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take your pet safely overseas by finding out the right information

For many of us, a new life somewhere warm and sunny overseas is a dream which tends to shrivel and die when we consider the practicalities involved in making it a reality. If we could just click our fingers and be there it wouldn’t be so bad, but it’s the potential complications which tend to put us off.

Not least of those are the pets. You might look at the dog or the cat curled up in front of the fire and wonder how they’d cope with the move, the new climate or the strange – or even dangerous – wildlife in a foreign country. The answer for most is actually “surprisingly well”.

Travel With Your Pet

Of course there is a period of stress as your pet adapts to new surrounding but even older animals can be incredibly resilient. As long as they have some familiars – a favourite toy, a blanket – and your patience and understanding, they can soon find their feet.

There’s no denying there are a couple of downsides … not least the cost. For example, if you’re moving to Turkey and want to fly your pets abroad with you, you’re going to need a sturdy transportation box big enough for your animal to stand and turn around in.

Your pet must also be fitted with the correct specification microchip and have had a rabies jab between 30 days and a 12 months of the date you wish them to travel while a certificate tracking all your pet’s rabies vaccinations should also travel with them. Although not rigorously enforced across Turkey, it is nonetheless a requirement that your pet should have a titer test no sooner that 30 days after their rabies vaccination or home quarantine may be required.

You will also be required to travel on the same transport as your animal as your pet will also be examined on arrival in Turkey and must appear to be in good health. If not, the animal can be referred to a Turkish vet for examination at your expense.

Help Is At Hand

If it all sounds a little daunting, there are firms in the UK that help both with the administration and the practical side ofmoving your pet abroad. We also recommend a thorough read of the relevant pages here:

Of course, we are only estate agents and no experts in animal care but, if we had any advice, it would be not to let concern over the ifs, buts and maybes destroy your dream of an overseas adventure. We have seen plenty of examples of animals who have made the move and thrived in their new life just as much as their owners.

There’s a little more information on relocation to the EU and other locations in this article too ( ) but, if you need help with details of a potential new home, why not have a quick look at properties currently on our books in Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Bulgaria? Happy hunting …

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