Why Yalikavak Is Rapidly Becoming A Property Hotspot

Villas For Sale In Yalikavak

There’s no doubt that Turkey has established itself as one of the number one countries where property investment is booming. You can find a property for sale that can either be rented out locally or offered as self-catering accommodation for visiting tourists. But many UK residents looking for their place in the sun view Turkey as a new potential home too. As a result, many smaller coastal towns, particularly in the Muğla province, have become property hotspots over the past decade. It’s why many are now looking at villas for sale in Yalikavak.

Previously, it was just a small, sleepy fishing village located at the north-east end of the Bodrum peninsula. Many overlooked Yalikavak in favour of finding villas for sale in Oludeniz, Bodrum town and many of the other traditional tourist hotspots in Muğla province. But due to the boost in tourism to the region over the past 10 years, Yalikavak has become one of the elite places to find villas for sale in Turkey. The town was particularly helped by a multi-million Euro investment in the old marina which transformed it into a state-of-the-art, high-tech hub for yachts. Those who have docked at the stylish Palmarina Bodrum in their super-yachts include Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich. The development also brought an astonishing 105 shops, restaurants and clubs to the marina area. There’s even a 2,500-seat Amphitheatre too! Yet despite this development completely revitalising the town, Yalikavak is still completely down-to-earth. Local fisherman continue to provide many local, traditional restaurants with freshly-caught fish. But there’s also a wide collection of eateries offering everything from Italian to Greek to even Japanese, ensuring your palate will never be bored.

The days are very beautiful in Yalikavak – particularly during sunset where many consider sundown to be at its prettiest on this part of the coast. We could go on for much longer about why you should look to find villas for sale in Yalikavak, but rest assured that this growing town and the surrounding province will offer everything that you need. What about the prices? It is true that properties in Yalikavak, and many small towns in the Muğla province, were previously just a fraction of the price of similar luxury hotspots in the likes of France and Italy. Prices have since increased due to rising popularity, but the area still offers incredible value for money compared to its luxury foreign counterparts. For those also interested investing in apartments in Turkey, it’s important to note that the town is home to ongoing luxury developments; so it’s possible to find brand new apartments for great prices. With the right property agent in place, it is not uncommon to find centrally-located, two bedroom apartments in beautiful complexes that are just a few minutes walk from the seafront at prices close to £100,000.

So if you’re interested in finding property in Turkey, you should definitely be keeping an eye on any apartments or villas for sale in Yalikavak. Property here, and across the Bodrum peninsula, is a safe buy thanks to the area receiving major international investment.