Understanding The History Behind The Villas For Sale In Izmir

Villas For Sale In Izmir

One of the many reasons why people choose to buy property in Turkey is because of its amazing history. In this respect, villas for sale in Izmir have a distinct advantage over many others for sale in other areas. Izmir has a recorded history that goes back over 4000 years, and has probably been inhabited by advanced human settlements even longer.

Izmir is one of the oldest settlements in the Mediterranean basin. Archaeological excavations close to property for sale in Turkey and the area of Izmir, in 2004, indicated that humans have inhabited the area since the 7th millennium BCE. During the digs, graves were found that dated at least one settlement to being a contemporary of Troy. The region around the villas for sale in Izmir by 1500 BCE, was under the influence of the Hittite Empire, with several locations in the vicinity being mentioned in official records of the time. Around this time, more records that included information on this area of Turkey were being kept. From around the 7th Century BCE, Izmir and the surrounding area were known as Smyrna and achieved the status of a City State. Within its boundaries archaeologists have discovered evidence of one of the oldest known multi-room, and multi-level houses, that may form the basis for the style of many villas for sale in Turkey. Although this is unlikely, it is a wonderful thought for those looking to live in the area. Excavations also discovered straight paved streets and other more municipal buildings. They have also found evidence to suggest that in the region of 1000 people lived within the city walls, with more forming small villages in the surrounding areas. As well as dwellings, evidence has been found of year commerce, vineyards, olive trees, workshops and just as importantly for the people of that time Temples.

While Izmir has a long history, it has not been trouble free, and this is clear to anyone looking for villas for sale in Altinkum, who know their history. Its growth and wealth, as well as its position close to the capital brought the conquest of the area by the Lydians between 610 and 600 BCE. Parts of the city were destroyed during the conquest, but are believed to have been quickly rebuilt under the new Lydian rule. Next came the Persians; they however showed little interest in rebuilding and this lead to the destruction of Smyrna in 545 BCE. Izmir’s fortunes turned again under Alexander the Great, and then in 133 BCE it was bequeathed to the Roman Empire on the death of the King Eumenes III. The city faced and overcame not only conquest, but natural disasters. An earthquake in 178 AD razed most of the city to the ground. However, it was rebuilt providing a wealth of historical experiences for those looking for property in Turkey. When the Roman Empire was divided into two main regions, it became part of the Eastern Roman Empire and a notable centre for religion under the early Byzantine Empire. This part of the area’s history is clear in the buildings that have survived the test of time and can be seen from villas for sale in Kas, as well as Izmir. The area would see turmoil again in the Medieval period, and would change hands more than once during the time of the Crusades. By 1426, the city and surrounding area was fully under Ottoman rule, but this did not mean the areas troubles were over.

A plague in 1676, and an earthquake in 1688, followed by a devastating fire in 1743, all tested the city again. Despite these occurrences, the city that is now Izmir grew back stronger and was able to preserve its history for people to experience today. Whether you are considering villas for sale in Izmir as a holiday home destination, or a permanent place of residence, you will leave your small mark on its amazing history and legacy.