Finding Work To Pay For Your Choice Of Real Estate Companies In Istanbul

Real Estate Companies In Istanbul

It will come as no surprise to you to learn that real estate companies in Istanbul do not work for free. Whether you use an international company, or a local firm to purchase your property, fees still need to be paid. If you are considering living permanently in Turkey, then this will be just one of the reasons why you need to find work.

The chances are that you will organise purchasing your Istanbul property before you move lock, stock and barrel out to Turkey. While this means that your real estate costs and deposit have most likely come from savings, you still need to consider how you are going to live from day to day and make any mortgage payments on apartments in Istanbul. If you are going to look for work in Turkey, you will need a work permit. To get this either you, or your perspective employer will need to apply to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. This can be done either before you take up residency, or once you arrive at your real estate Istanbul Turkey. However, to gain a permit you will need a perspective employer who can provide you with a labour contract. The employer will also have to provide the Ministry with a range of other documents including a foreign personnel application form, and details of their business dealings. Once the application is approved, you need to enter Turkey within 180 days. As well as a work permit, you will need a residence permit; unless you are key personnel who will only be in Turkey for a specific period to complete a specific role or task.

There is a lot to be said for having an employer; you have job security and considerations such as tax are dealt with by your employer. A steady stream of income provides you with the means to afford new real estate companies in Istanbul if you choose to move or upgrade your current Istanbul real estate. But, when moving to Turkey you do have another option, and that is self-employment. This could be anything from creating your own business in the country and becoming the employer, to simply working from home via the Internet. The complexity of taking the self-employment route will of course depend on what you choose to do and whether it involves employing other people; either Turkish nationals or other foreign workers. Your best first step here is to visit the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and get the right advice straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.  Even if you are only going to be sat in your real estate Turkey working via the web, it is important to officially register yourself as self-employed. Doing this ensures that you are liable for taxation, but also gives you access to things like health care. It’s a good idea anyway, especially if you want to be considered as part of the community in which you live.

It is important to remember that real estate companies in Istanbul are not the only outgoing you need to consider, and your savings aren’t likely to last for long if you have no way to replenish them. Employment, or self-employment is the way to go. As well as providing you with much needed cash, it will help immerse you into the culture and language of the country.