Apartment for sale in Chiado

Apartment for sale in Chiado

Apartment for sale in Chiado offers many advantages and is a profitable investment. Chiado is one of the districts of Lisbon which is considered one of the most frequently visited by tourists. This area is a major transportation hub with the intersection of various metro routes. In addition, there are several major attractions of the Portuguese capital. Here you can buy apartments at very affordable prices. Given that this area has an increased demand for the accommodation of many tourists, you can be sure of guaranteed income from real estate investments.

Chiado is one of the best options for investing in real estate in Lisbon. You can buy a one-bedroom apartment for about 500 thousand euros. In addition to this, you can easily rent your property in a short time. By purchasing real estate, you can become a member of the state program Golden Visa. In other words, real estate investments in Portugal give you the right to obtain a residence permit. After five years, you have the right to acquire Portuguese citizenship.

In addition to the obvious advantages, such as visa-free entry to 170 countries, the citizenship of Portugal has several advantages. For example, you can change your life thanks to a new place of residence and a new home. Or you can start a new business by taking advantage of tax breaks and favourable rates on loans.

Apartment for sale in Chiado

Apartments for sale in Chiado

Real estate market offers apartments for sale in Chiado at very competitive prices. Perhaps it will be quite difficult to find in other European countries real estate with the same ratio of area, location and price. That is why the real estate market in Portugal today is experiencing a real explosion from supply and demand. Located in the center of Lisbon, one-bedroom apartment with a living area of ​​about 150 m² can be purchased for about 500 thousand euros. For the same price there are offers for duplex apartments with two bedrooms, but with a slightly smaller area of ​​120 m².

All offered apartments have interior decoration of high-quality modern materials. Apartments have great views of the city. The exterior of the Chiado district has a neoclassical style. It is especially interesting in terms of the concentration of the main attractions of Lisbon. This in turn ensures the demand for housing as a place to stay for many tourists. This ensures a high return on investment in a short period of time.

Luxury Apartments for Sale in Chiado

Luxury apartments for sale in Chiado usually attract those buyers and investors who know and love comfort. Apartments are real estate with a unique design, all the details of which are made of high-quality materials. Such apartments with a living area of ​​about 500 m² are offered for sale at a price of about 3.5 million Euros.

Luxury apartments with magnificent terraces, a large garden and private pools meet all the requirements of a comfortable stay. In addition, at the request of the buyer, the designer will replace any part or piece of furniture to his taste. Buying luxury real estate is not only comfort, but also security, privacy and a profitable investment.

According to experts, today Portugal ranks third in the world in terms of foreign investment. And this trend has a stable growth, which allows making very optimistic forecasts for the future. Portugal offers a variety of simple and clear conditions for investors. For anyone interested in buying a property, it would be wise to study the terms of investment in Portugal. Apartments for sale in Chiado is a good way to earn on your investment.

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