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You can always prepare for winter if you know how.


As the clocks go back and the nights draw in, the UK is probably already well-used to the idea that winter will soon be on us.

But, as we normally associate them with sunshine, what about the places we all enjoy our holidays and where we dream one day we’ll have a place of our own?

For example, we have property for sale in Spain, Greece, Turkey and Portugal which we all normally associate with long hot days, al fresco dining and balmy nights.

But, as few of us rarely visit out of season, we don’t really imagine them having a winter of their own.

They do of course and they can be just as challenging as Britain’s – although perhaps for different reasons.

What to Expect Abroad – Spain, Greece and Portugal

If you’re considering one moving overseas to sunnier climes, it’s probably a good idea to learn a little about or even experience your chosen destination in winter before you spend a significant sum on a villa or apartment abroad.

Many homes around the Mediterranean are built to help keep you cool. They have tiled floors, thick walls, access to a pool, balconies with large windows and air-conditioning – all great when it’s in the 30Cs outside.

But what about when it’s close to freezing in the middle of the night, your hot water relies on solar power and there’s no such thing as central heating? These are things you may need to consider before making an offer on property overseas.

Heating Your New Home in Spain, Greece or Portugal

A log-burner might be installed in some homes – but not all. And, even if there is one, you’ll need to know how much wood it uses and where you’ll store it. Some basic knowledge of maintenance might be a good idea too.

If there’s no sun for a few days in a row, you’ll need to know if your property has a back-up system for heating water. An immersion heater is the usual solution – but it can push up your electricity bill. Power showers with independent heating controls can also be a real bonus too.

Pools And Balconies – Spain, Greece and Portugal.

If you’re looking for property abroad, another tip would be to imagine if it without a sun terrace or balcony. How big would it feel without the outside space? Remember, winter can mean you’re confined to barracks for a few days at a time. Is that going to feel a little claustrophobic?

And what if you’re keen on the idea of a swimming pool of your own? They’re great to have in the summer of course – but they need some care and maintenance too. On top of the careful alchemy of chemicals, will you empty it in winter and risk having to fish out wildlife and the neighbour’s cat now and again or leave the water in and watch it gradually turn to an unpleasant green-brown soup?

Winter life in warm sunny countries may not be all about ice and snow, freezing fog and gale force winds – at least not quite as frequently as you would expect in the UK. But, nevertheless, they can present a newcomer with some different obstacles to overcome and the better prepared you can be the less of a challenge it will feel.

As ever though, if you would like any more help and advice on living overseas, do feel free to drop us a line or give us a call. We’ll help if we can, both with the practicalities or choosing a home to suit you and with the complexities involved in relocating abroad.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

If you are a non EU resident and you would like to benefit from your EU property investment by accessing the Golden Visa scheme for Portugal, Greece or Spain, please contact us or see our sister website for Turkish readers.

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