Where To Find The Best Apartments For Sale In Istanbul

Apartments For Sale In Istanbul

As Turkey’s historic, economic and cultural centre-point, Istanbul is a must-see city. Home to over 14 million people, it is one of the world’s most impressive metropoles. So it is no surprise that many looking to buy property for sale in Turkey will look to find apartments for sale in Istanbul.

But many looking to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul from afar are left with the problem of trying to understand and appreciate which locations are the best places to find properties for sale. The purpose of buying such apartments can also change which area would be best to buy within. Are they for private use? Or as self-catering apartments for holidaymakers? Certain locations may be better suited to your purposes. One of the first things to be aware of when it comes to Istanbul is that the city is split by a strait of water known as the Bosphorus. The western side of the city is the most populated part of the metropolis and is often referred to as the ‘European side’ of Istanbul. To the east of the Bosphorus is the side of the city which is referred to as the ‘Asian side’ of Istanbul. While this may sound quite divisive, it actually speaks of Istanbul’s diversity. However, there’s no doubt that the European side has more to offer purely by size and is the preferred option for many tourists coming from the UK and Europe. That being said, the eastern side is less hectic and full of charm. In fact, many consider it to be the ‘authentic’ Turkish experience. Nevertheless, no matter which side you choose to find Istanbul real estate, each part of the city is just a short boat journey or trip across the bridge away from the other.

Istanbul is home to 39 districts which are split between the European and Asian sides of the city. On the European side, a district where it is worth looking at property for sale in Istanbul is the Beşiktaş municipality. Known by many Europeans for its successful eponymous football team, Beşiktaş is home to many smaller neighbourhoods such as Ortaköy. This location is full of beautiful, ornate buildings, whilst also serving as a hospitality hotspot due to its high-end seafood restaurants and nightclubs. It is perfect for those looking to find luxury apartments in Istanbul for sale. Bordering Beşiktaş is the district of Şişli. Home to many of the middle-class and wealthy elites of Istanbul on the outskirts, and many working class families and students in the centre, Şişli is a diverse district and serves as a centre for shopping and trade within Istanbul. On the Asian Side, the district of Kadikoy is known as the cultural hub of Asian Istanbul. This has seen it become one of the up-and-coming areas of the Asian side and is full of interesting bars, cafes, restaurants and markets full of intriguing clothing, spices and produce. Kadikoy is home to a potpourri of people from different backgrounds and is definitely a great place to look at if you want to invest in property within Istanbul.

But we stress that these are just a few of the locations to look at if you are interested investing in Istanbul property. There are many terrific apartments for sale in Istanbul suited to all sorts of purposes.