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Beachfront Property in Kalkan: Luxurious Seaside Living

Beachfront Property in Kalkan: Luxurious Seaside Living

Explore the height of luxury living with beachfront property in Kalkan. Located on Turkey's stunning Riviera, Kalkan is full of luxury villas. These homes mix modern style with the charm of the Mediterranean Sea. Settle into a world where breathtaking sea view homes will captivate you.

beachfront property in kalkan

The grand 5-bedroom villa called The Boat House showcases Kalkan real estate's beauty. It has an infinity pool that blends with the sea. This creates a feeling of endless calm. You can move straight from your villa to the sea or take a private water taxi. And don't miss the fun in its cinema room, adding another layer of luxury to your stay.

Now is the perfect time to plan a stay at The Boat House. Enjoy a special 25% off for week two in 2024. Plus, get a VIP transfer for free. This ensures your trip to this Turkish Riviera property begins just right. Prices start at £6,950 weekly, offering an unbeatable experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kalkan offers stunning beachfront properties with breathtaking sea views
  • The Boat House is a 5-bedroom luxury villa with infinity pool and private water taxi
  • Book a 2-week stay in 2024 and save 25% on the second week
  • Complimentary VIP return transfer included when booking for 2024
  • Weekly rates range from £6,950 to £10,945 for this exclusive Kalkan villa

Discovering the Charm of Kalkan's Luxury Villas

For the last 17 years, we've been learning all about the Kalkan real estate scene. This has helped us give a personalized and exclusive service to our clients. We pride ourselves on offering the best selection of kalkan vacation rentals and mediterranean coastal homes. We have something for everyone, whether you love amazing sea views, peace in nature, or the buzz of city life.

Tailored Villa Search: Finding Your Perfect Match

Everyone has their own unique wants and needs when finding a home in Kalkan. Our team is ready to really listen and understand what you're looking for. This helps us point you towards the ideal villa from our wide range of kalkan waterfront homes and investment properties turkey.

Sea, Nature, and City Views: The Enthralling Perspectives of Kalkan

Kalkan’s scenery is absolutely stunning, offering something for every taste. You can enjoy beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea, relax in nature, or explore the city's vibrant life. Our collection of homes for sale captures the best parts of Kalkan:

View Type Description
Sea View Wake up to the gentle lapping of waves and stunning vistas of the Turkish Riviera from your private balcony or terrace.
Nature View Immerse yourself in the serenity of Kalkan's unspoiled natural beauty, with lush gardens and verdant hillsides surrounding your villa.
City View Experience the pulse of Kalkan's vibrant town center, with its charming streets, boutiques, and restaurants just a short walk away.

We’re dedicated to ensuring you find the luxury you deserve. Let us be your guide in finding the beauty of Kalkan’s luxury villas. We'll help you find the perfect turkish riviera resorts or investment that exceeds your expectations.

Experiencing Luxury: The Amenities of Kalkan Villas

Kalkan is known for its luxury living, seen in its sea view villas. Imagine stepping into a villa and feeling the lavishness around you.

Relax at the edge of an infinity pool that seems to blend with the sky. These pools are designed to make you forget your worries and enjoy tranquility.

For a close connection with the sea, some villas have private beach platforms. They let you enjoy the beautiful ocean in peace and privacy.

The beauty of Kalkan's luxury villas lies not only in their stunning locations but also in the meticulous attention to detail that goes into every aspect of their design and amenities.

Step off the pool area and you'll find beautiful gardens. They're perfect for quiet time, romantic dinners, or entertaining guests.

In Kalkan, entertaining is taken seriously. Villas are built with elegant spaces for gatherings. They make hosting parties or simple get-togethers easy and enjoyable.

Health is important in Kalkan, too. That's why many homes have gyms. You can work out while looking at the sea, inspiring a new level of fitness.

Amenity Description
Infinity Pools Seamlessly merge with the azure horizon, creating an illusion of endless tranquility
Private Beach Platforms Exclusive access to secluded stretches of shoreline for intimate connection with the Mediterranean
Landscaped Gardens Immaculately designed verdant spaces that provide a serene retreat from the outside world
Entertainment Areas Custom-designed spaces thoughtfully crafted to facilitate memorable moments with loved ones
Fully Equipped Gyms Maintain your fitness routine without compromising on the stunning Mediterranean views

Luxury in Kalkan is a lifestyle. It's about more than beautiful homes; it's a promise of exceeding all expectations. Here, every moment is designed to be extraordinary.

The Allure of Villa Mavi Koy: Luxury Redefined

Villa Mavi Koy sits by the captivating Kalkan coast. It shines as a symbol of lavish life, defining luxury in the area. This stunning home is more than just a house. It's a haven where every single part is designed for a perfect stay. Experience the charm of this beautiful mediterranean coastal home. It's where luxury meets comfort in the best way.

Luxurious Kalkan vacation rental with stunning sea views

Indulgent Features Designed for the Discerning Resident

Step into Villa Mavi Koy and feel pure sophistication. The large living spaces offer elegant decor and luxury seating. They lead to views of the Turkish Riviera that blend seamlessly with the indoors. This creates a living experience where luxury meets the outdoors.

Personalized Services, Ensuring Every Need is Met with Precision

At Villa Mavi Koy, luxury goes beyond the material. Our team offers personalized service to meet every need precisely. Your concierge will always be ready to help. They can arrange anything from a private yoga session to exploring the area's secret spots. At this Kalkan vacation rental, we aim to make your wishes come true.

Private Chef Service to Tantalize Your Tastebuds with Gourmet Cuisine

Experience top cuisine with our private chef service. Our chefs prepare meals that match your tastes, using the best local and international flavors. Enjoy a romantic dinner or a big feast with family. Every meal at Villa Mavi Koy is a chance for a delicious adventure that you'll want to repeat.

Attentive Support Providing Pampered Days of Relaxation

Relax in pure luxury at Villa Mavi Koy. Our staff will make sure every detail feels perfect. From the soothing sounds of morning to the warm nights, your luxury continues. Choose spa treatments, relax by the pool, or simply enjoy peace. This home guarantees you days filled with relaxation and joy.

"Villa Mavi Koy is more than luxury; it's a joyous celebration of life's beauty. Every part of our visit was tailored for our comfort and pleasure. From the personal service to the amazing views and amenities, it was a truly memorable stay."
- Satisfied Guest
Feature Description
Location Prime waterfront setting in Kalkan, offering unmatched Mediterranean views
Bedrooms 5 luxuriously furnished bedrooms, each with its bathroom and balcony
Amenities Infinity pool, private beach access, gym, cinema room, and large outdoor areas
Services Custom concierge, private chef, daily cleaning, and around-the-clock security

Discover luxury living at Villa Mavi Koy, where your dreams meet a stunning Mediterranean coastal home. Enjoy the beauty of the Turkish Riviera from your private oasis. Villa Mavi Koy invites you to live in a way that celebrates life's finest.

Beachfront Property in Kalkan: A Dream Come True

Imagine waking up to the gentle lapping of waves and the warm caress of the Mediterranean breeze. This dream becomes a reality with the luxury villas in Kalkan. They offer unmatched beachfront property experiences. Sitting on hills, they overlook the turquoise waters and are the peak of luxury living.

Each villa has a cutting-edge design that fits with the surroundings. They feature clean lines and big windows to let in lots of natural light. You’ll find yourself on expansive terraces that lead to infinity pools, perfect for relaxation and enjoying the view.

"We fell in love with our villa the moment we stepped inside. The attention to detail and the breathtaking views make it a true haven of tranquility and luxury."

- Sarah and Michael, proud owners of a beachfront property in Kalkan

The outdoor spaces are made for relaxing and having fun. They have comfortable loungers and nice dining areas for meals outside. Whether for parties or quiet evenings, these sea view homes in Kalkan are the ideal place.

Once you step inside, you’ll find elegance and comfort all around you. The place is elegantly designed, from the beautiful bedrooms to the fully equipped kitchens. Every part of these luxury villas in Kalkan shows attention to luxury and comfort.

Feature Description
Location Prime beachfront settings with direct sea access
Views Panoramic vistas of the Mediterranean Sea
Design Modern architecture with luxurious finishes
Outdoor Living Infinity pools, spacious terraces, and lush gardens
Amenities High-end appliances, smart home features, and top-quality furnishings

Buying a Kalkan real estate means more than having a property. It’s about living in luxury and style. These Turkish Riviera properties let you enjoy Kalkan’s beauty and the best services and amenities.

Discover luxury living with a beachfront property in Kalkan. Let the beautiful Mediterranean Sea enhance your living experience. Enjoy sophistication and top comfort in these extraordinary sea view homes in Kalkan.

Kalkan's Real Estate Market: Expertise and Personalized Service

Our agency is known for its deep understanding of Kalkan's luxury real estate scene. Over 17 years, we've become experts in helping people find their dream mediterranean coastal homes and kalkan vacation rentals. We provide a personalized service that surpasses simple buying and selling.

17 Years of Specialized Expertise in Kalkan's Luxury Real Estate Market

We have spent nearly two decades focusing on the Kalkan real estate market. This time has given us a profound knowledge of the area and what it offers. We use this knowledge to guide and support our clients, whether they're looking for investment properties turkey or turkish riviera resorts.

Commitment to Surpassing Client Expectations with Exceptional Homes For Sale

Our goal is to exceed what our clients expect from us. We curate a special collection of elite homes in Kalkan, including kalkan waterfront homes. These homes are the essence of luxury, ranging from villas with eye-catching sea views to private properties in nature.

"Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensure that our clients find their dream home in Kalkan, a haven of luxury and tranquility on the Turkish Riviera."

Premium Service in Guiding Buyers Through the Intricacies of Acquiring Luxury Properties in Kalkan

Buying luxury real estate in Kalkan, especially for those outside Turkey, can be tricky. That's where our premium service steps in. We take care of everything, from showing properties to handling the legal side and offering support even after the purchase.

  • Personalized property search tailored to individual preferences
  • In-depth market analysis and insights
  • Assistance with legal and administrative processes
  • Post-purchase support and property management services

Our commitment, expertise, and one-on-one guidance make us your ideal partner in Kalkan's real estate market. We're here to show you the unmatched luxury life on the Turkish Riviera.

Exclusive Selection of Upscale Homes in Kalkan

Our collection of luxury villas in Kalkan presents the best this beautiful Turkish town has to offer. You will find stunning homes with sea views and quiet hideaways in green surroundings. We provide a top-notch range of high-end real estate for those with refined tastes.

Luxury villas in Kalkan with stunning sea views

Luxury Villas with Panoramic Sea Views

The beachfront villas in Kalkan are perfect for those who love the sea. These homes offer amazing views and have terraces and pools that blend with the sea. Just imagine starting your day with a cup of coffee and a view of the turquoise waters.

Or how about hosting special events with a beautiful sunset in the background?

Properties Enveloped by Tranquil Greenery

Prefer something more tranquil? Our selection includes villas surrounded by beautiful gardens. They are perfect for relaxation and a connection with nature. Yet, they don't lack in modern comforts.

Relax in the peace of a well-kept garden, surrounded by flowers and the sound of leaves rustling.

Vibrant Urban Settings Connected to Kalkan's Lively Town Centre

If you love urban living, we have options in Kalkan's town center. These homes offer luxury and an easy reach to the town's hotspots. Enjoy the lively scene of boutiques, restaurants, and nightlife, with a private retreat just a few steps away.

Property Type Key Features Price Range
Beachfront Villas Unobstructed sea views, infinity pools, spacious terraces £1,500,000 - £5,000,000
Secluded Retreats Lush landscaped gardens, private pools, modern amenities £1,000,000 - £3,000,000
Town Centre Apartments Prime location, luxurious finishes, rooftop terraces £500,000 - £1,500,000

Whether you prefer a sea view, a garden escape, or an urban pad, our Kalkan homes are the right choice. Let us help you find your dream home on the Turkish Riviera.

The Buying Process: Securing Your Kalkan Villa

Your journey to owning the perfect property starts here. Dive into our collection of Kalkan's finest homes. We offer a taste of the high life along the Turkish Riviera.

Start Your Search

Explore our luxurious Kalkan villas. Whether you want a peaceful escape or an energizing spot in town, we have it. Each villa is a mix of style and comfort, just waiting for you.

Submit Your Pre-Reservation Request

Found the one that calls your name? Submit a pre-reservation request to snag it. Our team will make the process smooth and match it to your schedule.

Booking and Payment: What to Expect

We're all about open communication and trust. Here's what to know about paying for your dream villa:

  • Initial deposit to reserve your chosen property
  • Balance payment schedule for a seamless transaction
  • Security deposit details to ensure your peace of mind

Our team is here for you every step of the way. From the first look to walking into your new villa, we've got your back. Let's make owning a piece of the Turkish Riviera a great experience.

Step Description
1. Search Explore our exclusive portfolio of luxury Kalkan villas
2. Pre-Reservation Submit your request to reserve your chosen property
3. Booking & Payment Secure your dream villa with a transparent financial process

Start your journey to own paradise in Kalkan. Experience luxury near the beautiful Mediterranean. Let us help you from beginning to end, making the process easy and enjoyable.

Testimonials: What Our Clients Say About Their Kalkan Experience

Our luxury villas in Kalkan bring unmatched joy to our clients. Their happiness is our top goal. We're proud to present their glowing reviews. These words perfectly capture the joy of owning a beachfront property in Kalkan.

"Villa Mavi Koy is more than a home with a sea view in Kalkan. It's a door to luxury and peace. We were spellbound by its stunning views and careful design. The villa's top-notch facilities and personal touch made our visit unforgettable."

The magic of Kalkan real estate goes beyond the beautiful homes. It's about a special life it offers. Clients love the top-tier service and the peace their Turkish Riviera property brings.

Being part of Kalkan with our villas truly transforms lives. Here are some reviews telling these life-changing stories:

  • "Eating at Villa Mavi Koy was amazing. The food was made just for us and served in lovely spots. It added a touch of luxury to our stay."
  • "The villa's details were breathtaking. The cleaning and service were top class. It let us enjoy Kalkan's beauty fully."
  • "Our beachfront villa in Kalkan is a dream. A private beach and pool give us the quiet we need. It's our private world to relax in."

These stories show what living in Kalkan is like. We're known for unmatched quality and service in this stunning part of the Turkish Riviera.

Villa Name Client Feedback
Villa Mavi Koy "An architectural masterpiece with breathtaking vistas and meticulous attention to detail."
Villa Elis "The epitome of luxury living, where every moment feels like a dream come true."
Villa Manzara "A haven of tranquility and indulgence, with unparalleled service and amenities."

Join our thrilled clients in discovering Kalkan's magic with a sea view home. Let us show you a world of luxury in this Mediterranean gem.

Conclusion: Embrace the Luxury of Beachfront Living in Kalkan

We're thrilled to take you on a journey through our top-notch Kalkan vacation rentals and investment properties in Turkey. Our Mediterranean coastal homes and Turkish Riviera resorts mix luxury with comfort. You can imagine yourself living in stunning Kalkan waterfront homes. These places are perfect for anyone who loves luxury.

While you check out our special places, imagine life without stress, just feeling the sea breeze and sun. Our experts are ready to help at each step, making your move to Kalkan easy. We aim to make your life in Kalkan as beautiful as its clear blue waters.

You might dream of enjoying your private infinity pool or tasting meals from your own chef. Or maybe you want to explore Kalkan's fun culture. Our Kalkan vacation rentals and investment properties in Turkey are ready for your dreams. Join us in Kalkan and make these amazing dreams come true.


What makes Kalkan an ideal destination for luxury beachfront property?

Kalkan shines with beautiful views of the Mediterranean, top-notch amenities, and peace. This makes it perfect for those looking for luxury by the beach. Our properties in Kalkan are carefully selected for the best living experience.

How can I find the perfect luxury villa in Kalkan that matches my preferences?

With 17 years in Kalkan’s luxury real estate, we’re experts in finding what you like. Want sea views, quiet nature, or city life? We have the perfect homes for every taste.

What amenities can I expect from a luxury villa in Kalkan?

Kalkan's villas offer amazing features. Think infinity pools with great views, private beach spots, beautiful gardens, fun areas, and gyms. This means living in luxury every day.

What sets Villa Mavi Koy apart from other luxury properties in Kalkan?

Villa Mavi Koy stands out with its private chef and top-notch services. Elegance and comfort are key here. It's a favorite among those who like luxury.

How can I be sure that I'm making the right investment when purchasing a beachfront property in Kalkan?

We're dedicated to making your beachfront property purchase a success. We help with everything, from looking at options to making it yours. You're in good hands with us.

What is the process for securing a luxury villa in Kalkan?

Start by looking at our fantastic villas. When you find the one you love, tell us your plans. We’ll explain the costs in detail and support you all the way. You're just steps away from your new Kalkan home.

Can you share some testimonials from clients who have purchased luxury properties in Kalkan?

People love Kalkan's luxury villas, especially Villa Mavi Koy. They talk about the great life they have by the beautiful Mediterranean. It’s a space for refined living and enjoying life’s best.