Scientific Creativity Alive And Well Among The Apartments For Sale In Turkey

Apartments For Sale In Turkey

The cultural and religious history and significance of Turkey is well known. However, it also has a strong scientific history that is not as widely recognised. This scientific creativity adds a whole new layer of interest and exploration for those looking for apartments for sale in Turkey, whether for a second home, holiday home, or moving over permanently.

One of the most surprising items that actually originated in Turkey is the Tulip. Rather than being brought to the world curtesy of Holland, the place that is most famous for them, it is Turkey and a Dutch ambassador that we should thank for the flower. Tulips were unknown to Holland until the 16th Century when the above-mentioned ambassador, who was inspired by the flower, took bulbs home to Holland with him. To celebrate the Tulip in its original home, an annual festival is held in Istanbul. In time for the festivities, at least 12 million Tulip bulbs are planted in the city’s parks close to apartments in Istanbul. Another invention that you can thank Turkey for is wine. Archaeological evidence has led experts to believe that the Hittites were enjoying wine in their own versions of Turkey villas when they first lived in the area that is now Turkey. The claim is not accepted by all and there are those that believe that it actually originated in the country of Georgia instead. The final, surprising historical invention that you probably would never have equated to Turkey, is the invention of money, or at the very least of coins. Evidence suggests that it was the Lydians, who were early invaders of Turkey that were the first to start giving different values to different metal objects. Good to know for when you are finding out how to buy property in Turkey.

While these early inventions may be surprising and very unique, they should not be allowed to take away from the very serious work that takes place in modern Turkey across numerous different fields. Science and technology play just as an important role within the economy of Turkey, as does property for sale Turkey; however, science also provides global benefits. There are two main institutional bodies in Turkey, the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey and the Turkish Academy of Sciences. If you are looking for work in the scientific community, as well as looking for apartments for sale in Turkey, you need to understand the importance of these bodies. Between them, they play important roles in preserving and encouraging a culture of science and technology within the country and in developing policies and support for all areas of scientific enquiry and research. Additionally, there are several research institutes, technology universities and technical universities, all whose aim it is to train and develop the next generation of scientific creatives. While Turkey has made inroads in several areas of scientific enquiry, it is the field of electronics, nanoscience and nanotechnology that are emerging as areas of growth within the scientific community of the country. Scientists within the country have over recent years made headway in the research and development of nano materials, the production of commercially viable nanotech products and green technology for use on land for sale in Turkey.

There are also many notable scientists both within the history of Turkey and continuing to work in the country today. They include physicists, chemists, neurosurgeons and geologists. If you are of a scientific mind, or a member of your family is gifted in this area, then looking for apartments for sale in Turkey could be the first step in a new worthwhile career.