Four Great Reasons To Look At Real Estate In Istanbul For Sale

Real Estate In Istanbul For Sale

When looking to secure a property abroad, there are definitely a number of ‘tick boxes’ that buyers have in mind for their dream home. Some of these relate to the property itself, and some to the location in which it is situated. One such location that people look to is the Istanbul property market. There are a number of great reasons why people want to find real estate in Istanbul for sale. In this blog, we discuss four of those reasons.

The first reason relates to Istanbul and the country of Turkey – the climate and location is terrific. Turkey is home to glorious sunshine for approximately 300 days of the year. It’s the sort of weather that you’d expect to find in the Caribbean, yet on the doorstep of Europe. This is great for if you have family located in the UK or Europe and don’t wish to be located very far from them. By making an Istanbul property investment, you also reap the benefit of being located close to an international airport. Secondly, there is a financial benefit to finding property in Turkey – the value for money is extraordinary. Many new build properties are inexpensive in Istanbul despite it being one of the most stunning metropoles in the world. For the value of buying a one-bedroom apartment in a UK city, you could buy a three-bedroom villa around the Istanbul area. You also take full ownership of your property and the land on which it stands, and there is no inheritance tax to pay. But what about the cost of living? Well, Turkey is a far cheaper country to live in than in the UK; everything from provisions to bills are cheaper.

So great location, great climate and great price – what else does buying villas for sale in Istanbul have to offer? Our third reason is the history and culture found within Istanbul and Turkey. The country is home to many spectacular ruins dating back to the reigns of the Roman and Ottoman Empires. There are also remnants of more recent conflict on display as a result of the Greco-Turkish war in the early 20th century. Many small ‘Greek’ towns, such as famous tourist spot Kalkan, are still scattered across Turkey which were left deserted after Greek residents were moved back to their homeland after the dissolution of the war. Within Istanbul, the city is split by the Bosphorus water strait into the European side and the Asian side. Both sides are rich with culture and quirk meaning that the city is unlikely to ever bore you. Our fourth and final reason to find real estate in Istanbul for sale is the food. As we mentioned, Istanbul is incredibly diverse. If you are a ‘foodie’, you will find a seemingly endless supply of restaurants waiting to be explored. Not only that, but you’re likely to find more unprocessed, fresher food in Turkish restaurants too.

So as you can see, there are a number of great reasons behind why should look for real estate in Istanbul for sale. The only thing left to do is find reputable real estate companies in Istanbul to help you find that dream property that you desire.