Fun Facts To Explore From Your Choice Of Villas With Private Pool In Turkey

Villas With Private Pool In Turkey

Whether you are looking for villas with private pool in Turkey as a holiday home or your new main residence, chances are you don’t know quite as much about the country as you think you do. Here are just some fun and interesting facts about Turkey that you might not know, and which could form the basis of more than one excursion.

It is well known, that although a secular country, Turkey and the vast majority of its residents take their faith very seriously. What may come as a bit of a surprise is just how many mosques are present in the county, close to property for sale in Turkey. This number currently stands in the region of 82,700, with the majority being present in Istanbul. While Turkey’s main religion is Islam, it also has a rich Christian heritage. Antioch, now known as Antakya, is the place where you will find the Cave Church of St. Peter, otherwise known as the Grotto of St. Peter. This is believed by Christians to be the birthplace of the faith as it is known today. The cave, carved into the side of Mount Starius continues to be a site of pilgrimage for Christians, and a historical wonder for other visitors from apartments in Istanbul. It is not just religion that sparks the imagination and interest of those new to Turkey, but also its amazing history. The Anatolian peninsula is believed to be one of the oldest permanently settled areas worldwide, and the remains of the ancient city of Troy, actual rather than the cinema version, are located on the northwest coast of Turkey in Hisarlik.

Facts about modern Turkey and its culture are just as fascinating, although whether you are aware of some of them will depend on your sporting interests. For example, did you know that football is the most popular sport in the country? The national team finished 3rd in the FIFA 2002 World Cup Finals. Beaches in Turkey, which you will still want to visit, even if you are looking at villas with private pool in Turkey, are ranked 3rd in the world. 383 beaches, and 21 marinas in the country are ‘Blue Flag’ certified, with 197 of the beaches and 6 0f the marinas being located in Antalya. Just remember, it is considered culturally insensitive to wear beachwear anywhere other than the beach, or the confines of your own private villa for sale in Antalya. And then there is the food, and no trip through aspects of Turkey before you buy one of the villas for sale in Dalyan, would be complete without looking at some of the lesser known dishes. For example, did you know that moussaka, more commonly associated with Greece, actually originated in Turkey. Or that the foods you are likely to eat when out and about in Turkey instead of at home in your Dalaman property, are a refinement of foods from Central Asian, the Middle East and the Balkans.

Turkey remains in the top ten most popular places for tourists to visit, but how many come away with knowledge, as well as a great tan. Now whether visiting or looking to stay permanently in one of the many villas with private pool in Turkey, you will be able to astound your friends and family with your knowledge.