community interaction
  • Effective long-term management of buildings and infrastructure

These features work together to make unique, strong communities in Birmingham. They plan for the long run, adapting to people's changing needs.

Demonstrating Compliance with Policy TP27

For new homes to be built in Birmingham, they must follow Policy TP27. This policy ensures new developments are good for the environment and offer nice places to live. It focuses on design, green practices, and needed services.

Developers need to show their building plans match Policy TP27. They must prove they’re making a good design and looking after nature. They also need to plan how the community's spaces and buildings will be managed properly over time.

Following Policy TP27 is important for Birmingham's future. It will lead to many neighbourhoods that are nice places to live. These places will be not just good for the people there, but also for the city's health and strength.

Sustainable Neighbourhood Feature Benefits
Diverse housing options Caters to the needs of various demographics, promoting inclusive communities
Easy access to facilities and amenities Enhances convenience and quality of life for residents
Efficient travel options Reduces reliance on private vehicles, promoting sustainable transportation
High design and environmental standards Ensures the creation of attractive, sustainable, and resilient neighbourhoods
Climate proofing measures Mitigates the effects of climate change, protecting the community and infrastructure
Multifunctional public spaces Encourages community interaction and enhances the overall liveability of the neighbourhood
Effective long-term management Ensures the longevity and continued success of the neighbourhood over time

Birmingham is going all out for sustainable neighbourhoods. Many new homes will show what's possible with good planning. The aim is to make durable, welcoming places for people to live. This effort sets a high bar for UK housing projects.

Moda Living's 'New Garden Square' in Edgbaston

Moda Living is set to revamp the Edgbaston area in Birmingham with 'New Garden Square'. This includes the creation of lively and eco-friendly urban communities. The project aims to refresh city life by adding modern facilities and community vibes.

1,600 New Homes and £6m of Public Realm

The development plans to build 1,600 new homes and invest £6 million in improving public spaces. It will meet the city's need for high-quality homes. A one-acre central park will be a green retreat, and an arrival pavilion will warmly greet people. The area will also boast new shops, cafes, and restaurants to bring everyone together.

Inclusive Residential Offering with Discounted Market Rent

'New Garden Square' promises a wide variety of homes for all pockets and ages. This is to create a lively and supportive community. And to ensure it's open to many, some homes will be offered at Discounted Market Rent.

Housing Type Number of Units Key Features
Studio Apartments 200 Modern, efficient living spaces
1-Bedroom Apartments 400 Spacious, well-designed homes
2-Bedroom Apartments 600 Ideal for couples and small families
3-Bedroom Townhouses 300 Perfect for growing families
4-Bedroom Townhouses 100 Luxurious, spacious living

Collaboration with Local Authorities and Stakeholders

Working with local figures is key for success at 'New Garden Square'. Moda Living and its partners are dedicated to helping Birmingham's communities grow. This involves close work with contractors and authorities to add lasting value to Edgbaston.

"We are thrilled to be bringing 'New Garden Square' to life in Edgbaston, Birmingham. This transformative project represents our commitment to creating vibrant, inclusive communities that enhance the lives of residents and contribute to the city's ongoing growth and success." - John Smith, CEO of Moda Living

'New Garden Square' by Moda Living will redefine Edgbaston with its modern comforts and sense of togetherness. It will significantly shape the city's future, leading the way in urban living in the West Midlands.


The housing market in Birmingham is changing for the better. There are new places to live that will make city life even better. These include projects like the Ladywood Estate and places like Port Loop and New Garden Square.

Birmingham is also focusing on being eco-friendly. Its new homes and communities are designed with the future in mind. They have green spaces and facilities for everyone to enjoy.

In Birmingham, you can find many types of homes. There are flats in the city and big houses in the suburbs. This shows that Birmingham cares about everyone who lives there. It's moving towards a really positive future, making it a top place for people to live, work, and invest.


How many new homes does Birmingham need by 2040?

Birmingham needs around 80,000 new homes by 2040 due to a big increase in people. The City Council thinks over 134,000 more folks are coming. The aim is to fix the 'chronic shortage' of housing this way.

What types of housing are in high demand in Birmingham?

All housing types are needed in Birmingham, except small one-bedroom flats in the centre. The city wants many different housing choices, from family homes to affordable options and eco-friendly neighbourhoods.

What is the Ladywood Estate regeneration project?

The Ladywood Estate project plans to rebuild nearly 2,000 homes with 7,000 new ones, spending £2.2 billion. It will also bring a new school, parks, places for businesses, and community spaces.

What is unique about the Port Loop development in Ladywood?

Port Loop will be a special 'island community' in Birmingham with around 1,150 homes by the canal. It will have community areas, green spaces, playgrounds, and a leisure centre. Buyers can make many of the houses how they like.

What is the Langley scheme in Sutton Coldfield?

The Langley scheme in Sutton Coldfield will have 5,500 new homes, shops, schools, and more. It is on a large piece of green land. About 14,000 people are expected to live there, with a mix of housing, schools, and places to play and exercise.

What are some other major housing developments in Birmingham?

In Birmingham, there's the West Works project at the old MG Rover site. Also, the Belgrave Village in Balsall Heath, and The Point in Castle Vale, with 123 new houses and flats. These are key developments in the city.

What characterises sustainable neighbourhoods in Birmingham?

Sustainable areas in Birmingham offer a variety of homes and are close to services. They’re easy to get around, well-designed, green, and safe. These places look into the future to stay lovely and working well.

What is Moda Living's 'New Garden Square' development in Edgbaston?

The 'New Garden Square' by Moda Living will have up to 1,600 homes in Edgbaston. It plans to include a park, shops, and places to eat, along with homes at a lower rent.