Apartments For Sale Dalaman Turkey

Apartments For Sale Dalaman Turkey

Apartments for sale Dalaman Turkey located are fast becoming some of the hottest properties in Turkey, for those relocating to this country and others buying holiday homes. Buying abroad can be intimidating, but this quick guide to purchasing Dalaman property might set your mind at rest.

Of course, this is just a brief overview and how the process works can differ from real estate to real estate company, and the type of property you’ll be buying. Broadly speaking, though, there are four main stages. The first is to place a reservation deposit, which usually comes to something in the region of three thousand pounds. You won’t get this back if the sale falls through; but it does ensure that the property is removed from the market and placed in your name. If you’re buying a new-build, you will have to meet several payment deadlines as the construction develops.

Apartments For Sale Dalaman Turkey

Only when the last payment is deposited will you receive the title deeds, known in Turkey as the TAPU. This assigns you property ownership. The regulations state that you must provide certain documents when buying a Dalaman property. This includes passport details, two recent passport-size photos and a local tax number. You must also provide details of a Turkish bank account. It’s advisable to commission the services of a lawyer in Turkey to see you through the red tape. They will ensure you have a handle on the legal detail of the contract and that negotiation of the sale proceeds smoothly. If you won’t inhabit the property yourself, you must add in other extra financial commitments, like tax owed and money for someone to manage the property in your absence.

This outlines the general principles behind buying property for sale in Turkey. If you need help finding the home of your dreams, though, you can find all you need to know from Keyholders International Property Group. Our portfolio of apartments for sale Dalaman Turkey based and beyond is extensive. Read more at

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