Apartment for sale in Lapa

Apartment for sale in Lapa

Apartments for sale in Lapa is an ideal option for foreign investors with very affordable prices. Lapa is a suburb of the municipality of Lisbon. Also, this area is known as the residence of foreign ambassadors in Portugal. Here sits the official residence of the Prime Minister of Portugal. It is not difficult to understand that Lapa is a very prestigious area where many people dream of living. The population of the district is about 11 thousand people. In addition, around Lapa are attractions, museums and the most magnificent views of the ocean.

Lapa is located about 10 minutes from the center of Lisbon. And the most significant and interesting historical buildings are located approximately 15 minutes’ walk. Proximity to luxury hotels, entertainment centers, universities and attractions – these are the features that increase the value of real estate and income from it. The real estate market offers apartments for sale at a price of 500 thousand euros. They have a modern interior design and are located 10 minutes from the center of Lisbon.

Apartment for sale in Lapa

According to Portuguese law, investment in real estate in the amount of 500 thousand euros gives the right to receive a residence permit (Golden Visa) for the investor and his family members. To qualify for Portuguese citizenship, you must own purchased property for 5 years and reside in Portugal for at least 7 days a year. After obtaining citizenship, you can reside in Portugal and move freely in all countries of the Schengen region.

Apartments for sale in Lapa

Apartments for sale in Lapa occupy a large part of the real estate market in Lisbon. Every year more and more investors and individuals buy apartments in the capital or on the Atlantic coast of the country. From this point of view, Lapa district has a unique combination of modern life in the city and beautiful views of the ocean. Apartments  meet all safety requirements. In the construction and decoration of apartments using only high-quality materials. Apartments have all the amenities necessary for modern life.

In the real estate market, an investor or an individual can choose the price offer that suits him best. The real estate market offers apartments for sale of different classes of comfort from standard to luxury, different areas and locations. All the above criteria affect the final value of the property.

The average cost of apartments for sale in Lapa is about 500-600 thousand euros. This price is relevant for the proposals of apartments of a class standard. It is worth noting that many investors rent apartments and get income. In the area of Lapa, where the concentration of tourists is quite high, you will not have much difficulty to rent your apartment out and get 45-50 thousand euros per year. Thus, buying an apartment in Lapa you get the privileges of the Golden visa of the holder and receive additional income.

Luxury apartments for sale in Lapa

The real estate market also offers luxury apartments for sale in Lapa. These apartments are located in the elite areas adjacent to the embassy. Also, a distinctive feature of luxury apartments are beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to the unique interior design, the apartments also have terraces with panoramic views of Lisbon or the coast. The average price of such an offer on the market ranges from 750 thousand to 1 million euros.

Today, Portugal is the undoubted leader among European countries in terms of the volume of foreign investors attracted to the real estate market. This is influenced by the unique location of the property. The relatively low price has the same effect compared with similar offers in other European countries. In addition, the development of tourism infrastructure has opened up the possibility for millions of tourists to come annually to Portugal. Investors are planning to look for apartments for sale in Lapa and their subsequent purchase. In this case, they are guaranteed to receive income from investments by renting real estate.

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