Apartments for sale in Graca

Apartments for sale in Graca

By choosing apartments for sale in Graca, you can get not only an excellent residence but also a great way to invest. The Graca district is located near the center of Lisbon. It was restored after the earthquake of 1755. Today the area is a place with historic buildings, which are located next to modern buildings. Graca has a lot of old narrow streets that keep the spirit of the old city. In general, the whole area has traces of Latin culture and architecture with excellent views of the Atlantic Ocean.

The average price of proposals for apartments in the area ranges from 500,000 euros. It is worth noting that this amount allows the buyer or investor to participate in the Golden Visa program. Thus, if all the basic conditions of the program are met, in 5 years you will be able to obtain Portuguese citizenship. Apartments in Graca district are a great option for those who appreciate the combination of a beautiful view of the ocean and a small distance from the city center.

Apartments for sale in Graca

Apartments for sale in Graca

Finding an apartment for sale in Graca can only have two goals. First is the search for housing for personal use. Secondly, it is one of the ways to invest. In this and in another case, the purchase of an apartment gives a number of obvious advantages for its owner. Those who buy an apartment for personal use receive modern housing with beautiful views in one of the safest countries in Europe. Those who invest in real estate get a quick return on assets due to the constant flow of tourists.

The fact is that Lisbon is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Both Europeans and tourists from other countries come here. Any real estate owner, including a foreigner, has the right to rent out his property. And thus, receive annually from 30 to 45 thousand euros. In addition, both investors and individuals receive a residence permit (Golden Visa) after purchasing an apartment. And after 5 years, foreign property owners can begin the procedure for obtaining Portuguese citizenship.

How much is an apartment in Graca?

Lisbon is visited annually by about 7 million foreign tourists. The city ranks first in terms of living standards and income among European countries. Apartments for sale in Graca are designed and built by renowned architects and engineers of the country. In addition, in the real estate market there are many different options. Sales offers vary in prices from which each buyer can choose the right offer. The price of the apartment, in turn, depends on the area, location and class of the apartment.

For example, standard apartments with a terrace or balcony are sold at a price of about 650-700 thousand euros. The same property in other European cities has higher prices. It is precisely because of the relatively low average market price in the real estate market Portugal is the most suitable country for investment. In addition, Portugal also offers tax incentives for foreign investors that cannot be obtained in any other country. All this makes Portugal the leader in terms of attracted foreign investors in the real estate market.

Luxury Apartments for Sale in Graca

Luxury apartments for sale in Graca are usually located near the center of Lisbon and in places with ocean views. Apartments are built using the highest quality building materials. Each apartment has a unique design and interior. All have spacious balconies and terraces. The average offer price for luxury apartments with an area of about 150 m² is from 1 million euros.

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